Your Divine Authority - Commanding the Demons of Goetia

I was recently asked about working with demons, and how to best approach them without showing disrespect. While I definitely agree that treating demons like unruly, evil spirits that need to be threatened into submission is a bad idea, I’ve seen many people approach them from the opposite end of the spectrum, subjecting themselves to the demons, or even to a single demon. This is perhaps worse, as it makes you a slave to the demons you call upon.

What follows is a private message I sent to someone else. I have not edited it beyond a few words, so it may read somewhat strangely at times as I reply to things he said, but I think that this is information that many could find useful.

I also know that everyone has their preferred methods of work. When I suggest the books and methods that I have found helpful, I am not implying that others are bad. If I think that, I will say so explicitly. Rather, I am simply offering methods that I use in my own practice, or wisdom that I have found helpful. Even if you do not employ all the methods you read about, reading texts from a variety of authors may help expand your perspective on these matters, and you may even learn something new that you find useful.

Hey there, so before I begin, I would highly recommend checking out Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. The books contains methods of evocation that I have had great success with, and a simpler petition for results, which I have also had great success with. Beyond the ritual methodology, though, he does an excellent job describing how you should approach working with demons.

I also recently made a post describing a simple ritual to contact Paimon, though I would suggest reading the rest of this message first before that one. If you look in my history I also have some other posts that could be helpful to you, such as how to make offerings. The method I describe can also be used to call upon any of the demons of Goetia, though the part that goes, “and by the power of ___” will be different for each demon. You may find the correct name in the above book, however.

While the demons carry such titles as Duke, Prince, and King, you are Emperor, wielding more power and authority than even the mightiest of kings. You command the demons, and they gladly obey their master. This does not mean that you disrespect the demons, for they are glorious, majestic beings of immense power and dignity. However, do not forget that they serve you, not the other way around.

The Divine Names are used to remind yourself that you speak with Divine authority. They are your Names, and by establishing yourself as a generous and mighty ruler, you will command great respect and cooperation from the demons. Treat them as the fiercely loyal, honorable members of your council, and they will work for you with their full power and wisdom.

As for banishings, they are done prior to the ritual to clear the space of any psychic distractions, as well as to brighten yourself in the astral. When you banish, you become more visible to the spirits that you call upon, enabling a greater connection. There is no need to banish again after the ritual, as that is akin to inviting guests over for dinner, and then forcing them to leave right after they are finished eating. You have every right to do so, but it’s a bit rude.

Now, on to the angels. The idea that angels and demons are enemies is one created by mainstream religious culture, and is not indicative of the actual reality of things. The archangel Metatron guided me to call upon Lucifer, and demons have advised me to call upon angels. They are all subjects of your empire, and while their personalities can differ rather drastically, they are all on your side, and will cooperate with each other. In fact, one of Lucifer’s powers is that he may travel between the Heavens and the Hells, carrying messages between the angels and the demons, to allow for communication between these beings, and thus for greater harmony in your reality.

If you read the above book, you will also find that the methods used call upon each demon’s associated Shem angel, as well as three angelic emissaries. This is not to reign in unruly demons, but to empower their work, providing them with wisdom and additional angelic power and oversight. The angels may also constrain the demon, if what you ask for is not in-line with your True Will. I have asked the demons myself if they do not like this, but they actually really like that the angels are involved as it gives them extra power, meaning that you are more likely to call upon them again in the future.

As for Lucifer, I recommend checking out either Rites of Lucifer by the Temple of Ascending Flame or Awakening Lucifer by Asenath Mason and Bill Duvendack (I use the latter, as it is more comprehensive).

In general I would advise reading the posts at, as their blog contains several books-worth of information and advice regarding magickal practice, that can be applied to any magickal system, and to living a magickal life. Their books make up the bulk of my magickal practice, though I have been working more with other beings not covered by them as of late. Koetting also has tons of great info in his videos that I have found to be very helpful. I mention the gallery first because they were how I first discovered magick, and their work is why I am still here in this incarnation today.

Let me know if you have any questions, but I would advise against worrying too much. More worrying means less magick, and true understanding will come with experience. You can read a million occult books, but if you never perform a ritual, you are more ignorant than some guy who jerked off to a sigil once and manifested a ham sandwich, to put it crudely.


Hell Yeah :metal:


Eh. Doesn’t work for me, I just think it’s rude, domineering and overly ego-driven. There are no hierarchies, there are only roles that folks agreed to fill for reasons of their own. They’re not so egoistical as humans so they care a lot less about rude language, but don’t think for a second a daemon will do something for you if it doesn’t want to.

I have Azazel invoked as I type and he’s nodding, but it’s nothing several daemons haven’t told us all before. The old ways aren’t that great, time for the new, if we want the gates to open. Thanks for the warning about Gordon Winterfield, I’ll be sure to avoid that flavour of stale dogma.

PS, politeness costs nothing and will get you places being a pretentious ass cannot - witness the decimation of the last narc to ask for help on this form. Even a human leader does better when they mind their manners. Vinegar and honey etc.


It’s funny cause your Godform might be one of these Spirits and I’m sure you wouldn’t like anyone to command you or think himself as something “higher than you”. :wink:


Then you’re a part of them too. So… Why the commanding tone…? :woman_shrugging:

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I wholeheartedly agree with @Mulberry .

If I were not in my meat suit and you commanded anything of me, you’d get your ass handed to you. Oh wait…no…that’s in my meat suit, too.

Such arrogance to assume to be commanding anyone and enslaving gods :no_good_woman: . But considering the source of your info :angel:, OP, I find myself suddenly not surprised.
You may be part and parcel of the divine but I think Azazel would agree (if @Mulberry still has an ear) that you’re just being a slave master, and that doesn’t gain their respect.


I walk the path I’m meant to walk. I don’t pick my path, like we pick fruits in the grocery store, the path chose me. But that’s a different story, which I wouldn’t like to reveal, at least not yet. Yes we totally disagree, I will never command them and I don’t see myself as “higher” or “lower” than them.
Also, as I have said million of times in this forum, I don’t work with Angels so I don’t trust their words. But I can assure you that no archangel resides in my Crown. :wink:


No need to get defensive, you can take that at face value: I was literally advising you to see an example of someone giving vinegar and expecting people to respond positively - well they didn’t. The point was, instead of getting the help (although some kind people did a bit) he was roundly laughed at and most asked him why they should bother. Daemons are very much like us in that way.

Of course, we all trace back to source at the highest level. So do the daemons. But you’re not communicating with them on that level, you’re just you as a human trying to command things you have no authority over. If not, why do you even need to talk to daemons at all, wave your godlike hand and will it done. I don’t see how you can have it both ways…
Which is actually what the greater daemons want to teach - how we can use our own power and rely on them less and less.

Yes, I’m getting images of lesser entities being bullied. Like children not big enough to defend themselves.

Which means you can only command those beings you have enough ability to have power over. Slaver, bully, socio/psychopath… No, you get no respect for being any of these, and in fact until you do the work to get over the issues that make you crave this kind of control, you’ll be in the way of your own ascension. Because they won’t teach you to get stronger: it’s not in their interests or in the interests of human ascension as a whole to give power to such a person.


Very good post thank you for sharing. As we are the All this is not very different from ushering a piece of our body to move. When i move my arm i am not breaking its will because it is a part of me. It’s an abstract concept but i see what you mean. Thank you for sharing!

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I don’t want to hear what angels such as Metatron etc etc have to impart. The angels/gods I love, honor and respect give me illumination I trust and have trusted for over half my life.
My path nor my presence in your reality are your concern.
You do your thing, I’ll do mine. In the end, the gods will remember how they were regarded and treated. A house slave is no different from a field slave…


I may be one of the few people who haven’t hopped on board the “we are ALL” train, and I admit this may change as I progress on my Path. Whether or not you follow that philosophy that all gods/demons/angels exist to serve the ALL and we are ALL, one thing is for certain: it does not pay to act as if you are Source itself when working with any entity. The simple fact is, all the ritual psycho-babble is just that. It doesn’t make you any more powerful from the moment you entered the circle. As was mentioned earlier, if you really tapped into that aspect of Self, you could just wave your hand and not rely on spirits at all to do your bidding.

Demons are patient and wise beings. They put up with our putting on airs and tricking ourselves into believing we have the authority to command them just because we are human. If you dig into people’s experiences enough, even on this forum, you will find that there are definitely consequences for pushing the patience of these beings too far. You may have the potential to be a god in the flesh, but if you still need to rely upon spirits to do what you can’t, you are not there yet.

It is part of our evolutionary path that dictates the need to believe and act as if we are able to do what we haven’t yet done in the physical. For example, if I want to develop telekinesis, I act as if I can already move the object until it actually happens in the physical realm. There is a time gap in the realization that you can move an object with your mind, and the manifestation of the ability. Spirits don’t have that problem. They are fine with us commanding them with our own divinity out of patience, but also out of respect for the being they know we are not able to live from on a daily basis (before a certain stage of development is reached). We should not confuse that fact with the idea that we are already capable of commanding gods as if we were moving our finger. Put another way, before we manifest telekinesis, we shouldn’t go trying to move cars with our minds while playing in traffic just because we know we are divine beings.

TLDR: It’s best to play it safe and just be respectful. Know that there is no limit to the power we can cultivate, but be aware that it is a process. Act accordingly.


At least he got a ham sandwich out of it! We all gotta start somewhere.

Seriously, I love the Damon Brand and Gordon Winterfield books. They do their best to make magick simple and dependable.


Then you’re a part of them too. So… Why the commanding tone…?

Actually I “command” myself quite a bit, so if I would do that to myself, I’ll do it to others when necessary. :wink: Never gotten into strife for it either. You can command with authority and respect. Not everyone knows how to do that, unfortunately.

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On the other hand. I have the DoM book, and used it many times to summon the Goetic spirits. Apart from perhaps Glasya Labolas, none of them complained. However, Agares did tell me not to believe everything I read about the Goetia.

I have never agreed with Gordon’s view of the Goetia spirits, especially when it came to why he recommended treating them in the manner he suggests. I feel his perspective is based in fear, and is warped as a result. I felt that intuitively from the first time I read his book, and I hadn’t ever worked with the Goetia at that point. My intuition has proven to be quite correct in that respect.

They are not my subservients. I am their equal. :wink: That does not mean I get used and walked over. If anything, they have been kind, respectful and very helpful.


“While the demons carry such titles as Duke, Prince, and King, you are Emperor , wielding more power and authority than even the mightiest of kings. You command the demons, and they gladly obey their master. This does not mean that you disrespect the demons, for they are glorious, majestic beings of immense power and dignity. However, do not forget that they serve you , not the other way around.”

Why do the demons self humanity though? Why am I emperor? What makes humanity so special?

Disregarding the potential power of human beings, why would a more powerful being self one that’s weaker at the moment?


I didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose me!

Also, to everone else.

Reading some of the philosophies here on “we are all”

Is any action want to do to another really bad?

If that’s the case, perhaps he did it because on some level, every other entity wanted it?

There is such a thing is wanting guidance, a strong leader, even living life as a BDSM slave, ect.

I’m not entirely sure this philosophy is correct, but if you believe it is, there is no way he could technically do anything wrong? Because it’s what the universe wants, theirfore it happened or?

@shinri I agree with you about 95% of what you said ( which is cool ) however I’d like to point one thing out.

There’s a license to depart granted to a spirit after it has received it’s charge yes? The spirits don’t usually hover about after that. They’ve got thier marching orders they’re out.

The post Goetic evocation banishing is for all the critters that see the astral light you generated with your ritual. It’s like saying to the onlookers “you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here”. Or another way to put it, after your dinner guest leaves it’s like shutting and locking the door to your home. I think I got that from @darkestknight.

I understand what you’re saying though and I think it’s as you said a matter of preference.

My preference is when working in my temple which is attached to my home I banish post evocation.

When I work outdoors I don’t.

Awesome post though @shinri You really know your stuff! :grin::+1::racehorse:

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I can’t claim to know all the answers, but the demons flow out of Source, and when you speak the Godnames you are summoning the power of Source. These particular demons have an energy that is suitable for those with personalities or psychological makeups that benefit from commanding subservient beings. Although these demons are exceptionally powerful, they will recognize you as both their creator and a piece of themselves, so helping you is the same as them helping themselves.

Whenever you summon one of these demons, and that demon makes changes in the material world, you have glorified the demon’s existence and strengthened its power in this world. Because of this, they are incentivized to work with you and elevate you to greater heights of power, where they may make even more substantial changes through you.


Spot on! Excellent


I no longer agree with everything I’ve written in this post, but I leave it up cause it amuses me. I used to be so dramatic, but it worked, so there yah go. I like to play team baseball, so I’ll just say that I do not recommend working with spirits who demand blood offerings and cut you when you start thinking about not doing that. Why would I surround myself with beings that leech off of my life essence when I get incredible results with methods that rely only on summoning energies and performing various mental processes? Oh, you just don’t get it, blood adds so much power. Ok well you do you, and while you’re at it, stay very far away from me. My spirits give me strength, power, knowledge, and all manner of material benefits (including the time to write about one of my greatest passions), and I believe my life speaks for itself when it comes to the efficacy of my magick.

I have never had any issues with any unwanted spirits lingering around after rituals. At this point I only ever banish before rituals of the Enochian Keys, and that’s really more for the centering than the banishing. Do you wash your hands after getting out of the shower? I don’t like to use these sorts of analogies too often cause you can just make shit up that sounds reasonable.

I think people have needless fears regarding interloping spirits. I have gone months without banishing, and the only spirits that were around were the demons I was summoning.

I believe that banishing is more allegorical than it is literal. If you go deep in angel magick, it can cause you to be more generous and altruistic than you would otherwise be, to the extent that it actually harms you. Banishing keeps away people who would take advantage of you or otherwise leech off of your light.

Centering is even more “niche” in a way. You have to go pretty deep for this to be a concern, but angel magick can also cause the boundary between yourself and other people to dissolve to the point where you can lose grasp of your own self, and even potentially go a bit mad. Centering keeps you anchored to your ego self centered in your material body.