I just talked to myself?

So,I think it was 2 days ago, almost at the same time as now. I trained my “astral muscles” and did different exercises. After all those exercises I felt differently, I felt being purified, I felt light as a feather, I was feeling energized, I was feeling charged at maximum with interior peace/joy (that happens all the time after I do those exercises) . After I done all those exercises I wanted to enjoy in it’s fullest that energy that was flowing through me like a fountain, I started to see static rain in front of my eyes, with my eyes closed or opened. It felt like I was really alone there, so I wanted to clarify if it was true or not. I asked “Is there any entity with me?” and what I got was “We have always been with you” (or I think it was “the entities have always been with you”, I’m not too sure). Then I asked “Who are you?” and what I got was “I am you” and I think before I got that answer I heard “Azazel” (I’m not sure about that one). That might be linked to Azazel, I think, because in the past a response that I got from Him was “I’ve always been within you” also Lilith gave me a long time ago a similar response which was “I have always been with you” … But I don’t know… I was thinking/considering the fact that I projected myself and that I was speaking with a part of myself or something OR maybe some entity wanted to mess with my mind? Wtf is this?


5 Days, 5 Spirits, 5 Q&A's - #29 by DarkestKnight @DarkestKnight Btw, the same answer from the same entity! “I have always been with you”

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Well one train of thought is that everything external is internal, that some or all entities you encounter are aspects of yourself, or your higher self. So it would make sense for them to say they’ve always been there/they are you.


Yeah, that reminds me about some advices that someone told me to help me to develop some type of connection with Bael, to find at first my own Bael, the Bael that is inside me, that really helped me. And the contact and the way in which Bael was communicating with me was also internal… He was using my own voice to speak, manipulating my thoughts, feeling the voice/message coming from my own depths, seeing some visions (but the visions happen almost all the time in internal ways, so it might not be such a remark) in internal ways, etc.


Some people view the spirits of the goetia to be portion’s of the brain. We evoke them by ritual…

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I also think that… But I saw physical phenomenon which can’t be really explained by the mental/psychological school of thought when it comes about evocation/contact with entities… So I don’t know exactly, I was devoted and highly thinking that idea for a looong time, but in the recent time I tried to also consider other theories. (in the recent 2-3 months ago I had some doubts about that because of some experiences that happened to me)

i had the same expirience too
its really fucking weird,i thought that i was talking to my self

When? Did you observe anything else besides that? Or what factor do you think made this happen?

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always when i ask satan who he is,he says me,literally tried 7 times and got the same anwser,my latest question,was like 4-5 days ago?what i observed when summoning satan i felt his essence awaking from my deep self?or heart and the conciousness extrenal,i know its real fucking weird,but even beelzebub told me that i am satan,i never thought of that,nor i am like YES YES I AM SATAN! but instead i feel real weird and insane?i dunno,

It’s close to thet time when my experience happened (I don’t know exactly to express myself, but I hope you understand). My experience happened 4 days ago.

Maybe because you have a very similar personality to the one which Satan has, idk… Or it could be also said in a methaphorical way, like saying that your a great enemy/antihero in the eyes of the people that are around you.

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In my case, I and Azazel have similar personalities :slight_smile:

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i dont know too,i dont really wanna sound like the guy who always thinks he satan and he is like"YAY" i think you understand what guy i mean,but i feel a crazy insane feel about this,again i dont know

maybe in my case,idk

Coming from towards me or from you or about the whole situation?

from me,what do you feel from your expirience

I was feeling introspection (about my experience).

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