Yet another failed evocation attempt - Belial

So, I’ve been trying and failing to get into contact with King Belial.

I feel like he’s sending someone to watch me, but he himself is not coming forward as there is definitely a presence with me in the room (I live alone.) I was wondering if anyone had any tips. Evocation has never been a strong suit of mine. I’ve always excelled at spellcraft, writing and casting. And currently, I hear a low rumble emanating from the place where I attempted the ritual. And also kind of long “ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong”

As far as offerings are concerned, I laid out sliced sirloin steak, and some pretty nice whiskey for him in a glass.

Let me walk you through what I did tonight, as I may have done a fucky-uppy.

Cleared the room out by doing a walk through with lit frankensence sticks. Success!

First - cast my circle in flour and salt north-east-south-west-north. Called the quarters, lit a candle on each cardinal point.

Laid out my altar facing north; lit two incense sticks - frankensence and myrrh, and then on a small plate I laid out four dragons blood cones each at cardinal points.

Three tea light candles formed a triangle in front of me around a central pillar candle. (maybe too bright?)

I had his sigil in front of me, chanted “King Belial, come in beholdable form” for about an hour to no avail. That rapturous moment, as described in Koettings book, continued to elude me. I did notice the sigil I had drawn kept disappearing off the paper, like one minute it was there, the next minute… poof!

At one point, the incense smoke wrapped around the whiskey glass and I thought that that was it.

Maybe he was rejecting my offerings? The smoke never went near the steak.

Anyway, any feedback or tips would be much appreciated. And if anyone happens to contact him, would you mind asking what I can do to speak with him? I mean, I imagine he’s gonna say “he can stop sucking so hard at evocation.” or something along those lines. :rofl:

Cheers guys, I appreciate your help.

I get the impression you have his attention but there is some form of jumbled communication? Have you been working on otherworldly communication so to speak?

Not especially no… I definitely feel he wants to break through and speak with me but something is off, and maybe I’m not opening the door wide enough?

I also feel like it could be the island I’m on, everything around me is lava rock which DOES have a natural grounding effect on things like this. Either way, I’m worried I’ll piss him off with too many failed attempts.

From what I see it’s more like you opening the door but you have a blindfold on or trying to listen with earplugs in?

Do you meditate? If so what on?

Did you feel hot, or any type of tingling in your body?

AHHHH Now I get your point.

I do meditate normally in the hour before I go to sleep. Laying on my back and listening to binaural beats mostly.

Maybe I should adjust my meditation strategy. You mean the topic of my meditation? I typically focus on clearing out bad juju accrued from over the day. It helps me be all warm and fuzzy when I deal with ridiculous people all day. Do you have a specific recommendation for the topic of meditation?

There is something might be relevant but I dont know if I’d feel comfortable posting it openly on the forum as it’s very specific.

This is not good in evocation I believe.

Yes. I feel overwhelmingly hot all over, when I have tried to contact him. but perhaps I may have dismissed that as the tropical heat (I live in Hawaii.)

The first time I tried contacting him, I heard a voice of “I CANT HEAR YOU SPEAK UP” resonate through my crown chakra with guitar strumming in the distance, followed by uproarious laughter. :rofl: I continued on for another 45mins, but to no avail.

Tonight felt like there may have been a major block though, I’m just not quite sure what it was.

I’m 100% open to suggestions.

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I mean there is a reason why we want everyting to be silent,you know.Although I believe that one can go to trance even listening house music but you need to hear Belial too right ?

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Binaural beats are neat but only to an extent. They give you something other than your thoughts to focus on. First, here’s some tools and quote that might help in general.


Haha that’s true. Where I live right now, I have a lot of natural noises I could tune into, chirping frogs, crickets, birds, that go all through all hours of the night.

Even right now, after this, I feel a pressure on my crown chakra. I had it during the ritual and it’s staying.

Magic was always easier in a colder climate, dangnabbit. :roll_eyes:

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This is good but there are a couple things i dont agree with

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Well lads and lasses, wish me luck at my court hearing tomorrow. Its kinda what I was trying to get in contact with Belial for but… for some reason, I feel like he knows and I’m already receiving his help.


Good luck man,I have also an upcoming court but I am gonna beat them by smarts,no need to bother Belial :sweat_smile:

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Here is a good song for you.

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Oh it’s regarding an RTO on my psychotic kind of ex. I dated him for like 4 weeks and he flipped the psycho switch and shit. I have enough on him to shut this shit down. But, there’s a larger issue at play here I would like his help with.

I smell corruptuon and tyrannism here.Good luck regardless.

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More pettiness and vindictiveness, but yes. Tyranny too.

Thank you, and best of luck for yours!

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He was there with you

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