Why is sex magic not working?

I have had successes and strange experiences in several other magic areas, which is the reason why I am still here continuing to learn.

For some reason, magic to find sexual partners is not successful to me at all. In fact, before magic I was having much better experiences with women. Some would literally come up to me and just ask to “come back to their room” without us really even knowing each other. So I thought that magic would help to get even higher quality partners as well as a higher quantity.

It has been the opposite for me since trying sex magic. I have done several petitions with various spirits: Asmodeus, Sitri, Sargatanas, Zepar, even more. None of them have helped to bring sexually available women to me. At one point I was lusting for results which is why so many have been contacted, in the last 5 months or so I have only asked Asmodeus for help in this area, and ritual 3 from the sex magick book.

Lust for results, I have worked on tackling this. I have gone through months where I do not even want any sort of sexual activity due to so much work, it has no effect. Honestly, it is disheartening to see everyone around me enjoying relationships and sexual partners, while in the meantime I have asked these spirits and gotten nothing.

If anything I am more confident and outgoing now than in my past, and have the same appearance, yet I am getting no results at all, to the point where it is abnormal. Does anyone have any ideas on why it is not working for me?

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There are some troubleshooting tips here:

Which I cite when people ask this question, but there are other good answers if you try the search feature a well. People who have answered before usually don’t repeat themselves, but they said great stuff so you should avail yourself of the info I think.


Bear in mind, this emotion and the thoughts it creates in you is also magick. By the law of attraction, you are sending a message out here that you lack, you know it, it’s “true” for you, and so you manifest this more, possible more than the working you did… This is also “lusting for results”.
Try switching up this attitude to look forward to the love that is coming towards you instead maybe?


Dude, the spirits are working on you in ways you are apparently not seeing.

Spirits aren’t a Wendy’s drive thru window.

You wanted something better and they are giving it to you.

By creating it


I was just having a hard time today and a spirit with a thundering voice that looked like a lion with flame for mane told me: “Do not compare yourself to others. Your story is your own. Sit up.” Among other things. This is the second time that he has appeared. The last time he told me: “You are happy, you are wealthy, you are loved. Do not worry about anything.” He spoke in a very commanding voice as well. I don’t know who he is, but I gathered the strength to get up after I heard him. Just give your efforts time to work. Live your life as if you never asked for intercession.

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It’s probably a clarifying your intentions thing. That’s usually how this works in my experience.

Sometimes it takes a while, it is what it is. Magick can be a fuck-face sometimes but usually it does me good in the end.

Regardless, it’s not exactly helpful to wallow in misery. If someone doesn’t want you to give them mind-exploding orgasm after orgasm or gives in to social conventions or perceived gender norms or fear, well I suppose that’s their loss assuming you’re not a shitbag. I certainly wish I didn’t have to always deal with how humans work and could just break the third/fourth wall all the time, that would be much easier, but also “abnormal.”

It’s probably best to just pretend you’ll never have sex or be in a comforting and loving relationship again. Giving up hope has been a good strategy for me. You can’t be disappointed if you expect the worst from people, you can only be pleasantly surprised. It’ll also stop you from ruining your other relationships and being thrown in horny jail.

Life’s not fair, fuckity fuck dude. Magick’s given me plenty of good experiences, so I assume it’s all in due time.

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As a guy who use to do sex magick, I tell you tis bath in sweet herbs,carry stones etc,if a spirt not work fast,or enought switcho find a group of 3, mix oils such clove,cinnamon ,or something like musk,I use atelier cologne samples,cheap,and amazing,and for 7 days,night ask u spirt,by candle light,and Waite 2 weeks,if nothing happen go to next sprit,and so on


Thank you for the links and the reply.
I will try to look forward to it, although it seems in this area that magic has hurt more than helped. I am getting worse results than pre-magic, which makes it hard to have any sort of optimism. Do you agree with shinri on giving up hope, how do the ideas of being optimistic and giving up hope contrast?

Thank you. It is just hard to believe that, why would I have to create, change, build up, etc., when people in my surroundings are doing just fine without any of that? Of course they could be doing stuff behind the scenes, but that would be a small minority.

Interesting perspective, thank you for those ideas. I guess giving up hope wouldn’t really be a strategy for me at this point, I truly did lose a lot of hope. So I will try to intentionally focus on that.

Who cares what other people are about?

This is about you…

Magic isn’t for lazy people.

Make a choice and stick with it.

Either do it or do not.

Oh yes actually it is.
Because magick is for everyone. :woman_shrugging:

I never did sex magick so I won’t act like I know why OP’s magick failed, though I agree that they could me more consistent which their goals.

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Yeah just do the magick and forget about it. It’ll happen or it won’t, those are the possibilities.

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