You people do realize that all the "demons" are just angels in disguise, right?

It seems many angels “fall” on purpose and become demons in the lower material realms because that’s the only way they can reach people. We are so incredibly far away from God that we wouldn’t recognize him even if he was right in front of us, or we ignore the calls of angels consciously because of our ego and narcissism. So the angels mould themselves after us to fit exactly into reaching us through our selfish desires, it’s the perfect trick. People sacrifice their blood and material belongings in rituals to have contact with the spiritual realm, this is a way for angels to dissolve our egos and materialistic values in favour of spirit.

I explained in another thread how Odin is actually an aspect of the Archangel Cassiel of Saturn and how Thor is an aspect of Archangel Sachiel of Jupiter. I think the same principle goes for all other gods and demons, it’s especially obvious when you see how the 4 demon kings correspond with the 4 archangels of the watchtowers and the 72 angels correspond with the 72 Goetia demons as is explained in the Shem ha-Mephorash.

I guess the question is whether these gods and demons were a part of the angels from the very beginning, or were they later “converted” to be tools for the angels in exchange for their survival? We also know the olympian spirits are used in invoking angels, they seem to be remnants of the Greek gods which were perhaps “assimilated” into this bigger entity in the same vein as the Norse gods apparently.

According to the law of one, there are two paths: service to others (angelic) and service to self (demonic). When one has enough polarity in one of the paths, one can ascend to a higher density (plane of existence). The thing is that people who ascend via negative polarity and become ashuras can go all the way into 5D like this (we are in 3D right now according to this model), but then in 6D they have to become angelic or they will be destroyed. So maybe this is also what happened to gods such as the Greek and Norse ones, they managed to go all the way to 6D and they are now acting as fallen angels here.

I also think that many such ascended beings incarnate here on the material plane as & inside plants to help us awaken, it seems that marijuana = Virgin Mary and some Odin for example. San Pedro = St.Peter, this one is obvious since that’s his Spanish name. The Ayahuasca vine is another interesting example as it’s a parasitic plant, but this plant has now redeemed its “demonic” nature by helping people to spiritual ascension, it’s a demon that’s being used as an angelic tool, this is how it works with all the demons, do you see?

Since I’m a huge fan of extreme metal music, I can’t help but see the same principle here too. You will see that this genre, especially black metal is incredibly spiritual music, with lyrics almost exclusively about the higher spiritual reality. These bands flaunt the upside-down cross, but this is St.Peter’s cross, the saint which the Vatican is founded on. Do you see what’s happening here? It really is the perfect trick, you make the demon wear the cross! So again, this is a way for the angels to use demons to do their bidding in a very sneaky way, I suspect this is the doing of the archangel of Saturn, I think it’s this archangel that invented the whole idea of occultism and Satanism as a way to guide people towards what is essentially Christianity, it’s the perfect irony.

Now I should probably make it very clear that I’m not a Christian and I do I in fact despise the church, but this really is the conclusion I’ve come to. All roads lead to Rome, if you study any branch of occultism or practice any form of spirituality long and deep enough it will lead you to the one supreme God, that’s just how it is. I think we can appreciate the cross and it’s meaning as a universal symbol that is completely beyond any one religion like Christianity, you see it in the shamanic medicine wheel, the 4 directions, 4 elements, 4 seasons, etc. All the mandalas, sigils, pentagrams, all the symbols are really just different kinds of crosses that are leading us to the same place.

Now I suspect that quite a few here know this already, and people such as Crowley and LaVey were certainly in the know, ironically this makes them better “Christians”, than any priests. My question then is: why focus on the demons if they only are an aspect of a greater entity? It seems very clear that the demons are under the command of the angels and are thus inferior, wouldn’t it benefit you much more to do rituals for the angels instead?




YOUR path may lead to Rome. I’m going to continue to walk down this footpath leading up the side of a mountain.


This topic has a lot of holes in it like a finely made swiss cheese.

Then how is it that a number of angels are able to communicate with humans with no issues?

Angels don’t serve God. They wouldn’t give two shits if we couldn’t recognize him.

The whole “aspects” concept is absolutely ridiculous.

If two people liked chocolate, does that mean they’re the same exact person? No, of course not, why would they be? Also, the idea that spirits would go out of their way to pretend to be someone else when someone calls upon certain personalities is absurd. There’s no reason for them to do that.

The point I’m getting at is Thor is Thor, Odin is Odin Cassiel is Cassiel and Sachiel is Sachiel. Any similarities are coincidental.

What the fuck does that even mean?!

Olympian spirits should not be confused with Greek deities. They’re a separate group entirely.

Also, at no point were Greek gods “assimilated” into Norse gods. If you compare the two mythologies, you’ll find that there’s very little in common, and any resemblance is, again, a coincidence.

At this point, I can’t tell if you’re trolling.

Good for you, so are a number of people on this forum.

I think you’re reading a bit too much into that.

First: see my opinion on aspects.

Second: it depends on the magician in question.

Demons are not under the command of angels or vice versa.


I’m sorry but that pic nearly made me spit my food out :joy::joy::joy:


While Yahweh does have his own creation of angels like any God has their creations a lot of them do serve him and a lot doesn’t.

However I’ve flagged this as it dips into preaching and I’ve moved it to the lounge for further inspection from a mod. @Lady_Eva

However to add my personal opinion. To think Odin and Thor are aspects of some angels I find insanely baseless and downright offensive to who they are but hey you’re not the first to make odd connections between entities here.


I’m of the mind that there’s no fall at all. Unless it’s simply that some daemons incarnate as humans, and that is most definitely a fall in my eyes.

So in my cosmology, it’s not that angels are demons or vice versa - all daemonic entities can be interpreted as either as the operator chooses. I think he shouldn’t do that at all though.

It’s well known they appear in the way that works best for communication, and that extends to those rather sordid religions assigning them what amounts to contact approvals and political alignments by the religious hierarchy - and as we all know xtians do as they’re told.

LHP occultists, don’t mean to do as they’re told. They often do out of ignorance of the history though. It’s too easy to not question something that is so ubiquitous in our culture.

I find those xtian terms completely meaningless propaganda, only useful in the context of the xtian current. Which I have nothing to do with.

So I have to ask, if you despise the xtian current as you state, why are you still using it’s fucked up language anyway?


Good move. :+1:

What I’ve done for now is pop it in the RHP bit, since it all essentially argues for the anti-life version of RHP whereby embodied life is a huge mistake, I do not agree with this and think it’s a dangerous road to start walking, however some people like it (until it bites them in the ass and won’t let go, anyway).

With magician-hat on more than mod-hat, @Prophet more or less covered all the contradictions and muddles in the OP so I won’t bother making basically the same points.


Interesting thread. Angels follow orders from God, but demons have more of a free will. Similar powers. Different energy/aura.

There is a certain logic, indeed a bit RHP although it may be “tweaked” or reverted.

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I think all beings are not beings of light… being of light is classified as angel ? even tho i know most of *“angels” are just machineries of god, BUT you need to understand there are also terrestial entites, who are classified “demons” and also dracos, they are definetly not “angel” unless they want to be percevied as “angelic”

so you are actually wrong, in this case.

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Personally I believe that demons belong to the dark, separating forces of the universe. They were never part of ‘God’, the demiurge. Within them, there is no place for him, he is completely abscent. Fallen Angels on the other hand once were part of ‘God’ like the non-fallen ones still are. They have willingly separated from him and became their own Gods.


I vibe with this, as for all the opposition, I don’t find their arguments very compelling at all.

There is A 1, and there is Z MANY.

God exists, and by nature of hierarchy, structure rules chaos, as demons work for angels.

Levels myriad, of secrecy, deception, manipulation, and cunning makes the gears turn.

Everyone thinks they are special for the wrong reasons, no one here is right or wrong, but we are the creators creating reality. Choice is Law.

All is mind. One Power. One Perception. One life eternal. Nothing does not exist.

Yea, ask my incubus K if he was ever an angel, he will flat out deny it. lol Nothing is ever so simple nor as complex as the OP is making it.

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@Knot STOP with that.What are you doing is not welcome.I am flagging you.


Contradictive, much? :thinking:


As an incarnated Demon, I can say with certainty I am not nor have I ever been an angel. I have nothing against Angel’s, but to say Demons are Angel’s in disguise is incredibly stupid.

Angel’s have light energy, Demons have dark energy naturally, not considering any other energy they may be born with just species wise.
Also demons don’t work for Angel’s either, we have free will, why the fuck would we work for Angel’s? It’s a ridiculous concept.


I mean, I am not gonna get angry over this. Even if it were true it would change nothing. Nice take? Good effort.

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Every sentient being has free will, including angels (who don’t serve God). It’s not exclusive to demons or humans. :joy:

No it isn’t, that is massively contradictory to the Christian idea that “sinners will go to Hell”. Hell is (vaguely) described as a place where humans are cut off from God. There is mention of a “lake of fire”, but whether or not that’s literal or metaphorical is anyone’s guess.


@Prophet I never said it was exclusive to demons. I was saying it because the op thought Demons are under the command of Angel’s and do as they say.