I'm Looking For Power

I’m pretty new to this all, I’ve study throughout the years many of the occult studies. I’m looking for a awakening of my power, to really have the knowledge and wisdom to grow. Are there any suggestions on where and what I should start with to get that enlightenment and awaken myself to my powerful godself? All help is welcomed and greatly appreciated.


Meditation first and foremost. Learn it before advancing


Do you have any recommendations of any meditation in particular? I do several different ones but I believe they are pretty standard so to say.

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If youre budget is good I would start with EA’s video courses. It will propel you. But if not I woulf read these 2 books. Very cheap.



Power, is everywhere, and in everything. It is, everything, in fact. The first you can do, is learn to shut up your monkey mind, your fears, your doubts, your insecurities-and all the utter pointless chatter. Because that chatter is what holds your universe together, as it is. If you want to change it, then shut that up.

Start by observing your breath, the world around you. Direct your full attention to your breath, and enjoy being in your body, for a time. Once you can, almost instantaneously, pour the totality of your attention into one single action, then you will have the faculties needed to fully focus on any given expected outcome, or desire, in any other magical operation.


Thanx I will get these ASAP I appreciate your help


Use the search function and search for Psychic Development . You’ll come across a thread posted by Adam Thoth called psychic development for the new magician. It’s a void meditation to help awaken your psychic senses.

I have trouble meditating. I can’t shut my brain up or sit still for very long. I have RLS and everything lol. But I don’t have any problems with this meditation at all. On one day I had to go through the guided part twice to get deep enough but it works really well. Read the post through several times and then try it out. Best of luck to you.


And if you’re new to this forum you’ll find that the search function is your new best friend. Just type in whatever you’re looking for and browse around. There’s a lot of good stuff on here.


Meditation, divination, incantation…


Having a goal in mind that you find compelling and worth the effort will also help. :+1:

It can be one specific thing, or an image of the furute you strive to create, or anything so long as you really enjoy working towards it. :smiley: