Zed aliz zed

Hello it turned out that I’m returned to magic in my life again, and I found out that ZED ALIZ ZED means something but I didn’t find anything.

Without any knowledge of this, I got a dog 5 months ago and named it ZED which in my country means nothing and literally no one has this name, and I still can’t tell why I did that.

Soon after that a person entered my life who became the closest person, turned out her name is ALIZE

Anyone any idea what this could message me?

That’s a weird sentence?

Have you tried looking into the meaning of the name of that girl you know?
Using google I found a translation of these words that makes sense.

I could only find this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buMMbq23wqQ
I used this song for meditation from time to time and it helped me get into the zone. You could hit up the guy who made the song if he knows what the chant means.

It’s just a rare name Germany meaning sweet, that’s all I found but that the name ZED is paired with it, and they together supposed to mean something not individually I guess

I’ve seen this one I may try to contact the author of this

No. It’s a Hebrew name but possibly has an Arabic meaning. And Zed I believe is Arabic. And when those are combined you get an interesting translation.
May I ask why this phrase has meaning to you?

Could you share me this translation?

It means only because they together supposed to mean something :slight_smile: