18 days of Ahriman

Long post alert. :slight_smile:

On 8th Feb, I started calling on Azi Dahaka, and subsequently Ahriman – something E.A’s video made me want to do because my practices have been kind of treading water for a while since I evoked (i.e., called into a tanglible form that’s external to my body) my Personal Daemon in October last year.

Things were good but nothing was really challenging me, and the stuff he said about how the ritual overwhelmed him was kind of like catnip, the idea just grabbed me and seemed like the next step to take.

I did a tarot reading myself while I was derping about the internet looking for info, and Orismen from this forum also posted offering a free 3-card reading that evening, which he kindly did for me and e-mailed it straight over, and both were positive in favour of me doing this work, and I also asked the gods and spirits I trust the most, and they all gave it the green-light.


First off, I called upon Azi Dahaka, just sitting here at my desk by the window, in my living room/temple, trancing out a bit and playing bits of the video on this site, and he responded at once - I felt his presence right away, he was kind of present in this room, then coalesced into human form in/over/around me, and I felt for a moment two very vital (energy-imbued) streams of power arising at my shoulders.

I had a brief flash that they were in some way symbolic of controlling, or maybe rejecting, a kind of burden (shoulder pain happens in a lot of people who feel overburdened, and on that evening I had some stuff in my everyday life that was making me feel that way) and I felt a sense of my whole nervous system being somehow calibrated by this energy.

At this point I was also looking for indications this would be a good direction, a good working to do, and I wanted something that wasn’t conjecture or vague hints of knowledge – I wanted proof.

When the faint human overlay first coalesced, this busted loose an energetic block in my back that physically started to heal an injury while I was having an afternoon nap, and then as I continued the preparatory work after waking up (and realising this healing had occurred, which obviously made me want to pursue this some more), I was calling his name and also that of Ahriman, and I felt the energy condense inwards, and a channel open up in my spinal canal, which is a little odd but not the first time something like this has happened.

This channel interacts in a number of ways - as a distinct entity (the personification of Ahriman, with a light masculine voice and distinct mannerisms): secondly, as a boost to my own energy which is like literally mainlining Red Bull, only it never crashes; and thirdly there’s also a “darkness” side which (from my limited understanding) is something to do with “potential” and related to what I’m going to explain below about the model of the world I’m seeing at present.

That “darkness” talks exactly like the multiple overlaid voices you’d hear in a Hollywood movie about demons, kind of very low-freq. and choir-like, I think it may be (one of) the entities that’s caused really dark energy to be known as “Legion” – it’s a bit creepy sounding, opens right beside my spine on the left side, and is the one I’ve had the least interaction with at the moment.

I haven’t encountered the human-style form of Azi Dahaka since the opening stage but I do see his “demonic” form as the three-headed cobra-like entity, and it appears to my left (visible clairvoyantly) but I’ve had less to do with him.

I should probably mention at this point, I’ve been interacting with spirits, gods, deceased people, etc. since I was a child and my methods of working are familiar to me, effective and well-tested, but probably a bit unstructured by the standards of a lot of people here – that’s just the way it is in my life, I make no apologies for that, but it’s one of the reasons I didn’t freak out when Azi Dahaka overlaid on me and then opened a channel in my spine: I have no standard of formality that this violated, and I’ve seen and done things that were equally weird in the past.

Effects and outcomes:

Starting that same night, I’ve had powerful, inspiring and educational dreams almost every night, including some I wrote down that needed further (waking) analysis, that have really paid off in terms of helping me understand myself, the patterns in my life and so on; and some that I forgot (and sensed I was meant to consciously forget) right afterwards – this seems to be the primary form of communication and the most noticeable effect, until some new things happened in the past 48 hours.

The dreams have been addressing some of my own fears, including some I didn’t even recognise I had, and most especially the topic of power – I’ve had dreams that relived in a short (and amplified) way moments when I experienced what it was like to be under someone else’s power, one of the most striking was when I lost this job I’d absolutely loved because it happened to be marginally more cost-effective for someone I’d never met to let me go – I’m not seeing this in a moralistic way, but I think it’s helping me to understand the nature of power, by looking at it from both perspectives.

On top of that, I’ve had the healing in my back that began 8th Feb continue apace (blocked energy there leading to physical cries for attention) and I feel so fucking energised and literally on top of the world.

My interpretation of this is that my upbringing, which included a lot of “love and light” concepts, was limiting and damping down the “darker” half I needed to liberate in order to grow fully, and that a lot of the stuff with my spine was related to this.

And, I don’t think the time will come when I don’t feel this “Ahrimanic” current, so my original intention to post about this once it was “over” isn’t going to happen.

Other stuff:

Since then, I’ve been able to communicate far more clearly with demonic entities, Belial for example made himself known in a dream throwing kind of ick demons (nasty lower entities of disease and nastiness) at me, and I batted those off, then I’ve started a conversation with him in waking evocation beginning on Monday this week, and that’s proving interesting – I’ll post more on that when there’s something I can share.

This morning I was mulling over the astral work I did (mentioned in Asuly’s thread) and I kept hearing a name, Mepsitahl, repeating over and over, like when you get a song stuck in your mind.

This is how entities usually contact me when I’m awake, and so I called on her (she’s presenting as female) and she’s suggested being my kind of mentor/guide on something Belial and the godforms I work with have also proposed as the next stage - to be working on an ongoing basis with one demonic, and one angelic, “class” of entity at once.

She also told me some other stuff that I’ll post later if I can, and she’s going to be present for me during the times when I do occult work to point stuff out, advise and generally help me progress (thanks Ma’am!).

I’ve never worked with her before and had never directly communicated with Belial (mainly because I never saw any reason to) until he showed up in that dream, making REALLY certain that I caught his name, and Mepsitahl is also an entity I never worked with before, so I attribute this directly to Ahriman and the stuff I’m doing now having an effect on my energy and potential.

Mepsitahl appears to me clairvoyantly as a slim darkish female, she has a distinct voice and manner, and Belial is appearing as this huge guy, I see literal horns, and he’s kind of sand/brass coloured.

In light of this, it was weird logging in today and seeing the stuff the The Fool posted (here) about a load of other mages, all very different to me, being motivated to do almost exactly the same thing, working simultaneously with demonic and angelic forces… I’d have replied right on there but am honouring Orismen’s wish for that thread to wither, anyway, this is what I’m going to be doing for the next - well, however long.

I think this is going to boost my work with demonic entities, especially, through the roof, so I’m very juiced, very hyper, and very big thanks to Orismen whose tarot reading predicted exactly this! I feel whole in a way I haven’t ever felt before, didn’t even know I was missing, and like I finally have, somehow, acquired the rights, the “Keys” almost, to push my practice to the next level.

UPG & insights to date:

The “UPG” or whatever that I’ve had so far is that the force known as Ahura Mazda/Ohrmazd etc., “the light” in the socially/morally-derived sense of that word, is like the clockwork laws that keep gravity working, that keeps things stable (like animals having young that are their own kind, plants growing towards the light etc.), i.e., it’s the “natural order” of things, and therefore very essential, but not necessarily superior, and ultimately capable of stagnation.

On the other hand, the force of Ahriman is “the serpent” - the enacting of conscious will-to-change upon those pre-existing clockwork things that tick nicely along, but which would ultimately grind down to nothingness, decay, the end of life as we know it.

THAT is why dead things - nail trimmings, corpses, decay and rot - are perfect hosts for Ahrimanic current - the Ohrmazd force in them has reached the end of its dominion there, it’s run its natural course and “burned out” leaving a physical vessel with no more obligations to perform, and the Ahrimanic force can inhabit them more fully.

I’m not making a case for this being “the truth” - it’s just what I’m seeing right now, and I’m not saying anyone else must think this or have this concept - it could be a “place-holder” idea while I work towards some other truth, I mean who knows? :wink:

One thing that backs this up from my own work is that I like to use discarded envelopes, and other “cast off, purpose spent” bits of paper when I do written spells – and that’s precisely because they’ve used the purpose they were made for, and are now causally neutral – a phrase that possibly only make sense to me, but there’s a clear link between that and the insight regarding the use of dead material.

When I was reading some of the background lore on Ahriman, there are mentions that he was born when the original “Source” went to create Ohrmazd as the god of all things good, and Ohrmazd was created through love and (if I understood it correctly) healthy desire, but then at the last moment this highest-level being felt doubt, and that caused Ahriman to be conceived.

This is something I read after having the “clockwork versus serpent” UPG and it fits right alongside it, because if the Source doubted the ability to create something that was wholly good and perfect in its own right, then the necessity for acts of individuated will to act upon this creation, changing it, is more logical. But I’m no theologian or philosopher, so take that fwiw!

The “darkness” Legion-type multi-vocal entity, I asked it what its nature was, and it replied “Possibilities” – I don’t think I have a complete grasp on this yet, but it’s something to do with the clockwork force taking set routes, which precludes and limits other routes, other possibilities – and that this is neither wrong nor right, it’s just the way things are.

At risk of going a bit Star Trek, I sense that “reality” – which I conceptualise as “the spacetime perception” of which I’m a focal point – has multiple, probably infinite, focal points (individual aspects/personalities, etc.) which are all at the same time just aspects of the Source: however, contrary to some eastern RHP beliefs, I think there’s zero moral imperative to merge back with it (unless you want to, of course) and that this Source rejoices in the continuing complexity and growth of its “offshoots” and that, somehow, these “possibilities” in that darker current I’ve connected to, are just aspects that the clockwork mechanism prevents appearing.

(If you’re looking at this dualistically, that probably makes them really undesirable, but I believe the picture’s a lot more complex than that, and I also don’t think I have all the pieces of this part of the puzzle yet to draw a firm conclusion. And… there’s some other stuff on this I can’t really share, but I have good reason to think this channel isn’t actually a risk to me personally, or to reality as we know it.)

Last bit… for now

Finally, my research so far was initially online, then researching Zoroastrian concepts of demons from “The Bundahishn (“Creation”), or Knowledge from the Zand”, Ford’s Gates of Dozak (I don’t majorly love this book, but some of the concepts he mentions, like the hellish River of Tears, of the regrets of those who didn’t pursue power, chime so closely with the “darkness”/Legion current and my own beliefs regarding the LHP, that I’m not going to discount it yet), and most recently some of the academic books E.A. mentioned in the British Library, but so far I’ve not felt drawn to working with any of those entities, I just wanted to get some kind of grasp of the cultural context and so on.

Anyway great stuff - thanks so much E.A. for the new direction!

I got a hellgate in my back, demons popping by for a cuppa, and a new concept of reality (The Clockwork and The Serpent) that finally helps me tie in dualistic thinking with the stuff I’ve seen mooching round the astral planes and talking to pre-Abrahamic godforms, and encountering the Source in intense meditation – this is what I signed up hoping for!

Thanks Orismen for the reading as well, because that confirmed this specific stuff was my “next step” - I’d been kind of champing at the bit for a while there and you guys both opened the door to newness, and some really amazing experiences.

So… I’m really hyper right now, going to close this post here - any questions welcome, and I’ll post any stuff that comes up in future that I think might be of interest!


All I can say is, FUCK YEAH!

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This is fantastic - more justification of the eagerness with which I view each post of yours, ma’am. Very inspiring!

That’s really kind, thanks! I wasn’t sure about posting a huge wall of text… but this continues to be enlightening in all sorts of ways (just had another stunning dream last night) and I feel like it’s going to widen my understanding of a lot of stuff.

euh… you quite always post huge wall of text lol

congrats about your work ! :slight_smile:


Great work Lady Eva please keep us posted with your progress, and i personally will be calling Ahriman later tonight he also contacted me about two weeks ago but his incredible energy intimidated me a bit but now i feel a calling which i will accept tonight.

Good luck and I hope you’ll be able to share as much as possible with us here.

Mepsitahl has just told me to share that “The current which has been sleeping for so long is awakening.” Not really news to most of us here, but still, nice to hear.

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Wonderful. Absolutely, with a doubt, wonderful. Keep growing, Lady E.- to hear one I know is swelling in power just puts a smile on my face.

Mepsitahl’s words make sense for not just you. The awakening is coming, brothers and sisters, and not just for one or two of us.

Soon, we will redefine magick. Because we are all becoming living gods.

Well as i promised i introduced or presented myself formally to ahriman near midnight. to tell the truth ive sensed hes always been with me , his energy always lingering around me. Its an intense energy which at first intimidates you beacause you could relate it to archdemons wich i have worked with in the past. So our meeting with ahriman was performed in my temple in complete darkness. I called him and as promised he arrived and asked me what did i suppose to acheive and iasked for his teachings and power, to lift me up and allow me to serve him. He asked for offerings and sacrifices but i havent got the specifics for this last one but i asked him to teach me how to commune with him in my dreams, so tonight is going to be one hell of a journey which i am rather looking forward to. Dear lady Eva are you using any formal system to contact Ahriman or do you just call him like i do in my temple. Im worried that my system is too simple if you know what i mean.

Thanks for sharing!

No, I just called him, but I’ve been doing this since childhood, and never used a formal system (I’ve tried a few out but they felt false and like I was placing conditionality on spirits - they’d be standing there watching me as I called out to them to be present - which they already were).

Some spirits request minor formalities (no metal pins holding my hair up is one - I have long hair, and when I pin it the pins are usually around where my “crown chakra” is, and another likes me to be formally dressed in my black robe before we interact), but nothing major.

Systems that are complicated only exist to help the person believe, and to help them feel entitled to their experience - if you bypassed that need, then the system is redundant.

A spirit not capable of knowing when someone’s calling upon them is not going to be omnipotent enough to achieve anything, n’est-ce pas?

And now I have this tangible current in my spine at all times, it’s both a part of me and I can interact with it as a seperate consciousness (I was asking questions earlier, for example) so this is no longer a matter of calling out, but looking inwards.

There’s a shamanistic healing method called “soul retrieval” and it feels like the whole process was actually that - retrieving my Ahriman-soul, which the clockwork-leaning nature of the modern world was suppressing. At least, that’s where I’m at with this at the moment: it feels like the shared soul of all sorcerors, mages, and other workers-of-will upon the clockwork nature of reality.


Today i meditated with ahriman and presented him an offerring of my own blood as a token of respect and gratitude. My energy level has really changed and my ajna chakra keeps throbbing incesantly now. But our incipient relationship looks and feels very good indeed. where will this path or route go?Interesting.

21 days now, and I effectively transfigured into the Ahriman current, and then back into a more everyday state, making the part of “it” that was part of me, an essential part of my self - and no longer a distinct entity/energy that was seperate from my core self.

I’ve suddenly become normally hungry again, my communication with Belial and Mepsitahl has shot through the motherfucking roof - he’s appearing to my physical eyes, no smoke or TGS, as a kind of flashing, roaring, mass of dark energy, and we’ve spent this afternoon discussing options for future work. I’d set today aside for this and by now (it’s 5.30pm London time) I’m wiped out, and want to veg in front of some TV.

If me typing this seems just like “and then I went to the park for some ice-cream” - believe me, it wasn’t - the transfiguration alone was physically painful, and both emotionally and psychologically gruelling.

Amazing 3 weeks and if you’ve read one of my rants against the idea of a monotheism that’s chanelled through prophets, and so on, you’ll probably understand why I wanted to become of the nature of one of the first recorded entities that was excluded and prohibited in this way - I had to know why, what the stakes were, and what specific qualities and currents the monotheists and their nutty lightbulb god wanted to put in lockdown.

I need to rest a bit now and let this settle in, and see where I’m going with my new demonic alliances - but the serpent is IN, baby, and the motherfuckers who thought they’d bound it just lost a fractal quantum of the entire human race.


Could you please explain why the transfiguration process is so painful, does it refer when you go to the astral plain to meet the entities for a long period of time?

I increased the current so it overwhelmed my entire body/mind, breathing energy through it into me, attuning every part of myself to it (instead of the previous experience of it co-existing inside me) which is hard to do because it feels literally like death, death of self/self-will (past a certain point) and also created shooting pains in my head, and nausea. It’s a physical, embodied thing - the opposite of astral-plane endeavours.

I started by lying down, but then I had to get up, walk around a bit, kind of rocking myself until I curled up on the bed again for the final stages. I was shaking like hell after it peaked and eased off, and I think it must have done crazy weird stuff to things like blood-sugar and adrenaline.

Transfiguration’s taught in some of the white-light shamanic teachings where you transfigure into the Divine, which is actually quite hard as well but not as cold and uncompromising as this - it’s already paid off, aside from seeing Belial in a stronger way, I had an early night afterwards, and just woke around midnight after having a dream in which I saw the precise nature of my partner’s insecurities (he has stuff around money and security), how he sees himself, and his background.

Whereas for the past 21 days I’ve had me, “darkness current” and Ahriman-current, I now feel more dual-personality - serpent-self and everyday self.

I actually feel a bit nuts at the moment, but I had the experience of transfiguring before into “the light” back in my white-light days, and that left me feeling somewhat split, I’d have an “all is as it should be, smile and be content” self (gross! lol) and the normal everyday self.

This feels different than that, obviously, but it’s just slightly familiar enough I’m not freaked by it, and my bf’s confirmed that the stuff I saw was completely accurate - so, I’m hoping attunement to this has boosted my general psychic/“omniscient” abilities considerably.

If this all sounds a bit flip, it’s the culmination of years of experience with transfiguring before, and then 21 days of having this current whispering into my mind every single night and showing me the nature of my own “clockwork” unconscious, so I can safely say I think I’ve earned it! And that transfiguration was no fun at all.

Im going to contact Azi Dahaka tonight and ill see how that will go. By the way can i ask you a favor as you seem to be a powerful psychic give you take a look at my devolpement, if im going in the right direction or what im doing wrong. I think its always good to have an external or third party opinion on ones development. thanks Lady Eva.

Good luck tonight!

That’s not going to be possible for me right now, I’m so sorry, because I’m totally in a new space with everything, just trying to recalibrate and sort my stuff out, and that of the people closest to me - I don’t want to offer you guesswork, or try to do something my heart’s not in at this point. I’m not sure I’m “a powerful psychic” - I’m just like everyone else on here, trying my best to become more than I was.

Plus this stuff has made major shifts to my energy pattern so it’s like going from driving a family car to a bus or something, and I still don’t know how it handles or how the controls work!

If this spoke to you, trust your intuition, do some divination, and maybe draw up a list of your personal strengths and weaknesses and see which of those you can bring to this - weaknesses can be transmuted, strengths need to be harnessed in case they get in the way, so view it as an audit and not a chance to be down on yourself or too judgemental.

I need a few days vegging in front of the TV, and getting used to being Me+1!

Edit to add: Angel, if you make progress with this and establish a good communication with Azi Dahaka, maybe we can swap some UPG and stuff further along - my next step is to find ways to weaken the grip of the “clockwork”/probability-led order of events to make them more malleable to will - I posted about this yesterday then deleted that because it was theoretical, and the stuff I ended up doing was actual experience, but I can send you that post’s text via PM if you want?

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Hi Lady Eva, Good news my first encounter with Azi Dahaka went really well, first i settled down on a chair about 2am in the early morning and i started calling him, i called him using my traditional means and after a couple of minutes i felt his energy coming nearer until i could see him in my astral temple. I asked him to be my teacher and to help me be a better mage and man. He accepted my petition and what surprised me was the quality of the enegy hi gave me really potent but exquisite energy which made my entire body vibrate and tingle due to the energy he was giving me. this was in no way uncomfortable for me all the contrary it was quite exquisite. so after this i did some divination excersises to ask him some questions. By the way my pendulum work has gotten very strong after meeting ahriman. Azi dahaka agreed to be my teacher. He said my life would change for the better soon. and i would be a much stronger mage than i am now and he would protect me and my family from any external magic attacks. So after this reading i was very happy and felt priveledged and honoured to be accepted by Azi Dahaka.

Today early in the morning (1am) i had my second meeting with the great Azi Dahaka. I called him using traditional methods and he came quite quickly (my bodys enegy started to change and i saw him entering my astral temple and walking down an aisle to where i was sitting). I gave him thanks for helping me out the previous day ( i had a really peaceful day which is very new to me and all my problems had been solved) and he said your welcome and i also thanked him for the energy he was kindly giving me. I asked him to give me all the energy he could (i agree sometimes i get too ambitious). Azi told me to be patient and cautious, that the changes i wanted would take time months maybe years because the process is gadual and if i take in too much energy it could be harmful or even dangerous for me. Of course i accepted his teachings because his enery is potent but at least or me is very exquisite my whole body vibrates in an incredible way. Have i known him from somewhere else? Because in the last meetings with ahriman and Azi Dahaka the meetings have been nothing more than short of exquisite and great. By the wayi know hes real because i feel his energy, i see him entering my astral temple and finally he speaks to me in english and i speak to him in spanish. But at the end im really happy and i hope more people can share this incedible journey with my mentor Azi Dahaka and Ahriman.

One of the many great things you obtain when working with Ahriman and Azi Dahaka is that your powers of divination greatly increases. I usually work with a pendulum after my ritual works and i have noticed that the pendulum really goes off my board an dthe awnsers r faster. So im really happy.

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