Why many people in here is struggling financially?

Without being condescending, myself is also struggling financially. So after a thorough explore of this forum, many people in here seems to struggling financially yet there are many money spell being shar ed in here or you could ask a entity right away. What really cause this phenomena? I am really curious to know. Is the spell doesn’t work right? Or money is not a priority for the majority in here?


The thing is, money spells don’t always work. The reasons for this vary.


Why? What is the major reason?

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It mostly boils down to people’s perceptions of and attitudes towards money.

It’s like firing a gun with a bad sight or scope.


My friend also told me that when you make a pact with an entity, in terms of the offering, money spell is the most costly one for you compared to curse or love spell. Is that true?

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Why our perception and attitude toward money have anything to do with the success of money spell? Well money is money, if your spell is really a success then money will come to you through various channel like getting a high paying job, increase of sales or winning a lottery. And I think attitude toward money don’t explain the struggling of getting a good source of income. If money magic really work, then you will have a good source of income.

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I quite liked V.K.s answer when someone asked him this so I’ll post it here.


Besides, making a pact is more of a life changing thing not for one spell.
Having financial issues happens, it’s a series of ups and downs. It’s very much like a pendulum, if you shove it too hard one way it will come back with equal force and can ruin what you hoped to accomplish if you’re not prepared.

Some people also don’t see money as an issue, when they need it they work to obtain it and go back to their lives.

Your attitude towards any spell is key to it failing or succeeding. You have a negative outlook and it will most likely not work. You make the spells work.


I’m going to quickly drop in a recommendation for this book, your internal reality will dictate your financial fortunes and that can be modified:


I don’t know if it’s a good idea to contact Clauneck, Sachiel, Lakshmi etc. almost at the same time, however I got that (for example) it’s important to work on Manipura, infuse the aura with golden and green energies, study finance/economy.


Prior to getting into black magick I was strongly into the law of attraction. And this question reminds me of many LOA forums I was on where people would ask the exact same question.

For me it came down to multiple reasons:

  1. Many people were new to using these tools and so hadn’t yet perfected their lives. Even for those who have a lot of experience, life is multifaceted and there’s always something else to improve.
  2. Societally we have a lot of limiting beliefs about money. It’s hard to discard all of those.
  3. Of course, not everyone struggles with money. But those who talk about it are almost always going to be the ones struggling with it.

Way before I really got into magick, I used the LOA to improve my money situation many many times over. Personally now that I’ve done it I don’t think it’s all that difficult, but in the midst of a money issue, it’s hard to see the way out, even with magick.

It comes down to this for me: can you do the money spell (or evoke a spirit to help with money), and then entirely give up the lust for results? If not then you’ll probably have trouble succeeding with it, and it points to some resistance that hasn’t been taken care of.

If you can totally let it go, then it’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll get the money you want.

E.A. said in his Ipsissimus book that at first, he could only get a few hundred dollars at a time via magick. But over time he learned how to get more, and realized it was about how big he was willing to think. (Paraphrased of course.)


I bought a djinn ring for finance and it has helped me allot I do have some money coming in but that extra money has helped I also have given money out as well so if this helps in anyway I hope it does
Sorry I forgot to add you can look on wish, etsy or Amazon for Djinns I saw some being sold on eBay as well I bought a few from Amazon and Etsy specific place to look on Etsy haunted items
Hopes this helps you all in anyway


If money rituals worked so well, then people would not need to sell their money ritual services for such high prices, if at all. They would be rich through the ritual.
If these people could get me 3 million dollars from a money ritual, ( before taxes ), I would give them half. I would put that in blood.
No one will take me up on this offer as the rituals do not work like that, if at all.
Might make a person a few dollars.
Aw shucks !


Well i believe that all things comes at a price.


If majik was so easily used to acquire such greatness then no one would be poor or needing $$.

All majik starts in the mind. You master the mind first.


They do but i think the way you’re thinking and the way i’m thinking are different.

For example, you need to give time, dedication and energy to a Spirit sometimes offerings like foods and they will help you. Each will tell you. Honestly most I’ve worked with just want my time, energy and dedication. Being serious will get their attention.

It’s not based on the ritual as if it were like an exchange of money. Some requests do cost more, true but there is no flat rate, it depends on the Spirit and you.


And what would be your part in it? Magick isn’t about just delivering up results on a silver platter. Much of it is about the attitude you approach it with. If you approach it as “If I do X, I get Y,” you’ll miss out on a lot of what’s really possible.

There’s a law of the universe that you experience what you are internally. If internally you don’t have the mindset of a millionaire, then no magick will just make that happen without a lot of inner changes.


This is a topic that goes pretty deep but I’ll keep my opinion and experience short. It has everything to do with a persons attitude and feelings toward money. A person will sabotage themselves in an effort to live comfortably.

Money isnt bad or taboo or anything like that. But if you’re calling on spirit to assist you then you better be willing to open your eyes and ears and work your ass off. It doesn’t just fall from the sky. You may be tested and if you are ungrateful or greedy or lazy, why would spirit put in any further effort?

Again we focus on thoughts and the mind. There was a time I would frustrate myself because I could never save over a certain amount. More money would come in but it seemed like this number I had would not budge and it should have. But I had it locked in mind that this was a comfortable amount that would make me feel secure. I was literally reinforcing it over and over not realizing it. I’ve never been greedy so my mind couldn’t comprehend or wrap itself around that number growing even though by all intents and purposes it should have been - money was there.

You can grind herbs and rub oil on and prick your fingers all you want but if your mind and thoughts aren’t changing then you’re missing it.

Money and sex are the two biggest band aids used to numb anything that may feel remotely uncomfortable. Once you really get down to WHY you require said amount of money and are reasonable and believe it, you’ve changed your attitude and relationship to money and it will start to flow.

Ever hear of the curse of the lottery? Those people that won millions and tragedy after tragedy struck? They weren’t ready for what they obtained. Everyone THINKS they are but it’s clear that’s not so. In no way am I implying people shouldnt spend or have nice things. But if they use it to live or create a life to numb the pain, put on a facade, run from responsibility or feelings or whatever the case is - they haven’t corrected their relationship to money. Money provides a sense of peace and security because of how we view it. But we know this is false. Some of the most content people alive have next to nothing and some of the wealthiest are miserable. Sex is the same - it provides temporary comfort that gets us over a bump in the road. A temporary distraction or empty comfort. But it’s not what we’re seeking, not deep down.

My own relationship with money was off balance because I would give everything away without doing for myself or making it a priority. It’s been corrected and since it has I’ve had MORE than I’ve ever asked for. By all rights I live comfortably and can afford to be generous and not think about it. Strange how that works.

At any rate, I went further than expected but I hope this helps you.



Beautifully said. :slight_smile:


I think a lot of the replies here are wonderful, but I’d also like to add my own two cents on the matter.

Not all Operators have the need for Thousands/Millions of dollars, a lot of us have learned to live within our means. Money is a tool, and sometimes it is easier to produce the item you need than the money to purchase it.

Myself for example, in the past six months have been able to bring things into my life that are worth a lot of money, but I did not have to pay nearly as much for the items that I would have if I had only asked for the money to purchase them outright. Much of my gemstones and jewellery were brought into my life with spells that encouraged people to gift them to me as they did not have need of the items any longer. I’ve even been able to save myself much expense by asking for the wisdom to keep my vehicle in good repair so as to avoid having purchasing a brand new one at a greater cost. Another great one that is my personal favourite is saving on the cost of food by asking for the skills to grow my own produce, be it in a large backyard garden or just a few salad and herb boxes in my window sill.

I know this doesn’t help directly with say, paying the bills, but it can help divert funds from unlikely sources to reduce the amount you need to bring in. Everyone’s needs are unique, which is something that should be noted when asking such a broad question. Person X might appear to be struggling financially in the eyes of Person Y and Z, but Person X might feel they have everything they need to be happy.