Working with Belial

This doesn´t come as a surprise to anybody here but I truely felt the warlike potential of Belial. So I present to you, Ritual to conquer all of your physical and psychological dependencies:

What you need:

knife or needle
sigil of Belial(optional)

  1. call upon Belial
  2. light the candle(the flame of the candle should be a portal beacon for Belial)
  3. Prick your finger and smear your blood on the tip of the incense
  4. Chant:``in the name of Belial, I shall conquer all of my physical and psychological dependencies´´
    (5.enjoy the results)

Ps. couple of hours after this I actually punched a hole in the middle of a door in anger. That being said, I can testify to the power of this ritual. It also tends to make the casters energies embrace the nature of Belial because you can definetely feel his power within you.


The first step is the most problematic!

How you properly call him?
All i know is “Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlc Belial”.

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Draw his sigil on piece of paper and put it into the ritual area/altar. Call upon Belial(vocally) while asking for belial to manifest himself through the flame of the candle(Also, remember to chant that the would be candle flame would be a beacon for Belial). Then light the candle. No need to use enns whatsoever, just use your own native language that you use daily. Belial will come because you have his sigil on the altar/ritual area. After this ritual, he will be around a lot.


You can even carve belials sigil on the candle or write his name on the candle or something along those lines to help your evocation.


Would an incense be a good substitute if I have no possibility to light candles because of the family?
Also, calling him would be just chanting the Enn? Or saying his name multiple times?

Yeah, you could subsitute the candle for incense if you wanted to. And Yeah, you could also chant Belials name like a mantra if you wanted to, that works too. It´s not always about enns


Thank you!

You are welcome

I also forgot to mention in it that you have to light the incense that has the casters blood in it, after chanting the ``in the name of belial…´´

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After chanting ``in the name of Belial…´´ , the next step would be to light the incense with the casters blood in it. I forgot that part


punched a hole in the middle of a door, LOL. I guess his power was flowing through you


You could say so

one time about 4 weeks or so after my kundalini had awoken, i was in an angry mood in the bathroom of my hotel room and the light burned out.

Nice, doesn´t happen that often?

H.L Daniel how far does "meeting all physical and psychological needs go exactly? You said you punched a hole in a door out of anger but can’t any person do that ON THEIR OWN? How do you know that you didn’t do that all by yourself?? Also why were you angry anyway? Did Belial make you angry?


I’ve just begun working with belial these past 2 weeks. I believe I’ve summoned him 3 times . Belials energy is so strong! I could feel it in my bones . As if I was injected with adrenaline but I could barely move .


it’s like the ritual of belial possession enters you to transmit knowledge and powers?

I wasnt possessed by belial however when I summoned him & had a conversation I was so full of adrenaline/energy my voice was shaking as I was chanting I started to stutter . It felt really amazing actually … overwhelming… but amazing . Like i could do anything . And accomplish what I summoned him for - & I did. I also had this thought … it was like a “I could possess you . Feel me. I feel good right? But I wont” and he helped me again. Belial works mysterious wonders for sure !!!


it is his sigil (Belial) which is used in the ghoulies film
the first film of black magic that I saw.!
the sigil of belial in front of altarghoulies_1

The sigil of Belial looks like this.

I don’t know what kind of sigil that was, but it’s not Belial’s.