Why YOU Are The Luckiest Magician On Earth

THIS was the reality that faced people who were suspected of practicing black magick just a short time ago:

Swimming Test

As part of the infamous “swimming test,” accused witches were dragged to the nearest body of water, stripped to their undergarments, bound and then tossed in to to see if they would sink or float. Since witches were believed to have spurned the sacrament of baptism, it was thought that the water would reject their body and prevent them from submerging. According to this logic, an innocent person would sink like a stone, but a witch would simply bob on the surface. The victim typically had a rope tied around their waist so they could be pulled from the water if they sank, but it wasn’t unusual for accidental drowning deaths to occur.

Witch swimming derived from the “trial by water,” an ancient practice where suspected criminals and sorcerers were thrown into rushing rivers to allow a higher power to decide their fate. This custom was banned in many European counties in the Middle Ages, only to reemerge in the 17th century as a witch experiment, and it persisted in some locales well into the 18th century. For example, in 1710, the swimming test was used as evidence against a Hungarian woman named Dorko Boda, who was later beaten and burned at the stake as a witch.

Tell me again how you can’t afford a 12" obsidian sphere or a $300 book, and therefore can’t do any magick and how life sucks?

“Oh, but it really does!”

Then let’s look at another:

Pricking and Scratching Tests

If witch-hunters struggled to find obvious evidence of “witch’s marks” on a suspect’s body, they might resort to the ghastly practice of “pricking” as a means of sussing it out. Witch-hunting books and instructional pamphlets noted that the marks were insensitive to pain and couldn’t bleed, so examiners used specially designed needles to repeatedly stab and prick at the accused person’s flesh until they discovered a spot that produced the desired results. In England and Scotland, the torture was eventually performed by well-paid professional “prickers,” many of whom were actually con men who used dulled needlepoints to identify fake witch’s marks.

Along with pricking, the unfortunate suspect might also be subjected to “scratching” by their supposed victims. This test was based on the notion that possessed people found relief by scratching the person responsible with their fingernails until they drew blood. If their symptoms improved after clawing at the accused’s skin, it was seen as partial evidence of guilt.

Still pissed that you actually have to read more than a 40 character Tweet to learn how to make thing happen in accordance with will?

Giles Corey was an 81-year-old man who had been accused of witchcraft. When he was confronted about it, he did not plead guilty or innocent. He stood mute whenever he was asked how he wished to plead. The interrogation for a response was different than any other Salem or surrounding communities had seen. They stripped him down and made him lay naked on the concrete floor. They continued on by placing heavy weights and rocks on his body, adding more and more each day. They fed him an alternating diet between three morsels of the worst bread one day, and placing three pails of water as close to the prison door as possible. This continued on until Corey died, but he never pleaded guilty or innocent throughout the entire process.

Still think it sucks, as you sit on your safe fat arse scrolling through this repository of personal experience and research?

Among the best-known individuals to be executed by burning were Jacques de Molay (1314), Jan Hus (1415), St. Joan of Arc (30 May 1431), Savonarola (1498) Patrick Hamilton (1528), John Frith (1533), William Tyndale (1536), Michael Servetus (1553), Giordano Bruno (1600) and Avvakum (1682). …

If the fire was large (for instance, when a large number of prisoners were executed at the same time), death often came from smoke inhalation or carbon monoxide poisoning before flames actually caused harm to the body. If the fire was small, however, the convict would burn for some time until death from heatstroke, shock, loss of blood or the thermal decomposition of vital body parts. Several records report that victims took over 2 hours to die.

“Several records report that victims took over 2 hours to die.”

Ever watched an IS video and really seen how long it can take someone to burn to death?

How long they keep writhing?

THAT was what our forebears risked - all those grimoire authors whose works are FAR too wordy and obscure for most people to bother reading in their entirety, and all the unnamed witches and psychics who helped keep the magick alive on our plane.

I would strongly advise anyone feeling hard done to while sitting browsing this forum at their leisure to consider this, and also, to consider the many people on here right now for whom persecution of various kinds is a modern reality, not a historical myth., and for whom exchange rates, lack of religious freedoms, or other geographical circumstances make purchasing courses, crystals, and whatever else a dream.

  • This isn’t a moderation post, or a rule, or anything - just a call for sanity and for taking a moment to appreciate EXACTLY what we have here - how precious it is, and how fortunate we are.

Generations before us could only have dreamed of the power and freedom that can be acquired for the asking, and for the price of a little work, a little focus, and a little self-discipline.


Hear here!


Just curious. I don’t really follow politics that much as I’m kind of tired of hearing about it. Do you think the “Witch Burning Times” are coming around again Lady Eva?

Only if Islam succeeds further in conquering Europe, I think. The Xians talk a good game but it’s over for that level of fanaticism, with them, whereas Islamic nations are still actively murdering both men and women accused of witchcraft, and are the world’s fastest growing religion.


Tbh I think certain political or religious organizations (not naming specific ones) need to be put down by we black magicians.


Yup, our time is the best time to live in, as I always say.


Another thing I don’t want to hear is “Oh I’m too poor/beat down/circumstances won’t permit because I live with my mum” – I doubt the SLAVES whose syncretism gave rise to vodoun and other African diaspora religions and magickal rites had lush private temples, free time and privacy whenever they wanted it, and streams of credit to purchase any shiny thing that took their fancy; nor did they have grimoires, or libraries of old sacred texts at the click of a button (I heard a terrifying rumour they didn’t even have smartphones, though I need to check that one out, since surely life couldn’t have been THAT bad!! :open_mouth:).

Seriously, I also doubt the millions of illiterate peasants throughout history who had shrines, cast spells, whispered in the night to their ancestors’ shades, and made amulets and hexes, often living under the kinds of tyrannies described above, would feel awfully sympathic that magick is beyond you because you can’t get free shipping this month on that fancy item from Amazon.

One of the most ambitious magicians I’ve met through this forum began by doing magick in his bathroom, because it was the only time he could get privacy.

People who wish to start down this route need to be willing to adapt their practices to their circumstances, yes with an eye to always bettering this, but without resentment or whining - remember that NO-ONE prior to the mid-nineties had grimoires and information, and whole communities of fellow magicians, on tap 24/7 through the internet, and just a century earlier, there was little to no public availability of books and tools, and going further back, there was no place on earth for a normal person to learn magick in relative ease and safety, in their own home.

When I was eight, nine, ten years old I had to create routes to do the magickal tasks some internal part of me KNEW were possible, namely travelling to spirit realms, communicating with spirits through idols, divining the future, and altering the course of events - no books, no internet, no mentor, no nuffink! :wink:

You can do the same, no matter how little privacy you have and how few resources, there are threads on here teaching how to create astral temples, how to soul-travel, how to do all these amazing things with NOTHING in terms of fancy tools, and inside the privacy of your own mind and the interface with the spiritual planes.

I had no model for doing sigil magick, where you open a sigil, send your desire out to the spirit, and then burn the seal afterwards, that alone would have revolutionised my life!

So yeah… we are all so fortunate, and while it may not always feel that way (I had a minor meltdown yesterday because I ran out of the kind of coffee I like, I get it! :laughing:) now and again, doing a little reality check is a good thing. :wink:

Some relevant links:


I will say, as I’ve mentioned before I’m about 17-18. I didn’t start this path, system, etc until I was 15 turning 16. I didn’t actually get to practice, I had fight (not fist fight, for clarification) for it. I had to stand my ground for anything I’m doing now. (I’m actually in a Christian house.)

With that being said, there are many ways to have what I like to call an “incognito practice”. You don’t need the glitz and glamour. Hell, you don’t even need a book. Really 90% of what I know either was an idea I decided I would try out or was from spirits. The books and all of the accessories, to me, are treats.


That’s why you succeed, you’re not waiting to be given magick, given the tools or given permission and praise, spoonfed in soundbite form and with lots of encouragement - you went and TOOK them. :thumbsup:

To paraphrase Roseanne Barr, the thing some people have yet to learn is that no-one gives you power - you just take it.

I don’t blame people for wanting things to come easy, part of the reason we do magick is because we want shortcuts, we want the world to adapt to US and not the other way round, but there comes a point at which this goes beyond trying to adapt life to suit our own needs and into self-created obstacles, and often done with complete lack of awareness as to the history of magick and of the difficulties faced, even now, by many people. :thinking:


:sweat_smile: I feel the frustration aimed at me and others

Precisely. Time and death do not wait so why should I? Praise and words are meaningless, they don’t give me progress, I do.


One of the reasons I made this a thread was so as to not call anyone out, and also, I think we can ALL slip into moments of this, maybe less so or more so, but like I said I had a meltdown over running out of coffee yesterday, sometimes it’s good to take a moment to reflect on what we have, instead of only ever focusing on what we desire, what we lack, especially when I see people tripping themselves up and having public meltdowns over it.

We are blessed – we are the inheritors of the hard work, and the literal blood, sweat, and tears of untold thousands of magicians, psychics, and witches before us.

Next time we feel hard done by, taking a moment to reflect on this may serve as a helpful kind of re-set of energy, from the state of want and lack, to the state of power and plenty. And yeah that’s all a bit new-agey, but not everything they have is wrong, especially when it brings peace of mind, grounding, and clarity! :wink:


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Strangly enough, at one one point after I started middle school I was actually accused of being a witch. Only because I liked to put odd designs “symbols” on my note books and would spend time in the Library looking up stuff on the witch trials. This was all before I ever started practicing and in modern day NY none the less.

Luckily it got squashed before it got out of hand.


A lot of truth in this for the western world i think, but i also think there are enough of us working very hard to not make it the west’s epitaph, i’ll save the rest for another topic(if i ever get around to making it) about how adversity is the most misunderstood and extraordinary gift we’ve been given.

My small meltdown over the weekend was despite being out and about both days i still managed to forget to buy more candles for the super demonic ritual i had planned for that sunday night, how could i possibly summon the forces of ultimate Darkness without them? :scream: Fortunately ultimate Darkness didn’t mind at all that i ended up using the unopened pack of birthday candles that has been sitting in the kitchen cupboard for the last six months, as it turns out ultimate Darkness is very understanding about these things.

Every time all these really silly things seem like the end of the world take a step back and view them as a testament of just how far we’ve come as a society if they are the only things we have to truly complain about.


:fire: Oof. Great post @Lady_Eva


I was drawing pentagrams with chalk when I would play with my imaginary friends when I was 4… my chalk lol my .50 chalk opened me to who I was lol


Thank you for bumping this thread!

Pressing Ffffffffff
to pay respects to the practitioners of old.


And if the witch trials were not bad enough, the werewolf executions and changeling murders were pretty brutal as well.


Wow, people need to talk about that more!