How to summon Belial?

^ exactly.

I have always done my evocations in nicer clothes. I never used a robe because, for me, it detracts from my mind set during the ritual. I found that the demons and angels I have worked with don’t care what I wear, they care about my will and determination. That being said I also have never gone skyclad cause I am a bashful fella.

As for Belial, follow what Elison said. Just do it! It is an awesome, scary and life changing experience.

Oh sorry ignore what I just said. I do look hellaworldly in my nice clothes even though I have no clue… Cries deeply

there’s plenty of that online. caveat emptor

that’s not what belial specializes in.

you want protection and probably baneful magick. again that is not what belial does. you’ll want to call on another goetic that deals with that type. sabnock or eligos can keep him away from you and your daughters. leraje can injure him. focalor, andras, glasya-labolas, or vepar can have him deleted. if you want to look into vodun, erzulie dantor can protect your daughters - she hates child abusers.

if you are looking for a workable method for conjuring goetic spirits, buy demonolatry goetia by s.connolly ( it works.

barring that, if you want to have that guy removed, the destruction ritual in the satanic bible works fine. you can find the satanic bible online if you google it.


1, What do you mean by enter theta-gamma sync? Listening to some theta gamma beat wave meditation?
2. What is the Grand invocation of the Pact? All i know is Belial’s Enn = Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehl Belial

Here is a thread with some info:Working with Belial


  1. System won’t answer you it’s just a process ;-).

Theta Gamma Sync is the deep state trance that meditation for at least 15 minutes will get you in. Mediation: No thoughts, because you focus on breathing in (4 seconds) and breathing out (4 seconds).

Technically the state is the same state when you almost fall a sleep (slow wave) or at the end of your sleep from REM to wake-up.

  1. Do you mean incantations:
    To initiate or enforce a demonic pact during a ritual or evocation

Alash, Tad Alash, Tal Ashtu

With this step please pay attention on banishing afterwards. Negative energies can slip through.


What about Belial’s Enn? Or should i say just Alash, Tad Alash, Tal Ashtu?
I really don’t know what should i say. how to start begining, middle, end.

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Well look at the topic @H.L.Daniel posted. If you don’t like the blood thing you replace it with another offering. The search button really helps on here. For example ‘Offering Belial’.

Steps of a ritual I use: My Journal on Magick

Opening a sigil:

Enn: Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehl Belial


What kind of banishing? Lbrp?


This is the first try Im trying to call on a demon and I do not know if he have heard me or if I made contact. I have no idea, Im kinda scared but not for the demon it self, just IF I did something wrong, piss of Belial off or something. I wanted help with a situation on my last workplace, told him the truth if he helps me I will buy EA koettings video course and books about belial and make a pact with him because I need the pact for other reasons also and I will give him offerings when the situation at my last workplace is good. The situation includes mainly love but there is other magicians that are sending tons of negative energy towards people there about me.

Can somebody experienced here ask him what he thinks about me?

Is there anything else I can do if Im not sure if he can hear me or if Im not sure if I have etablished contact?

Charge his sigil and call him
Its all about practice
If you are a newbie! Dont think you will see him hear him or etc
You must practice to really hear him see him etc
Or feel his presence
He can come to you in your dream too! So get ready!

Hello! Im Azazel, How do I charge Belial sigil? How do I conjure Belial? I’m new to this craft and need help from someone that’s a pro at it… I do know a little. I’ve been researching how to to use the lesser key of Solomon/circle and triangle. I need to know how to charge Belial sigil and his enn and chant and all of it… Please explain like a book for dummies would. Thanks!

Hello. I’m Azazel. Could you please explain to me how to charge my Belial Sigil? Also his Enn? I will also need to know how to banish. I also need to know if I should use the lesser key of Solomon/circle/triangle. Thanks!

His Enn:
Lirach tasa vefa welhc Belial

I’ve worked with Belial a lot, particularly in the areas of being productive, business, making me fearless and romance, I don’t do anything particularly fancy, if you want have a look at my thread here where I discuss him and many others


Welcome @Azazel200 Please make a proper introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

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Follow this link for tutorials and resources. There is one for using sigils for beginners.

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And How You can feel so relaxed sitted? My muscles start to tense, And even If i slow my breath i can only feel relaxed, not in a deep deep deep profound relaxed relaxed like this

Hi, please use the tutorial @JezebelleMoon gave and look in this thread. I’m pointing to my journal that tells you how to charge a sigil and do banishing.

Banishing can be as simple as…
Opening a ritual: ‘I only invite the spirits that I work with in this ritual’
Closing: ‘If another energy or negative energy came through during this ritual then you need to depart immediately’.

And in my journal I describe the LBPR, it’s even guided so you can use it once in a while.
But the opening and closing statement you can use in every ritual.

The circle can be drawn around you with chalk (but it isn’t necessary). If you do that, it sets the intend. But it also can be done in your head. Image a white (white light) circle of protection around you. Meditate on it.

You can make it as complex as you want it, or make it as easy as you want it. You are the Magician you are the Master, you set the intend, it’s all about intent. Not about expensive tools.