YOUR experiences in hell

Okay so as of now I am trying to find truth. Any truth regarding hell and what hell is. I did some studying from the bible (I live in a very Christian household) and I read that it’s a place that was created for “the devil and his angels”. It was meant for THEIR “punishment and torture”. In fact this is the argument Christians give when explaining why a loving god would create a hell.
I also did some studying on what the word “hell” meant and where it originated from… And the original meaning of “hell” meant To cover. So how does that fit with the idea of fire and torture???

Keeping this in mind with what I have experienced with demons and how thoughts manifest quickly in the astral realm and such… I began my research of people who have experienced hell first hand.

I’ve read most, if not all, the threads concerning hell/infernal realms and have watched videos of people claiming to have been there. Most were NDEs (which I saw were covered in some threads) but one was a man who has soul traveled there.

All the testimonies I had watched on near death experiences. There was a pattern I began to notice. Everyone’s “punishment” seemed to be things that stemmed from their own creation…?
I was listening to a man being toured around hell and he said that he saw thousands of holding cells within this place called “the pit” in hell and one example of someone that was within the cell was that he was being beaten and ripped apart by demons, eaten by giant snakes… living all of his biggest fears over and over.

But what really got me was that everyone in these cells would regenerate as though nothing happened. People who were burning in fire… weren’t actually burning… there was no real damage done to them, according to the man telling the testimony, although I’m sure they’re convinced that the pain is very real. So that was one thing that got me thinking it’s self created.

The second thing was that in each cell, which he described as transparent boxes, each person’s hell was different. In one woman’s cell she kept believing she would he with her grandmother in paradise, until her grandmother would turn into some hideous monster and “kill her”. Then the woman would regenerate and relive the whole scenario all over again. That was the second thing. Every cell was different and unique to the person.

The 3rd thing I noticed was that the whole moral of the story the man was trying to get across was that you have to stay close to god so you don’t have to go there and basically be tortured by demons for all eternity. The man said the people who weren’t in cells were just running around being chased and ripped apart by demons and the demons were “obviously enjoying themselves”. But… this contradicts the bible… because the bible says that “hell was created” for the punishment of demons… so in every NDE case… why are demons doing the punishing? I feel like that’s a huge contradiction. Makes you scratch your head.

The video I watched with the man that soul traveled to hell… he said that hell seemed like a normal place just like any other realm he’d projected into and that the first part he saw was a long hallway with many doors and a man with black skin and yellow eyes dressed in a suit. He said it was a being a lot of people would consider demonic but in his experience… beings with yellow eyes means that they can see in multiple dimensions at once.

He also came to another part of hell in which he saw people that had died and they were being beckoned into a large doorway by a giant being in a hood and he was just watching as each person would go into the doorway… the destination on the other side would change according to what that person believed hell would be like and what their punishment would be. He said that was the only part of hell that most people would think hell would be like.

After I watched all these testiments I came to BALG and took about 3 days to read what you all had to say. I would really like to hear from those of you who have been there.



Haven’t been there yet, but I would like to take a stroll true Funtown when the opportunity is there.


Hel is quiet and peaceful. Hell is more like a bustling empire or at least the hell where the kings live. There are demons walking about working on various projects for magicians or to bring evolution to man. The Hell created by Christians is supposed to be scary but to a magician it’s almost like a cheesy haunted house because I (and the rest of you) know that it’s all an egregores created by Christian belief and that the real underworld(s?) aren’t all that bad.


My own opinion…

Far too many people have this 1980’s bad horror flick insight to “Hell” as it is presented in the Christian bible… And I see it here as well in some posts that the dogmatic hell is full of pointy horned “demons” that are there to torture you… LOSE the Abrahamic mindset, shed it as it us useless to your development as a God like being in your own right…

I for one do not subscribe to some place that a “God” even though he loves you “unconditionally” would sent you there for an eternity, just because you broke a rule.
That being said another theme in the bible is when you stand before ST Peter etc and you are going through your life’s review with God, an escape clause as it were is to go… Gee golly I did not get it, I am so sorry and repent… Oh well in that case come on in grab a cloud and get comfy, Air supply goes on stage at 11… free popcorn and beer…

I believe the bible has been used and was created as a tool of control of the masses through fear and impending "Damnation" ..

Do I have a problem with “God”? not at all, but as an Odinsit have no use for that system nor do I believe in a Hell of fire and torture at all. I have an issue with organized religion who has lied to you for centuries to control you through a corrupt church full of pedophiles and liars, lest we forget the Catholic church never came out against the Nazi’s …
I know for a fact there is an afterlife and there is no “hell” awaiting me in that sense.
The old Gods were never Evil nor were they “demons” as set fourth by the church…
How can you subscribe to a system of absolute love that tells you, the fragile ego of a diety will cause you endless suffering in fire and brimstone, well … to quote George Carlin… but he loves you…

The only reason ( and the bible actually recognizes there are other Gods by the way) they call them demon and paint them as evil, is because it fucks with their narrative and control tools…

I would flush that garbage out of your head and look within and outward for the true answers.


There are Christian magicians and RHP folks here though. I’ve given this a bit of thought this morning, recallimg someomes reading, where a King was next to me, looking at an hourglass.

What am I ultimately concerned as a person who has not shed the Christian beliefs? Existential crisis.

What will happen to me when I criss over? Where dies the truth lie? What is the compete honest truth of it all? Will U be tormented or will I reincarnate? Is it all a trap?

Someone mentioned a crown chakra infection to me, which got me thinking about my smoking and varieties of cancer. All my fears sum total … Which can be eliminated through hypnosis? Some, all or none?

Most christians or travelers mentioned by the OP live out their fears infinitely. Well, I got shit tons of work to do and I do know two reasons for that hourglass. One for their appointed alottment of time, and my appointed time.

So the question is …


Well from working extensively with countless demons and entering every type of hell from all cultures and different belief systems i could find this was my experience.

All Of Hell is seen subjectively, everything we see in hell whether it’s brimstone, fire, lava, darkness, decay, castles, kingdoms, temples etc.

It’s all an illusion and real at the same time, because i have seen hell as a heavily dark demonic infernal fiery place smelling of sulphur filled with terror and such also …

I’ve seen it as a palace made of fire and golden metal, with storms of saturn, i have felt peace there and have sat with the kings and sat with the emperor etc.

I have seen it differently everytime, because we can only see these worlds as our mind can comprehend them as.


So … If its real, Or as real as our mind has determined it to be, there is no reincarnation?

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Closest thing to the catholic hell I’ve been to is Mulspelheim, but even then it wasn’t screaming torment. Just lots of lava and fire. Once I get a better grasp on travel I’ll be making stops in all hells I can think of


So haven’t been yet :thinking:, but this may give some insight. The idea is much older for starters. Even the age old "dante’s inferno is not a new concept. The avesta has a text of a Zoroastrian follower being given a full tour of heaven and hell.

Regarding the “reailty” of the thing this quote has alot of relevance.
Azazel, from the Book of Azazel:
All things are formed from one primordial nothingness, not at some point in the distant past, but in each moment. Every moment that you consider me, I come into being. Every moment that you consider yourself, you are brought into existence. Stop considering
yourself, and you will cease to be.

By this you can extrapolate that in the case of personal reailty hell is formed in the moments you consider it. The quotes give an idea of the issue.

“The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.” -Dune

“A process cannot be understood by stopping it. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it.” -dune

From my own work with bmoa one of the later rites is to project into Arezura and its realms , the Zoroastrian hell. A more immediate project im gonna be doin soon is scrying into these realms with rites Aighash gave me. Now if you consider Azazel’s statement regarding observation and the quotes on reality as you consider hell, hell in turn more specifically your hell considers and is formed as it is considered.

In the case of how the applies to our practices far as i understand it so far regarding scrying or projecting into various hells, though the degree of intensity this applies may vary. In the case of scrying what Aighash told me regarding these rites was “gaze through the veil into the the realms of Arezura observe them and their denizens as they will observe you.” In the case of manifestation as you observe and experience a force that force becomes more a part of your reality.

Anyone who has worked with specific forces whether it’s raw energies elemental,planetary ect. or invocation/evocation of spirits will usually notice interactions with that force become easier with prolonged contact as well as notice the effects of that forces energy in their life.

Edit. phone flipped put before i was done typing :stuck_out_tongue:


See that was my problem. The conviction and confliction… but honestly honey… you can’t be a Christian and a magician. Christians and magicians values vary completely. The very word that they stand by cuts down every single practice of a magician. If it was okay to be a magician AND a Christian then there would be no confliction or conviction. But people like us were killed and pit to death for our knowledge. For whatever reason Jehova doesn’t want us to know these things.
And am I going through existential crisis… yes. I am. I haven’t had a good sleep in days. So if there’s a chance I’m going to go to hell… I want to know WHAT hell is and how to get unstuck.


I’ve been meaning to master soul travel but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Hell was definitely the first place to visit on my checklist >:)


If you want to deal with your fears, face them. When I was new to the occult I tried to do a lot of “inner work”. I wasted months just ruminating, meditating, and hoping a kundalini serpent would work out all of my kinks for me.

I say just take the plunge. Look at your life. Look at what you want. Look at what pisses you off, and what saddens you. Then pull out every grimoire, spellbook, and website you can get your hands on, and just start doing rituals to make your life the way you want it to be. Success with magick is actually a lot easier than you would believe, especially if you start with simple candle magick or sigil magick.

Just some suggestions from my own experience😛


Oh also I just barely realized who I was replying to and I think you have more occult experience than I previously thought lol, but still if my advice helps you out then that’s cool too :sunglasses:


If you look up references to Hell in the Bible, even it doesn’t paint the picture contemporary Christians believe in. The Bible says that non-believers are cast into the lake of fire and consumed, and that only believers will be granted eternal life. So, there is no basis for Christians to believe in an everlasting afterlife of torment in a fire that never consumes you. I guess people weren’t scared enough of nonexistence after death to make them convert, so they added the eternal torment part.

Also, in the biblical stuff, you don’t go to the afterlife immediately after death, you sleep in your buried body until Judgement Day, at which point you are brought back to life and sorted. So illustrates another of my frustrations with my birth religion…the fact that they don’t even believe in their own Bible and ignore what it says. Also, their Heaven sounds very boring and materialistic.

I’ve had dreams of “Hell” before. In my dreams it was just like here (physical reality), only there was a red light tint to everything, the body felt lighter and less prone to fatique, and more interesting things could happen.


The times I’ve been in “hell” it was home. The skies are like a sunset, otherwise extremely bright and blinding sunlight. There is no “time” so I can’t say it’s dark at night but the skies do get black. There are rivers of lava and the well known lake of fire. Mostly I’m in the temple though. There is no suffering or tormented souls - it’s a place like any other. Vegetation is different. There aren’t people or entities roaming around. You “think” of someone or something and you are there or they come to you.


“And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever” Revelation 14:11
I dunno. Forever and ever sounds like everlasting according to them…


Can you tell me more about it? What do they do in the temple?

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When I first started my journey with Lucifer I would be in one part of the temple . It has dark blue almost black walls just like the rest of the Kingdom . When I would approach him there was always bright light coming though a window on my left. It would illuminate him on his throne . This is where he spends much time alone.

The place where " work" is done is different. The same blue black walls - marble maybe, but I feel they hold power like a stone. It’s dark, there are fires on both sides of the walls and also a large fire in the center of the hallway leading to the temple room. You have to pass through it. There’s also a large table once you pass the fire. This is where I’ve had " transfusions" or spiritual work done. This is where he took me when he found me and also where he and other entities took me when I got my heart broken . All of them are here yet they can be elsewhere also. It’s hard to explain.


Are you saying that they can be present yet also be conjured elsewhere?

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Yes they are there but can be in other places at the same time. Time and place doesn’t exist.