Raising Energy

sounds good any you have in mind?

im sort of the type of person to get lazy quickly do you have any you would recommend?


im sorry if im a bit vauge never been good at talking to other people

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That is subjective depending on what you are interested and drawn too. If you try to dig into a system you have zero interest in you will toss it aside quickly. But to make any real progress in any system will take a degree of discipline as regular or daily practices are just as they sound they can be dull and repetitive after awhile but this is why it takes discipline to stick to it.


i have started so many systems without following through lol Ahriman wanted me Cthulu Odin

i kind of failed them all :sweat_smile:

but i think if anything it will be heathen path for me just not entirely sure where to start

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I dunno about the heathen path but if ya wanna explore a system of shamanism that is anchored in the norse tradition ya can start here.
Best advise i could give if ya want solid results is stick with these 4 meditations as a start for 40 days then branch out into some of his other exercises and meditations. In the mean time dig into his free stuff for a time and see if it calls to ya if it does check out some of his paid Material.


i appreciate it

how did i forget about ole brucy lol he used to seem to click with me in the past

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@anon75934406 i did mispell that didnt i whoops thanks

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I used to communicate with him all the time but I guess him noticing that I was going to rely on him as a crutch and not actually work on myself made him leave I also have the book you mentioned.

Nevertheless thank you


“i keep getting the smell of blood (metalic if you will) it happens occasionally when i meditate and i have never had a nose bleed in my life is this my energy raising?”

Go deep into Hell, ground yourself, this is a sign of too much mind/head focussing.

A sign of raising the vibration is starting to smell: burned skin, mummy smells (like at the funeral smell), pinecone smells.


your very genuine and helpful. I appreciate it.

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thanks for this great post, I have the book that you mention, though a slight different just like you said. The angel that you mentioned before calling paimon is the ruling angel right? So you omitted the emissary angels.


I prefer the term “companion” or “corresponding” rather than “ruling” angel, as I think it more accurately describes the relationship between the two beings, but yes you are correct.

Thank you as well, I spend a good amount of my time studying and practicing magick, and I find it rather enjoyable to share what I know when I can.


Thanks for your response. Hope you wouldn’t mind giving me some private lectures from what you’ve learnt. Since I’m solo path without a guide, taking directions from books.
I’m having this experience, whenever I am reading magick book or working a ritual, I will notice a vibration at my forehead, and some strange feelings as if something is moving around my face,…
At times it looks like my head is going to explode. I don’t know who else feels the same and who might want to contribute to this. Many thanks blessed be
Secondly when working with the demons do you do circle of protection?

It can be. Changing one’s consciousness can have different effects on each person. I’ve had a whole bunch of experiences but not of this smell of blood/metal. The only smell related thing I’ve experienced is the fairly recent tendency to smell restaurant order for home delivery long before they arrive :). It’s happened 3-5 times in the last 3 months. My consciousness is increasingly detached from my individuality in a certain sense and way more aligned to the True Me.

Hello hun. I have some questions to ask. Is it necessary to keep some grapes besides u as an offering? I’ve read some people offering grapes to King Paimon. Also, must his sigil be hand drawn by oneself or u can concentrate on an already, and well made sigil? And should we use incense and candles(these r hard to come by here) and lastly, which time of the day do u think it’s okay to invoke him??

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I personally use print-outs of the sigils in DoM. I will also trace over the black Hebrew letters, as doing so helps connect you to the sigil further, but even this is not strictly necessary. I’ve used images on a computer screen, and they’ve worked just fine.

Any time of day or night will work, as will any day of the week. Some magick is more dependent upon astrological correspondences, but that is not the case with Goetic work. You can incorporate astrology if you are knowledgeable of the subject, but it is by no means required or necessarily better for this magick.

Incense and candles are also completely optional. I like to use candles at night to help with the atmosphere and immersion in the magick, but I have performed evocations with my normal lights on and the ritual was still successful. Some use incense to aid in physical manifestations, but this is not something you need to concern yourself with at the moment. Your focus should be on the imagination.

Offerings are a topic of more controversy than you may expect, and I will give you my honest opinion here. I believe that, with demons of Goetia, you are best served by offering physical experiences or fame. You do not simply leave food on an altar to rot, but feast upon it in the demon’s presence, so that it may enjoy the pleasures of the experience through you and with you. As for fame, you could create a thread thanking the demon for the results, or post in one of the “success stories” threads that are already here.

In the first ritual, where you are asking the demon for a result, you do not yet give the full offering. Instead, you imagine what it will be like to consume the food or drink, or consider how you will spread word of the demon’s power. This will serve as both motivation for the demon, and a point of expectation for you. Later, when you receive your results, you call forth the demon once again and deliver the gift that you have promised.

Some will insist that you must bleed for the demons and smear their sigils with your life force. They believe that this is necessary to give the demons the energy they need to complete their work, or that doing so will somehow make the ritual more powerful. I disagree. I have engaged in such work, in the past, and all I found is that it made the spirits more eager to take my blood and demand that I must work with them and them alone.

This is not the balance of power that will bring you success. You are in control, not the other way around. If a demon rebels and causes havoc because you fear that you did not sate its apparent need for gore, then you have made a grievous error. In such situations, the demons, if indeed they are true demons, are the ones who benefit the most while you are left weak, confused, and without results.

Emotion is far more effective a fuel for your magick than cutting yourself or giving yourself track marks from draining litres of your life substance. The first change that is made in any ritual is change within your own mind, and while seeing the glistening red splatter of blood in a ritual context can create quite the altered state of consciousness, there are more effective and more sustainable ways of working.

Again I will state that this is merely my opinion, though it has been borne out of experience and theoretical study, and that you are free to believe what you want to believe. I also hope that this does not frighten you away from this work, or lead you to believe that magick is all about occultists squabbling among themselves. I encourage you to enter into the magick, cautiously, though with great curiosity and boldness, and I think you will discover for yourself the wonders that may be experienced by those with magick.


Thank u so much for the reply. I honestly thought that I’ll cut myself or offer my period blood (read that somewhere). So, I’m trying to write a book which contains demons and I want to get it accurately. I’ve so much about some demons that I dont know which one is true and I want to get it from a main source. U said that one should say and believe what we want in a sentence and that I have been battling with since. Can u help me a little here?

And as a big thank u to King Paimon, I wont hide who gave me the inspiration and zeal to go on. Right now I dont know how to go on about writing it but the plot is deep within my head; all that’s left is executing it, which I have started but hit a road block. And I’m planning to write a book in order to find Justice for my mom and what the church did to her. I want to see their reaction when i expose them. And to add the cheery on top, one of their “enemy” offered his helping hand to me. It will be so satisfying :relieved::relieved:.

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I’ve always heard that King Paimon does not want blood offerings. When in doubt, I normally use sweets and alcohol ( or a sugary drink/soda/Pepsi, even sugar water and /or bowl with a couple spoons of sugar. Sweets and alcohol seem to be demonic favorites, or at least acceptable offerings. I’ve even used Hershey’s Kisses and a shot glass of soda if that’s all I have at hand). It seems more symbolic/respectful than anything