Why isn't the demon fulfilling my requests?

I recently started making call, but my requests are not being fulfilled. Why? I don’t hear her and don’t feel her, but I perfectly understand that she hears me despite my feelings and abilities, what is the problem then?


Did you put a time limit on the results?

Are you constantly or frequently worrying about whether you will receive your intended result or not?

How long ago did you perform the ritual?

How many times have you performed the same ritual?


In addition to what Veil said, sometimes some things don’t go through. Analyze and understand the why, by asking the spirit.

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Yes, of course I have set a timeline. I didn’t really think about the result of the request. I do this every Friday of the week.


Not sure how long you have practiced for but it is generally recommended not to put timelines on results (unless you’re doing so well in advance in anticipation of an event, e.g. “I passed my end of year exam”). Results come about via coincidence and opportunity, so if you have time-boxed an outcome then you’re likely to be disappointed by not receiving the result, or receiving an inferior twisted version of it.

If you’re working with a given system that specifically instructs the ritual to be repeated every Friday (a love working?) then there isn’t much harm in doing so, and keep following the instructions, but keep in mind that usually the point of ritual repetition is to completely exhaust your desire for the outcome. If you’re simply repeating it every Friday out of annoyance or desperation because you haven’t seen movement and you’re getting frustrated, or just doing it mechanically and going through the motions, that’s a whole different vibe you’re putting out there. A watched kettle never boils, and all that.

Also, if you do think of the outcome, it should ideally from a place of gratitude and anticipation. Not “why hasn’t this happened yet?!”

Best of luck :four_leaf_clover:


Sometimes we experience delays because the Spirits know things we don’t and are making the path smoother. I struggle with this too it’s hard to believe but is mostly true.

From the Chaos Vibration I learnt that we should assume every event is leading up to the desired result.


I really liked the way you put that. The verbage and delivery, great. I totally agree.

After a ceremony or ritual we need to step back and give it space and time to breathe. Stay positive and know everything in the universe is changing and making way for your results to manifest. :grin:


Hey OP, there’s a lot of great feedback on this thread but I’d also like to add in that sometimes an entity had no desire to work with you. It’s nothing personal, maybe your goals and energies are incompatible. It’s perfectly ok to step back and reassess both your goal and the entity you’re working with, as there may be a better option out there for your entity choice.
Best of luck to you!


Yes, you are probably right, I have light energy and maybe the demons do not really want to work because of this

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That’s perfectly ok! Working with entities is like working with people, sometimes the vibe just isn’t right. Might I suggest taking a step back and reaching out to said entity again and asking if they would like to continue working?
Much luck,


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All credit to the chaos vibration.

But yeah it’s a hard concept to embody imo


With all sorta witchery, magick, rituals and so on it is important to use the energy of your root chakra to perform well. All sorta spirits are familar with energy and looking for an exchange of energy with practioners. Perform your ritual again, but add your Kundalini energy. Try it 1 time!
Hail to Lilith and Blessed Be.


Authority, sincerity, clarity of intention, how you really feel about the situation, technique, and perhaps how your chakras smell on the 3rd hour of the 4th house up the street from Jerry’s Bait Shop

Demons need to be compelled to act and the instructions you give determine a lot. Read my threads on targeting

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I work with the fertility demon Zepar at the moment and I have given him a task. I think spirits like energy takes the path of least resistance. I therefore changed my petition that correspondence more to him like “bring me and (name) together”. Now I changed it even more specific “bring me and (name) together here and now!”. A thing I also do is to create profile on so many dating sites at possible so it opens more paths. I will again perform the ritual tomorrow. It shows this is serious.


Could you post a link to this threads?

When it starts really working you might start to sound like I did in this last one so anticipate that in advance


Hi @Norski !!

I don’t know if you would give it a go at posting a small how-to for creating the sigils you talked about in a post. Is one of the types of Magick I haven’t tried, I know there are many tutorials on Google and I’m a big fan of doing things on my own way, but I use the kind of phrases “how did I end up having this amazing X?”, so I got curious when I read your post!

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Can that have a negative effect on the spirit performing the task?

in my opinion, yes.

If you (1) doubt whether you’ll get your result at all, and/or (2) worry or spend time thinking about HOW the result will come about, it amounts to self-sabotage.

Which is why it’s good to exhaust your desire for something in ritual.

To answer the finer point, I don’t necessarily think it hinders the entity. I think it hinders you, or oneself, from being open to receiving results. For example, if you are determined to become a millionaire by winning the lottery. Easier to be determined to become a millionaire, and be guided towards that outcome, even if it’s not an overnight win – e.g. finding a passion, a market niche, a dedicated customer base, and so on and so on.

Again, just my opinion.

I have send Dantalion on a task to get a girl I desire but I’m concerned that she might be dead. Can that concern effect his ability to complete the task?