Communing with Lilith

Has anyone communed, contacted or been touched by lilith?

If so id like to hear about your experince if your willing to share.

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Here’s my experience with her:


Interesting read.

Mone was not as deep. I am not 100% sure it was her, but i assume.

I was doing the draconian ritual iniation, the 7 week intro. I saw a vision or a thought of a giant old tree that was twisted and warped. There was a giant hole that seemes to have a dlame coming put of it. Maybe burning the tree from within.

I saw a woman come out. She was nude from the waist up. Hair was a bit haggard. Seemed lean and fit. Disnt say anything just came up to mw. Put her hand on mu stomach and i felt a intense fire rising in my stimach upwards