Do We Always Have To Use Humans As Puppets?

How do you gain a demonic win in competitions, coursework, placements and exams?

Do we always have to use humans like puppet on a string?

I gave this its own topic since I wasn’t talking about competitions etc in the other thread, maybe more people will have ideas on it if it has its own title as well. :thumbsup:

Is this a question or a statement? You summon the appropriate Demon and ask for their help.

I don’t believe you have to use humans like puppets, but doing whatever it takes to get your desires accomplished is the benchmark of most black magicians, so maybe?

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I would disagree. I don’t think that following any and all desires blindly is the approach we should be taking. A sorcerer seeking ascent must learn to restrain their ego and consider the wisdom of their desires. (I am not advocating complete self denial, merely a higher degree of self restraint). Yes sometimes we need to give in to our egos if we are to feel any sense of accomplishment, but their needs to be a certain balance. Undeserved pride can be dangerous as it can cause one to overstep their limits and be destroyed when they bite off more than they can chew. Also, we should not be thinking that we are entitled to own everyone or to have that which we do not deserve. The lack of an external morality isn’t the same thing as doing whatever you feel like regardless of how illogical, self destructive or against your own personal moral code it is (and I do believe you should have at least some sort of personal ethics). A disciple walking on the Left Hand Path aims to become a god, but should also have the humility to accept that they are not gods yet. The Left Hand Path does not mean that we can throw away any concept of ethics, nor does it mean that one should act as though a god if they have not yet reached that level of accomplishment.

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Good, But that’s why i used the word most, as in nearly all of but not all, The Left Hand Path is not some inflexible monotheistic philosophy where one set of principles must be observed by all because there is no final authority to enforce it but the individual practitioner.

And for the rest of your post, speak for yourself and only for yourself.