Working with the 7 Goetics of your Birthdate


This great post by @LdyPhilosophy

opened up my eyes to something I hadn’t considered before. So, this past lunar cycle I contacted the Goetic Spirits who are attributed to the degrees in which the 7 planets are placed in my natal chart.

For some of them I really didn’t have a question or task, but I went ahead and called them anyway, to let them know I now knew about the connection.

Funny stuff: all of them gave me ‘signs’. Knocks on the floor in the hall, ashes of the incense dropping at the moment I gave the License to depart, temperature change and a shuffling noise in one of the cabinets.

Even funnier: the day after the last one the 7, I was vacuuming my Temple and the big framed poster of Circe that I have decided to fall over. Taking with it two statuettes (who remained unharmed) and a glass chalice (that broke into a zillion pieces).

I consider this working to be a success, it is clear that contact has been made.

Now I have made a calendar of the dates when each of the planets enters the grade of one of the 7 planets of my birthchart (Saturn and Jupiter don’t at all this year, the moon does every month…), and I’m busy figuring out how to make best use of it. If anyone has tips, I’d appreciate them.


So, as I am working out my schedule of conjunctions and oppositions, I am starting to understand astrology a lot better. This will definitely help me in determining favorable dates and times for planned workings.
I looked up in my diary the days when (I now know) the Moon was opposite of the other planets in my Natal chart, and must admit that there absolutely is truth in the descriptions of the transits.

If you want to make your own calendar / horoscope, download a free astrology program and check (for example) this site
for the descriptions of conjunctions and oppositions.
Give it a try if you have some spare time.