Worried my wife is in danger

I’m as new to this as I can get, please go easy.
My partner and I met in bad places. We made something better, I didn’t really understand what she was going through at first but I kept studying, life moved on… I’ll say this as simply as I can, she’s possessed and full of evil assholes that are using her for something and I can’t figure out what. They just know I’m an impediment to whatever they need her to accomplish.

A few of them gave me names and one of them has found a way to SPECIFICALLY block his name from my memory. I’m new to witchery but I know I can do some crazy shit. I want to list the ones I’ve spoken to but I don’t know if that…brings bad shit on me or something? They made it seem like all I had to do was think of them but it hasn’t defeated me so fuck those guys. I want to know what they want. All I know is…they’re big players who don’t really feel like playing. My biggest problem right now is one writhing biblical entity (well I guess they’re all biblical but this one is the main ‘character(s)’ of Madness by Tracy Groot. They’re gross and I hate it. They’re the hardest on her, I think.

A while ago, at the beginning of our friendship, there was one demon that wasn’t a demon. I didn’t know anything about anything, let alone what a nephilim was. I went along with so much, too much. I should have paid more attention. It, He, died. That’s the only way to say it. I think the ones that want my wife depleted and violently ill killed him somehow. Removed him, took him off the playing field for telling me too much about the ‘past’…but he still exists! I think. I had this dream, after a spell I made up. I don’t know how to do it again. I know he’s coming back I just don’t know how to help

I need to discuss things with some of these entities WITHOUT going through her as the vessel, she’s off the radar right now, and I’m having an excruciating time with…I guess you’d call it dream walking? Lucidity? I need resources, maybe training. Hell maybe just someone to talk to. I never knew there’d ever be a way to discuss these types of things with others. I don’t even know where to start.
I’m a damn good diviner if I do say so, but tarot cards and playing cards are only like…one type of smoke :bomb: in my utility belt. I need a grappling hook, or some batarangs. I’m open to questions publicly and/or privately, am a patient and communicative learner.


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Here is a getting started with magick guide.

You might be interested in the collections of discussions and tutorial we have for astral protection and getting rid of parasites:

A very thorough banishing and exorcising of these numbnuts sounds in order. You can still summon them to quiz them after you’ve got her clear, but you don’t need the names for that, you just needed to know they existed. You know who they are now you’ve met them.

You will need her permission to get rid of them, as she gave her permission on some level to accept them, it’s how it works. Otherwise she’ll fight you and waste your energy, and they are probably feeding off that enough as it is.

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They’ve convinced her I’m some sort of monster, or rather that I wish her harm, her paranoia is a real danger to her. Is there a way to exorcise without contact? She’s disappeared with half of my belongings, though I’ve been assured through the cards they’ll be retrieved, I’m worried she’ll threaten legal action if I try to contact her based on some of their rants and plotting nature. We…did a Manchurian braid ceremony. I still don’t know what it meant. Are we connected in a way I can use to contact her dream wise, or through telepathy?

Yes, you’re already connected in many ways, and spiritually we’re all connected to everything. But you have a closer connection to her as people form energetic links to each other with time in a relationship.

For this kind of thing, I like plain old visualisation, which is not much different from lucid dreaming, but the vision is weaker and you have to be more careful of the ego consciousness inserting stuff when it gets uncertain… it hates to be uncertain and would rather make stuff up than deal with it.

The author Josephine McCarthy wrote an excellent book with this method and a lot of tips and advice. She works with angels a lot but it’s optional imho.

In a nutshell, you go to them: She visualizes the posessed person’s mind as a mansion, you go through the front door which is through the base of the skull, and look around. Anything out of place, weird and ugly is likely to be an intruder, and from here you can attack these things and drive them out of the “house”. You can call helping spirits to help you of you like, and visualise them showing up in the house with you.
All this is symbolic, but that’s how the subconscious, that is doing all the real work, thinks. As long as you get the energetics in place any way you can, it doesn’t matter if some of this seems fantastical.

Here’s the book:

I’ve used these techniques on myself for routine “security sweeps”, as it were, and with other people to rid them of parasites. I tend to call Raphael and Michael for help with this kind of thing.