Why so many love spells?

I don’t get why so many books contain love spells. And by that, I mean spells that target specific people and force them to have feelings that weren’t there to begin with.

To me, love is a powerful emotion that can be just as dangerous as it can be lifesaving. When you love someone, you have certain intentions and expectations, such as sharing a life and being exclusive with that person. That’s quite a lot to ask for from someone. When love is experienced organically, it can create problems on its own. But imagine when its forced.

It’s one thing to perform a spell to bring you someone who’d be open to loving you. It’s another to actually force someone to do so. Yet, I see so many ritual and spell books that have rituals to do exactly that. Many of these belong to Wicca or other “white Light” spiritualities. And many of them like to pronounce that saying “harm none”. My question is why?

Personally, I’m a fan of using spells to up one’s attractiveness.

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Honestly i cant warp my head around the idea of me wasting a spell or lighting a candle for someone who doesnt want me. Even if someone will offer to do a free love ritual on my behalf i will ask them to swap it for money,protection or health ritual.

Dont get me wrong i have nothing against those who do this but it is not worth it for me,investing a time or even a minute prayer to someone who has rejected me or doesnt want me.
Why must i go through alot just to be loved(yes,even a minute ritual seems like alot).
Should the ritual work, how would i be comfortable with the knowlege that my partner is with me because of a spell and not because they actually want me.

The best i can do concerning love ritual is to ask a spirit to lead me to my second half or tell the universe i am ready for love and it should make me cross path with the one.
But for having someone in mind? It is a no no no for me.

But i guess different strokes for different folks.

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Love spells have always been a traditional component of witchcraft, and folk magick, so of course books would include them. Young men and women used to go to the local cunning folk and ask for help in finding their “true love” or to get their certain someone to marry them (for young women, especially, marriage was a big deal back then. Marrying the right person could upgrade their status in life). Even in ancient Greece, people were petitioning the gods for love help. Love, money, and revenge, are the trifecta that have kept witches and sorcerers in business for thousands of years.


Because they’re fun

Really, that’s the gist of it. They bring pleasure to the operator. Its the same reason why folks cast spells for a raise at work they may not deserve, or a baneful spell towards someone that may be disproportionate to the crime. We do magick in the LHP in order to better our own positions, no matter what kind of spell it is. The only difference is that when it comes to love spells, peoples morals in this space magically reappear…then they go back to sleep when they are ready to kick someone out of their job who may be outdoing them…regardless of whether or not they truly deserved to be sacked.

The motivations for why we all got into magick may differ, but they all coalesce around one simple answer: personal pleasure/power. I can tell you why I use love spells @YHWH @Jaden_Isaac. The issue is not that I don’t know they can be dangerous….it’s that I don’t care. I do them for personal benefit and personal pleasure. Just as when a person does magick to get a raise at work, without the consent of the business owner…or when one takes it upon himself to be judge, jury and executioner within a baneful working against an enemy, I do not care if the outcome is regrettable, as long as it is not regrettable for myself. The important question when operating within the LHP is not over whether or not we are worthy or not of what we ask for…but rather, what is it that we want and don’t want. If you want it, take it. Whether its morally right or wrong is a question only the operator can decide.


I don’t personally agree that his is possible. You can force an approximation but the internal conflict it causes makes the target crazy, and then, they’re not the person you love any more.

This doesn’t matter when you notice, 99 percent of love spells are… not love spells. The mages fantasies are not long walks on the beach and doing the dishes together while rugrats playing around their ankles. They just want to have sex really, and shallow intention makes for shallow results.

They also rarely do the spell on themselves to get them as attached as the other, which is another sign it’s not serious. it’s temporary entertainment and gratification, basically.

For me, I have an unpopular opinion here that unascended humans are simply not capable of real love anyway. They are capable of spiritually damaging each other over shits and giggle, thereby hurting themselves since we are all one anyway, but what do you expect from oversexed primates? It is what it is.


Eet eez wat eet eez


Sometimes it may be a matter of physical distance (so actually they wouldn’t be real love spells) or that one didn’t get to be “known” e. g. first impression, or there wasn’t enough time.

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And they are damn good practice too. Even just for the sake of it. It gets you into the nitty gritty and focuses the mind on the objective. A lot of people come into magick with the main aim to sort out their love concerns and as they learn more they find that they can adapt the same concepts to other areas of their life, so it’s all good if anyone wants to do love magick because it is part of the learning curve.

I’m sure the authors of ritual books know this and their books would seem lacking to many readers if they didn’t include love spells.

As for love spells on specific persons, if the operator knows them first hand, there’s usually more chance to evaluate actions and reactions, what parts went well and not so well and then how to do it better next time (lol).
It’s just good target practice really. And fun of course :grin:


Because a lot of people want their ex’s back and have a hard time letting go. Simple as that.

Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Thankfully, it didn’t work.

I totally, 100% agree. But I can agree now, with a cold head. I can totally understand why others would be desperate and do it, because I’ve been there.

IMO, if a Wiccan or “love and light” preacher promotes/encourages/does love spells to force someone to love the magician, they’re being hypocritical. They keep preaching and fear-mongering about “the rule of three,” “karma,” and all that, and then they go do that? Not saying they all do, though. Most of the time, if someone new or uninitiated asks them for love spells, they’ll just preach it’s “wrong” and “beware of karma!” and all that, but won’t give them tips or spells to make someone love them… if they’re honest. If they’re hypocritical, they will, and they will also do it themselves.

That being said, of course, not all witches are Wiccans. I’m a witch and I’m definitely not a Wiccan, but it was ok as an introduction to witchcraft/the occult many years ago. After a while, I wanted stronger magick that delivered bigger, and more noticeable results.

Like I’ve said, Love is a very powerful emotion. I’ve seen people post about experiences when they’ve employed these spells, and their targets go crazy. Again, it’s a very powerful emotion.

And I get that people use the term love to be synonymous with sex. I don’t get why. To me it’s like peanut butter and Jelly. They go great together, but they are two separate things. Some prefer one over the other, and others are rather allergic. Love is an emotion that tends to come with the expectation of permanence while sexual desire is a temporary thing. You feel attracted to someone at one point, then you move on at another. I feel as if this habit of mixing the two is problematic, but that’s just me.

I doubt people who want their ex’s back only want them for sex. I see a lot of people confusing sex and dependency with love too, though.

It’s easy for us to say these things with a cold head, but we’ve all been heartbroken at some point, haven’t we? It’s understandable.


I can agree to all this and most people are unascended and still at the core, primates. Although probably mostly undersexed primates.

When we come to magick we learn that there is a certain amount of command and demand depending on our personal limitations that we can employ for our attainment and entertainment.

We all want what we want and we all want to learn and advance in a way that suits us while trying to avoid too much upheaval. I am of the understanding that whatever we do with magick, whatever parts we use or adapt with, it’s another step along the way.

To quote again:

I would think that many marriages and normal relationships of the people around us are not based on real love either. Often these people are with the wrong people denying themselves and their partners of a better life but I guess they have their coping mechanisms like shopping and drinking and media. But they could well be spiritually damaged from keeping it going.

And anyway, if by using magick to win a lover or a job or money or to stop someone doing something you don’t want them to do, isn’t that all pretty similar in effect?
You want, you adapt, you see a result because the world bends to your request. Because you used manipulative measures instead of standing by you get that job instead of someone else, even if they need that job just as much as you and then you pick up that money lost on the street instead of someone else.

Even though we are all one, we want what we want and we want it now and it’s kind of our job to take what we can get. I suppose that’s pretty primitive thinking but we wouldn’t have evolved without it and it’s part and parcel of being human.


There’s so many love spells because love/reproduction is a major part of being human. So it makes sense that we’ve made alot of spells targeted for this. We’re human.

I think you’re missing the point. Spells to bring a potential lover to you, who’d be open to a relationship, is fine. Spells to improve one’s attractiveness are fine to. But any spell that FORCES feelings, as opposed to drawing them out or influencing perception, has the potential to hurt the target and make them go crazy, putting the caster at risk.

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I’m not, I just said why people make love spells. Not everyone has the best intentions but it doesn’t change the underlying reasons why anyone makes any kind of love spell. Regardless of whether it’s against someone’s will or not.

Spells that target specific people don’t necessarily force them into anything. It’s suggestion and possible persuasion, yes but that happens in all walks of life.

Take salesmanship for instance. Their job is to suggest and persuade with ideas that their target may not have thought of. Not necessarily sell them something they wouldn’t want because in most cases that target won’t be buying.
Some people need a little persuasion to see an opportunity they would otherwise miss. And that I believe is the intended purpose of these specific person spells.

A general love spell is the spiritual equivalent of you standing on a street corner yelling “Hey anybody, I got some love if you want it. Yeah I’m over here, anybody?? ” when perhaps the one person you do want is right in front of you but looking the other way and not hearing you, headphones on, stuck in some other situation yet wanting the same as you.

Would you really let that chance pass through your fingers just because you already know them, just because you label them as specific?


I was raised in the midwest in a very Catholic area, and I took my marriage seriously, and I thought so did my partner. Ironically, doing a spell to get him back was more about the fact I did not have my career together and was in a toxic relationship with him. He was already insane anyway, so “driving him insane” wasn’t going to happen.

Historically love spells weren’t really about “love” but about using people for things such as wealth, power, influence etc. There is this whole social construct around marriage in order to make political alliances basically, and also people using sex as a tool to get things from people.


Social networks, consoomerism and hedonism of the western society had destroyed relationships and people’s self esteem.
That’s why.

Also, love spells most times don’t work, so there’s need for different approaches.

For the folks, especially newcomers that may be reading this…Caesar is wrong on this. Most love spells do work. In fact, the usual issue is that they work too well. Caesar is a beginner that doesn’t have much experience with magick, so he doesn’t have an informed opinion on this:

As someone with years of experience in magick, I can tell you that most love spells do indeed work. Its a dangerous thing to throw around something as powerful as a love spell thinking that it most likely wont work. So if you do choose to use one, assume that it will work and plan accordingly, else you may be caught off guard with a very bad situation on your hands.

Carry on.


You have got so much confidence in love magick potency…i am thinking of giving it a try someday to attract someone new.

Hope to see a tutorial from you on love magick someday…

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