Any Hindus/Indians into Goetia?

Yet i am only able to feel the energy shifts in the room while evocation. Sometimes dreams to but nit scary at all

Only good experiences

I knw a russian lady who do goetia. Plus mix them whot another spirts such baphmote. And get results

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I’m not necessarily into Goetia, But I do work with demons exclusively.

Any personal success stories working with demons ?things which otherwise would have been impossible to achieve?

Here is one:

Well the Vedic dharma encompasses pretty much all philosophies.

-the worship of a monotheistic god
-the worship of demigods
-the worship of demons
-the desire to attain one-ness

There is no real difference between the demigods and the demons according to the Vedas. As for the idea of “dark magick”, that is all fear-based perception and I reject all fear-based realities.

There are tantrics who basically deal with what you’d call the left-hand-path in India although I would never trust any of them. These types of indians are all uneducated, uncivilized people, and they only care about money and they don’t even try to hide that. In the West, if we just go around shamelessly begging people for money, most people will hate us. In India, they have no shame. It’s absolutely disgusting from a western point of view. So better to follow a western teacher of the Left Hand Path.

India’s literally a complete shithole at this point and has nothing practical to offer in terms of spirituality.


I’m not hindu but i have a altar with Lakshmi/Ganesha on one side of my room and altar for King Belial on the other side…and everything is fine

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I understand there are a lot of charlatan tantrics but if you are a geniune seeker you will find great tantrics in forest of Girnar and Assam in India. It entirely depends on your good fortune and the grace of the divine.


I wonder how badly he used this yakshini. Seems she fucked him up good… and made sport of it. “Rectal cancer.” That says it all.

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If I remember the article, he used the yakshini to control weather and get things done for money.

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Go figure.

[36 Yakshinis

The list of thirty six yakshinis given in the Uddamareshvara Tantra is as follows:[3]


A Yakshin, 10th century, Mathura, India. Guimet Museum.

  1. Vichitra (The Lovely One): She bestows all desires.
  2. Vibhrama (Amorous One)
  3. Hamsi (The one with Swan): She reveals the whereabouts of buried treasure, and grants an unguent with which one may see through solid objects.
  4. Bhishani (The Terrifying): The ritual is to be performed at the junction of 3 paths. The mantra is to be recited 10,000 times. Camphor and ghee are to be used as the offering. Om Aim Drim Mahamode Bhishani Dram Dram Svaha.
  5. Janaranjika (Delighting Men): She gives great good fortune and happiness.
  6. Vishala (Large Eyed): She gives the alchemical elixir.
  7. Madana (Lustful): She gives a cure-all pill.
  8. Ghanta (Bell): She gives the ability to enchant the world.
  9. Kalakarni (Ears Adorned with Kalas):
  10. Mahabhaya (Greatly Fearful): Protection from disease. She gives freedom from fear and the secret of alchemy, also freeing one from grey hair and signs of old age.
  11. Mahendri (Greatly Powerful): Gives the person the ability to fly and go anywhere.One obtains Patala Siddhi.
  12. Shankhini (Conch Girl ): Fulfilment of any desire.
  13. Chandri (Moon Girl):
  14. Shmashana (Cremation Ground Girl ): She gives treasure, destroys obstacles, and one is able to paralyse folk with a mere glance.
  15. Vatayakshini: She also gives a divine and magical unguent.
  16. Mekhala (Love Girdle):
  17. Vikala: She yields the desired fruit.
  18. Lakshmi (Wealth): She gives Lakshmi Siddhi, the secrets of alchemy, and heavenly treasure.
  19. Malini (Flower Girl ): She gives Khadga Siddhi, which means being able to stop any weapon.
  20. Shatapatrika (100 Flowers ):
  21. Sulochana (Lovely Eyed): She gives Paduka Siddhi, enabling one to travel at great speed through the aethers.
  22. Shobha: The Devi gives the power of full enjoyment and the appearance of great beauty.
  23. Kapalini (Skull Girl): She gives Kapala Siddhi. She gives the power to go anywhere in the aethers in one’s sleep, and also to go to any great distance away.
  24. Varayakshini:
  25. Nati (Actress): The Nati gives hidden treasure, an alchemical unguent, and the power of mantra yoga.
  26. Kameshvari:
  27. The text states these have already been described.
  28. The text states these have already been described.
  29. Manohara (Fascinating):
  30. Pramoda (Fragrant):
  31. Anuragini (Very Passionate):
  32. Nakhakeshi:
  33. Bhamini:
  34. Padmini is said to be included in (35) below.
  35. Svarnavati: She gives Anjana Siddhi.
  36. Ratipriya (Fond of Love):

Early figures

Yakshis in Jainism


An image of Jain goddess Ambikain Cave 34 of the Ellora Caves


An image of Jain goddess Chakreshvari, c. 10th century, Mathura Museum


Padmavati, 11th century, Walters Art Museum

In Jainism, there are twenty-four yakshis, including Chakreshvari, Ambika, and Padmavati, who are frequently represented in Jain temples.[7] The names according to Tiloyapannatti (or Pratishthasarasangraha) and Abhidhanachintamani are:

I wasn’t aware of voluptuous Indian spirits. Look at the art:


The curviest Italians and Latinos are no match for voluptuous damsels living in etheric realms :wink: It is sad that the knowledge of calling yakshinis and working with them is pretty much lost.

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And they are earth spirits? Or do they encompass all elements? Funny… my earth mound under my favorite fir tree (which sports an odd root structure… it could be my imagine but if the tree is a dryad let’s just say it displays a lot of female anatomy…or my imagination is horny)… anyway my earth mount I had two coconut halves so I figured why not make em breasts? It’s a heavy shrine made out of earth, mud, rock, and limbs.

Mud/clay shrines are pretty fun to make but you have to usually re-mud them here and there which means I have to fondle the breasts to smooth out anything. This last mudding I adorned with sea shells and rocks. A re-mud now would be difficult.

I don’t know much about yakshinis, I don’t know any authoritative text or anyone with personal experience of working with them. There is a site prophet666dotcom, which has a lot of posts on invoking such mystical entities. But the methods are laborious and don’t guarantee any result. It is advised to work under a guru who has mastered working with yakshinis or similar entities because they are not easy to fool around with, and without sounding condescending I think these beings are more potent and can do more damage than Goetic demons. That is why probably there is no literature on how to work with these entities.

But if you read about their powers, you will want to work with them, they offer unending supply of voluptuous women, I think like all the nastiest porn stars in one room :drooling_face: , unlimited wealth, power to be a king etc.,

Eh… that’s just carnal desires. There has to be something more enticing than that for a reason to work with them. Maybe freeing ones that are imprisoned or bound to subservience etc. rather something I believe to be done to fay, leprechauns, djinn, etc. I’m not a fan of imprisoned against their will beings for others to gain. So freedom fighter to liberate the oppressed

But even that’s a slight maybe… the more one ponders the more one sees utter pointlessness in eternity.

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Not a hindhu but I know Hella stuff about the culture, demons and gods of hindus… You can pm me questions any time I’m bored lol…

More enticing are wealth and the worldly power, what else most humans would want?

Can U refer me to the post/source?

WOW ! U from India? Didn’t know bro!!!