Netherman Letters


This will mostly be a journal of my thoughts. Maybe a few rituals later on. No large blocks of text.

I’ll try to keep the sexy pictures to a minimum.

I was reading an old thread this afternoon about the value of knowing the meaning of Spirits’ names. It is something that I think about from time to time – the meaning of all chants / incantations / Names / Words of Power etc. And there are of course points to be made for both sides.

For (a mundane) example, when I was very young and my aunts watched music videos on tv, the English/American pop songs were subtitled. Reading the Dutch translations of those cool songs made them a lot lamer and we’d laugh about the ridiculous lyrics.

The counterpoint was made clear with a tv commercial from a couple of years ago (… maybe 15 or 20 years lol…) In that commercial a family is riding in their car and all of them (father, mother and two little kids) are loudly singing along with the radio without having a clue of what they are saying. The song was ‘I wanna fuck you in the ass’ (that really was a hit at one time, believe it or not).

To bring it back to Magick: this past half year I have made a habit of asking Spirits for personal incantations. I translate each one of them, and only use them if they make (the slightest bit of) sense. Once I know the meaning and have decided if it is applicable to the desired outcome I don’t dwell on it and use it. But I have to know they align with the purpose.

If they don’t make sense I don’t use them (obviously…)

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Yesterday on the Equinox I did this Ritual

The goal of it is for the Magician to become better at healing and recovering. To enhance these abilities that each individual has (in varying degrees)
I wanted to incorporate some more Enochian in it, and added

YOLCAM UMPLIF after stating my request.

Afterwards I did a tarot spread:

Three cards associated with healing and two with courage. Pretty content with that.


Today the New Moon started in the first Mansion and it’s the day of Mars - so an excellent opportunity to reconsecrate the 28 Lunar cards of my deck.
I’m doing these one by one (but I’m not gonna write about it every day…)

“Geniel, great Angel of the first Mansion; this card represents our bond. Always come swiftly when I call thee, and if I need a little more willpower or stamina, or a rush of energy to start a project with confidence and strength - be at my side. Let there be peace between me and thee Geniel, on this day and all days that follow.”

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