My family living with me prevents me from advancing

Hello, I’m finding myself in a situation in which I cannot really advance in magick due to people living in my house, I’m not interested in people knowing about me practicing magick, I can pull a ritual every now and then but I cannot form an altar in my room or hold too many objects related to magick(I do have some candles and incense which I’m able to hide but that’s all), if there’s anyone who is or has been in a similar situation and can help me deal with it I’ll be thankful.


That is utter nonsense, my friend, which is good news because it means you can advance.You don’t need merch or altars or anything to do magick, and E.A. here has talked about summoning demons while homeless living in a graveyard.

Make an astral temple first:


I live in an environment where magic is life and I’m free to practice and have all my quirky things around me…

That’s not to say It’s always been like that for a few years I was made to hide that part of myself and I felt incomplete like something was always missing.

I would bring tools/books in to my home and they would go missing (someone moved them)…

But I then realised and I agree with @Lady_Eva it’s not about Someone or some place preventing you, it’s not about having the alter or tools, it’s about you.

I realised the magic, my skills Even the knowledge I had gained was still there.
So in the end It didn’t stop me practicing, It didn’t stop Me following the path I was born into, the path I had chosen for myself.

If you want to advance it’s still within you to do so…

I definitely agree with the astral temple, I found this technique extremely helpful.


There’s plenty of magick you can do without tools.

Look into the books by the Gallery of Magick, like those of authors Gordon Winterfield, and Damon Brand. They require nothing but the sigils in the book and the chanting of a few words of power.

Another option is what is called pathworking. Essentially, it is using your imagination as a bridge to connecting with entities. Raziel’s Paths of Power, and Lucifer and the Hidden Demons are two books that provide instructions.