Working with multiple demons for love, experiences/advice? (Sallos, Agares, Dantalion, Beleth, etc)

Hi there! I wanted to know your experiences layering demons or working with multiple for different aspects to reach the same goal.

For a little context: Been hooking up with a guy for almost 4 months. Sometimes because of his relion/persona issues he would pull away and we would stop seeing each other (which I always respected) But after he always seems to find his way back to me even if accidentally.
Lately he was acting more warmly, so I though it was the perfect time to do a ritual for our relationship to turn more serious and loving instead of just carnal and sexual.

I found Sallos, and with the little information I could gather about him (this was before I found this blog, and believe me I spent a lot of time doing research but there wasn’t much outside here) I did a petition ritual. I offered things associated with love (pink-red candles, chocolate and flowers) as an offering. I don’t know if it was his way of scolding me into doing more research, because I read here he sometimes likes a little mischief and trickery, but he gave me my petition only halfway through.

Hook up guy decided he wanted a serious relationship, but he decided he wouldn’t look for it with someone he had already hooked up (there’s no 3rd party involved, he’s not in a relationship or seeing someone new either)

Then I found this blog, brought the Demons of Magick book and did the first ritual with him. Upon further investigation, I’ve realized is possible to work with more demons for different aspects of the same goal which is something I definitely need in this case. I’ve also read that Sallos works best in the long run of a serious relationship, but not really for getting a person to fall in love with you/contact you.
My idea was to work with Agares to bring him back and contact me, or with Dantalion to manipulate him into doing it. I don’t want to cancel my petition to Sallos and I intend to give the offering I promised once everything is complete, but I think that for faster or better results I’d also need the help of the others. Is it possible to work with more than one demon? How should I do it?

Also sorry for the long post, but I don’t think there was a shorter way to explain


There’s something here for layered love spells if that helps…

layering just means doing multiple workings, usually for slightly different but complimentary aspects of the task at hand.

If you just want to call all of the above for the exact same task, then you can just call them all in the same ritual, like a team.

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Thank you so much! I had search for that kind of things here because I was sure i wasn’t the first one to thik about it but apparently i missed it. Thanks :smile:

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