How to start a relationship with a Deity

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I’ve had a lot of people ask how I work with gods and goddesses when there aren’t ready made sigils out there for them and how exactly they can bypass the use of sigils.

The truth is that sigils are a relatively recent introduction to working with spirits, remember our ancestors contacted their gods and goddesses without the help of sigils.

We can too. And i’m going to show a simple way to do this. It’s not the only way but it’s one of the simplest and it’s great for people who aren’t so familiar with working with gods and goddesses or spirits in general.

The simplest way honestly and most people overlook this: is to read their myths ! This is called preparatory immersion and that’s what most members here refer to as doing your research.

Why is preparatory immersion important ? Through this you learn a little bug more about a spirits nature, god or goddess, through this you’re already starting a relationship with this entity subconsciously as you’re letting yourself be receptive to their energies.

You see just by simply reading about an entity and speaking it’s name, you’re consciously bringing their essence into your energetic sphere ( simple for gods sense when you’re curious about them, as you read about them they’ll know )

These entities also appreciate the effort, as humans we are always in the habit of asking, asking and asking and this isn’t more glaringly obvious than with some spirit workers.

Giving your time to these spirits sends out a statement that you find them important enough to spend your time on getting to know them.

And believe me they do and will appreciate it. Would you be more likely to help a stranger ? Than you would someone who makes you feel appreciated ?

Learn to say thank you.

Most of the time when we read these myths it can be so glaringly vivid and we can have such emotional connection to them ( this is a good sign )

And sometimes when we read these myths we can almost fill in the blanks ourselves, this is literally validation from the god or goddess you are reading. Very good indication.

The next step is to open communication, from researching their myths and correspondences you are going to use this to your advantage.

Different gods have things that are unique to them, for example Gaia is associated with the color green, if I wanted to contact Gaia I would use a green candle to represent her as being an earth goddess.

The same would go with for example the goddess Lilith. Because she represents that sexuality and lust that is innate within each of us I would use a red candle.

There are dozens of websites that list these gods and goddesses and their correspondences, USE THEM. Remember there are hundreds of people around the world who do this, who interact with their different deities.

So now you’ve read the myths, what next? You do something I call reaching out, it’s sort of like an invocation and an evocation at the same time but there isn’t any magical formula you need to memorize.

All you need is a picture of the deity you are trying to contact ( your favorite picture of that deity that speaks to you ), have a candle ( preferably or that corresponds to the nature of that deity ) if not then a white candle is perfectly fine.

An offering of something that the god or goddess likes ups the chances as well, an offering can also be something sacred to the god or goddess, something that is associated with them.

For example the first time I contacted the goddess Freyja, I made a bindrune for her and I burnt a little thyme as an offering to her ( because thyme is sacred to freyja )

I’m sure you’re getting the drift, symbols correspondences are your friends! Don’t have too much that it will distract you as you want to get into a meditative state.

But assemble enough that when you have it all set in front of you, you can sort of feel that deity’s energy around you and it just feels right.

The trick here and the reason behind all of this is that you’re creating a familiar environment for the god or goddess to reside in, to come to.

On an energetic level, everything has vibrations and it’s own unique energetic quality and signature. By bringing those symbols and correspondences we are harmonizing these energies so that they give off higher vibrations that can be seen and felt astrally and that’s what the entity you’re trying to contact will notice and come to. It’s almost like a homing beacon for them.

On a more analytic level, a spirit is more likely to come to where it feels familiar and welcome.

Plus these gods and goddesses know and appreciate your effort so know you’re not just wasting your time.

Now assemble the picture of this deity set it somewhere where you can see ( best if you slant it to an angle of some sort or however you’d eel comfortable viewing ) it and relax comfortably, set the candle beside the picture and whatever offering and paraphernalia you have, don’t be afraid to move things around till they feel right.

Sit yourself before this image and your now made altar and get into a meditative state, a light meditative state works well for this. Simply just focus on your breathing and empty out whatever is in your mind slowly and surely.

Feel it all ooze out of your mind, feel that stress melt off your body like black tar being absorbed by the ground under you.

When you feel relaxed ( and you will know when ) gaze at the picture of this deity. Scry into it, when you do this you’re basically using your peripheral vision and that’s how we mostly catch spiritual activity.

Unfocus your gaze, like you would when you’re staring at a blank wall and you’re day dreaming. Allow whatever thoughts now to surface, open yourself and feel the energy around you, don’t be startled if it feels like the earlier energies have intensified.

Don’t also be surprised if the picture you are using starts to morph or distort, simply observe and let yourself be receptive.

Call upon that deity by its name: for example with Freyja I would say

Fairest Lady of the Vanir come
Freyja Queen if the Valkyries come
She who takes half of the slain dead to her hall Folkvanger
Lady of love and war
Freyja come !
I call to you !”

That’s a simple incantation, you shouldn’t focus on the words specifically but focus on calling this entity, requesting that it hear your call and heed it.

If you want to craft a nice incantation then go for it, use their titles that you learned, use whatever else you feel is right, but don’t feel the need to remember everything word for word.

If you wish you can simply repeat this entity’s name. As you speak over and over you might notice what you would when trying to evoke entities in the western traditional sense with sigils.

You may start to feel tired, out of breath, push through this ! Strengthen your resolve, reach out even more, chant faster and louder.

You’ll know when the god or goddess is there. It doesn’t have to be a full blown physical manifestation, it might be your own voice speaking to you intuitively, don’t dismiss this, you might notice that the energy in your room feels familiar in a weird way. ( This is because you’ve been subconsciously opening yourself to it when you began to read their myths )

Commune with the deity ( this is when you can ask for whatever you want to ask, be it a material favor, asking it to help your ascent, asking it to reveal more of it gnosis to you, or simply just feeling this entity and allowing it to do the same without speaking a damn thing. )

When you’re done thank it for coming, you can ask it to depart or if you’re comfortable with it remaining with you then by all means.

I don’t banish energies after my rituals, but that’s just my personal preference.

I hope this helps


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I recommend calling in by chant.



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Wow you are wonderful goddess ,that means alot to me ,that you will go out of your way to explain this process to others, shows alot of character thank you Iam greatfull for putting this formation out their ,it will spread like wild fire and it will help lots of people, blessing on to you lovely goddess


Thank you for bumping this. It gave me a lot more insight into how I attracted Belial into my space accidentally when we first met.


Thank you for your kind words! Feel free to use this and personalize it to fit your situation also you can always pm me if you have any questions

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Could you tell me how it long it approximately took for you to get results when you worked with a deity?
Ps : thank you for posting this i undersood better hoe to go about it