Working with Chernobog

Within the next two months (if I will lucky with my free time), I plan to evoking and working with Him. I did some researches, but looks like not too much people interested in working with this God.

The Slavs, too, have a strange conviction: At their feasts and carousals they pass about a libation bowl over which they utter words — I should not say of consecration but of execration — in the name of the gods. Of the good one, as well as of the bad one, they profess that all propitious fortune is arranged by the good god, and all adverse by the bad god. Hence, also, in their language they call the bad god Diabol , or Zcerneboch , that is, the “Black God”.Helmold of Bosau, Chronica Slavorum

Chernobog / Black God / (Chernevog, Czernobog, Tchernobog, Zcerneboch) is a Dark Deity in Slavic mythology, and feared all over Russia and it’s nearby landscapes. He is powerful, destructive God, which means He can be absolutely good choice if you wish curse or kill someone.

Incense: Dragons Blood, Frankincense, Spearmint, Musk (these can be absolutely good options)
( He has a burning, agressive [as I said, He is a destructive God] and powerful temperament, mixed with the winter of the North, North-East, and some kind of nasty tricks and bloodred sarcasm.)

Candles: Black, (Dark) Blue and Red (Grey can be an option, too)

Chernobog’s Sigil:

I’m about to get this book later, to find out more about Him
(so I can inform you if no one else will before it):

Hopefully in the near (?) future I’ll post below there about my experiments and new informations about Him, as soon as possible (even about His personality, verses and some fun stuffs).

If you worked with Him already, please, share with us your story!


Slavic Myth: A Story about Chernobog:

Originated in ancient times, the evil god Chernobog – the lord of darkness had his mind overwhelmed by injustice and gloomy thought. He succumbed to the temptations of the world and planed to subjugate it, so he turned into the Black Serpent and crawled out of his lair. Svarog was the god that kept an eye on the world, as he sensed something was wrong he wen’t to his forge and stroke his mighty hammer against the fiery forge to create himself more gods to help him. The first born of the forges fire was Dazhbog, then Horse, Stribog and Simargl followed. While new gods were created the Black Serpent crawled upon the land to corrupt it and the men that lived upon it. Svarog sent Dazhbog and Simargl to see what is happening in the land of men, and upon seeing they had a thing to see, many have already been corrupted by Chernobog and a war was about to start. Returning to the Nav Svarog was informed by his sons that a war between good and evil will start. Svarog heard them and began striking his celestial forge to arm up his army, because to defeat Chernobog he had to fight with luminous intensity. Chernobog corrupted men so much that him and his evil world forces eventually fought their way into the heavenly palace on top of the world tree, in their madness they started to invade Svarogs world forge itself. Quickly Svarog created a magical chest and as soon as Chernobog appeared on the forges doorway, Svarog called for the aid of his children Gods and together they overcome the serpent. Finally capturing Chernobog into the chest, the cursed black god was defeated, and in it’s misery he asked Svarog to spare his evil offspring, the men of this world. Svarog decided to spare men in his righteousness and because in the end he himself created men faulty as they are. However there was one condition to spare them, he told Chernobog that never again could the world be controlled by darkness in whole, and Chernobog had to agree. World of men was restored and half of the world again was covered in daylight shining from the Svarogs fiery forge, while other half stayed in darkness, this is how the night and day cycle came onto the world of men.

[Personal] First Experiences? #1

So, I started to do researches about Him, to getting more knowledge as much as I can before I contacting with this Deity. But something is changed around me in the last two days, in basic. Sometimes I can sense a “foreign energy” around me. But not in the same way than before. It fills my whole body, and it feels like I’m slowly petrified for some moments, while a pressure hugs around my heart. These are randoms, but I noticed that sometimes it happens after I deal with it (searching, think to Him), within the following 1-2 hours.

And today (4 hours ago) I saw “something”. A black-grey shadow like face, in the corner of my eyes, close to my face. A cold feeling ran across my whole body, then formed a rock hard pressure in my heart (again, just like before), and around this point, I felt a little nausea.

I’m a well protected person, even by my shields, but I enjoy other Spirits protection. These kind of things did not happened me for nearly 2 years. I think it can be a coincidence. I posted one days ago about Attracting attention of a Deity via thoughts , which is could explain why this whole phenomena started just some days before. Is He wanted me to know He is already there? Who knows. Maybe yes, maybe not. If this new energy coming from Him, I like it but somehow I feel a strange “worry” when feel Him.

Whatever is this really, I will find out as soon as I can,
But I want to keep myself to what I said before: I do not want to evoce Him
before I would not be ready for it.


I really need to do this

i see his name everywhere i am planning to do call him


Vk Jehannun just did a write uo on Chernobog as well as the hymnns to invoke him.


Chernobog is an extremely versatile deity. His auspices are useful in numerous types of sorcery, so it is no wonder that Abaddon recommended working with Chernobog to an adept I team up with magickally from time to time.

It is interesting to see His name with my Patron, Abaddon. But a good sign in the same time. I felt something unindescribable towards Him long months ago, before I would start working with Abaddon.

Thank you for the link, anyway. :black_heart:

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Still when i hear his name in American Gods of neil Gaiman, i have more curiosity to know more about him intresting post, im reaserching things about Anansi also.:+1:

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look what i found yesterday!


i was randomly reading vk’s website,oh aslo @Dionysusedge shared this link


I didn’t watched American Gods, and I never planned to, but when I did some researches, I found His name in that series, yeah.

I saw Him first there, years ago:

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[Personal] The Show Must Go On? #2

From the first day I started to doing researches about Chernobog, something strange change is arrived here, and it is continued after my first note’s birth which connected to Him.

After long thinking and working on it, I became clear to me that I’m in His focus of attention now. It was so fast and sudden. While I continued to work with Lucifer (mostly), Abaddon (my Patron) and King Belial, His energies hit me unexpectedly again and again.

Last afternoon I was about to go to sleep, because at that point I didn’t sleep for ~19 hours, so I was totally tired. Then suddenly a strange feeling filled me again, from the bottom to the top, inside and outside. I felt like I’m possessed, and I lost control over my body very fast. I was totally K.O., can not resist but He whispered me inside, that I don’t want to resist, anyway , and every word from my mouth what asking for stop, is a dirty lie.

[ I’d like to skip the details about what happened while the possession ]

I fell asleep after it fast, and every dreams was very sexual, with several Gods, all of them goes crazy.
Some hours later, during meditation, and after We finished my training with Lucifer, I asked Him about this possession, and about Who did this, what is the truth (I was so confused, I know I should trust in my senses, as They said), and He said with a lightly smile:

Be careful with Chernobog. He likes to play and test His disciples.


he is right,he tested me from the first and confused me as fuck

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I’m glad for your experiences, Dear. :black_heart: it is a positive confirmation, but I know Lucifer is always right, anyway.

Chernobog’s personality seemed interesting to me before these experiences already. I remember when I saw Disney’s animation where He is appeared, and I found His name. At those times I did some researches, because I felt something indescribable towards Him, but had no serious results. I let Him go away, and slowly forgot Him.

…Then after long years, I’m back again, just like in Abaddon’s and Lucifer’s case.
It is beautiful I think. But Chernobog at this moment seems to me as a useful “Challenge”, first, which is absolutely positive for me, because I like challenges in every form and level.


How demon’s sigil got created? How other magickians sigil got created? Even they have their own sigil. I don’t see any rule about they can’t have their own sigil what connected to them, at all. You can find many symbols connected to gods.

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They don’t necessarily have to be demons to have a sigil. And even if they were, it’s not unusual for others to create sigils for spirits, even if they already have pre-existing ones.

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VK took his Chernobog link down. It’s not online anymore. That’s a pitty cause Chernobog is one of the most important LHP slavic Gods


You can ask for a personal sigil and see if they give you one.

If they are willing to work w/ you, I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it.

That has worked for me :+1:

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