Rich magickians

I’ve found the exact opposite to be true.

There are so many wealthy people who’ll tell anyone who’ll listen exactly how they did what they did it’s ridiculous.

Trust me when i say, the wealthy will talk at you and tell you their secrets to the point that you have to turn them off to stop the ringing in your ears.

The problem is that most people don’t listen to the truth.

The truth about moneymaking is not entertaining or exciting to the average mind, so great advice often goes unheeded.

It also contradicts all popular beliefs. What we all think wealth is, is not what it is. It’s something different.

Wealth magick teaches a completely different type of spirituality.


Cool, get them posting on here! :smiley:


Just want to point out that using JD Temple’s Jupiter Ritual (slightly modified it for personal use) has been having a successful cumulative effect on my finances as I keep feeding the sigil. I am not relying only on that, but with patience and willingness to let yourself be successful, I believe becoming “rich” is quite doable. However I think when many people reach a certain threshold of success the idea of becoming obscenely wealthy becomes less appealing in favor of simply being comfortable and happy.


The ones i interact with probably wouldn’t post here, and if they did, they wouldn’t stay here long.

Wealthy people move toward opportunity. With all due respect, opportunity is not in occultism. It just isn’t.

Also, when you pull up some past posts on money, you can read the threads for yourself and see some mindsets in them that are absolute poison to someone who’s determined to make a fortune in life.

The impression i get from the people i’ve interacted with who have made real money in this life is that making money is a worthy challenge, and achieving it is a joy.

The impression i get on BALG is that money is a bother, a chore, a curse, even a hinderance. Magicians in general have a condescending, untrusting, even scornful attitude toward money. I’d be surprised if anyone with a 9 or 10 figure net worth would put up with the snideness for long, and i’m not at all surprised that the spiritual forces behind money hide from magicians the way they do.

The first step to calling ANY spirit is that you must have some type of love and respect for it. I never agreed with this before, but i now realize that money is in fact a spirit - or at the very least a highly intelligent thoughtform, a spiritual property.


Right, so what i was saying above is that someone with like a spell, incantation, demon buddy’s special sigil etc that delivers instantly with with little or no real effort won’t post that on here.

I agree basically that opportunity etc have to be zealously pursued and not taken for granted or neglected. this is why I say, personally I’m bad at short-term “gimme $500 before Friday” work but good at the longer term slow-growth stuff.

Yup. :+1:

Yes again, I have tried to point this out to people and met with scorn, even though I “speak both languages.” :man_shrugging:

Agreed, once more.

And one of the things Napoleon Hill and Clement Stone absolutely nailed is that people want another person’s results and yet throw up their hands in horror if asked to do even a fraction of what the person actually DID to get their results.

That goes for magick, and divination (I took over eight fucking years pf daily use to get good with a pendulum, then up rocks a novice calling it a bad method because they didn’t score the lotto jackpot in their first week trying)…


I can’t believe how perfectly you said that.

I have to post it again:

You just answered the original poster’s question in the clearest way possible. That was profound

You also answered this post, this one, and this one.

You GET it! I’m smiling ear to ear. You GET it, Lady Eva. You truly understand.


I’m blushing! :blush:

The worst thing about the more resentful aspects of the “want yr results but not gonna do the things” mindset is that it denies the person the value and richness of their own experience… I remember when I was first formally learning shamanic journeying for example, and, now, I can journey eyes-open, have a million different insights into the World Tree, but holy hell, those first few precious times and the excitement… I treasure those memories.

But with people being manipulated to have shorter attention spans than a goldfish, the normal magician (and human?) mindset of “want the world, want it now or sooner thx” is being driven down some very toxic routes, becoming a trap instead of an incentive.

And people who do not manage to authentically embrace their experience in the moment, because they’re too busy comparing, are robbing themselves, and also, not creating a foundation for their own aspirations. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


sorry to say but Scientology have some genius teachings. I did Dianetics auditing and it is far from brainwashing if you understand the system. It has helped me with my anger issues and probably kept me out of jail.
The issue with them is that they are so pushy at times, always wanting to keep you there to do the next thing. Apart from that, the system is incredible. I wish people would look into things more, before making up their mind.


Sophia Amoruso talked about chaos magic and sigils in her book Girlboss, though she’s not the best example as her first company did go bankrupt.

Tim Ferriss wrote a book called “Tribe of Mentors” and another one called “Tools of Titans” where he interviews athletes, CEOs, artists, and other highly successful people at the top of their field and many of them have some kind of daily yoga and meditation practice. Steve Jobs, Jack Dorsey(CEO of Twitter), Jeff Weiner, Russell Simmons(founder of Def Jam productions) and hedge fund billionaires like Ray Dalio have all talked openly about their secular meditation practice which they make into a daily habit like physical exercise.

Even Jerry Seinfeld and Oprah talk about transcendental meditation. Many famous people do some kind of regular meditation and other exercises to tap into their subconscious minds or higher selves, although most of the ones who write about it or talk about it in interviews usually mention the Tony Robbins/Deepak Chopra style of positive thinking- that kind of New Age practice seems to be pretty openly accepted now. If they do practice any occult rituals or follow more esoteric paths they are usually not open about it in interviews as that kind of practice is still not as trendy or socially acceptable.


Create a religion… And start a war


I am not rich, nor would i tell others if i was, but what I can say is that through magic I have come into certain windfalls. Such as, finding a place to live right after getting kicked out onto the streets, getting offers for help in unexpected places, and my personal favorite- randomly coming into sums of money. I’m not talking thousands, just enough to keep me comfortable in times of need. It never comes from the same source, and when i find a chance to give back, i usually do. But yes, you can make money and become rich via magic. Its just not something most flaunt about.


I’m not financially rich, but I’ve also never had problems with money that lasted any longer than a day or two before becoming very fortunate. You could say that I am a very lucky individual, or that my will happens to work very effectively in order to get me what I want. I can’t see myself becoming rich in the generic sense, but I definitely have no problem securing things that I feel I need or want, and I continue to do so without fail. While this isn’t done through traditional magick — it is done by effecting the world around me through my will…which is about as magickal as it gets, imo. Though for all I know, it might just be some very determined spirits, ancestors, demons, angels, or whatever else who have my back. Maybe a little bit of everything. ;D


One more major issue with wealth magick. People want to do this whole one size fits all formula, like follow this formula, and no matter who you are, in all times and all places, you will get rich, yeah right. The general principals might be there, but the specifics, nope. So, no, don’t invest in some company stock that went up in the past, and then it may be worth nothing in the future. Or how about that copying that guy who got rich playing some sport when you have no talent for it, how about a no, and that goes for pretty much any skill.

Very true in the past, but how do we know about the future? Unless of course you have the ability to see into the future, hey, maybe if you do you could use that to get rich because then you would know where to invest.

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Ooooof it appears your question is can one acquire the monetary currency of their choosing. It’s dreadful practice to associate much weight if any to a useless bit of paper. Some of the poorest people I know only have money.

If that is your pursuit it’s as simple as wanting it. You can solve that with just grinding it out, being relentless and putting all of your energy toward it. Hard work definitely looks like magick to those unwilling to do it. Not every task should be accomplished using magick to acquire it.

That being said I’m biased, I’ve made 6 figures or more every year for about a decade. Do I use magick to accomplish some of my more monotonous tasks? Sure. But I still put in shit tons of work regardless because I love what I do.

All that money can’t buy me anything I really need though. Those things can’t be bought.

If you follow that greed filled path to its end I promise you’ll realize that your life bacame all wrapping paper and no gift.


I don’t thinhk any of the richer magicians say anything about it.


Wouldn’t matter if they did. My point is money doesn’t make you rich. It’s just glorified paper.

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As long as you need to eat you can’t think money doesn’t matter.


:man_shrugging:t2: I respect you’re right to have your beliefs. I mean I disagree with the belief itself but by all means enjoy believing it

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That is very kind.

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Madonna is one of the richest magicians she said she uses Kabbala and wears a red bracelet and so on