Why do people choose vampirism

My question is simple.

I don’t understand why people do this…Isn’t it kind of parasitical and isn’t it easier to just go to source (God or some type of God) for all this stuff?

Can someone help me understand…as i am interested in maybe pursuing this path

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Some people do it because it is a means of getting more fuel or traits from others that they want or as a weapon. Some people are damaged and a rare few are true vampires that feed by predatory instinct to evolve and strengthen themselves.

For most people though it is like well cooked food or alcohol. They don’t need just like we don’t need any of that stuff but it is pleasurable and gives a thrill. We technically only need to meet some nutritional requirements but our food doesn’t need to have flavor or taste good in fact such things might be rather wasteful and inefficient but that would make things miserable to not have such luxury.

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is there a different way to get the traits of others? Or Fuel?

Also what if the person i feed off of is a good person and they end up getting hurt? Doesnt that cause negative karma or some clap back?

Karma is bullshit. It is cause and effect if you get hurt feeding from someone you either took in energy that didn’t match what you can take in which is the same thing that happens when you get ill from physical food or various other related issues that have nothing to with subjective morality and more to do with the patterns and qualities of the energy and how you are taking it in. You can get traits by copying the patterns of energy around those but the easiest way to do that is to just rip that patterned energy out and assimilate the parts you want and reject those you don’t. Then you can reinforce it in yourself and make it as permanent as you want with only short term effects on the person you took from.

Fuel is just energy of whatever quality and type needed for the working. You can pull universal energy and format it but often it is easier to find a matching type of energy that is already formatted. If you need to heal instead of formatting plain old universal energy into bio energy you can just take bio energy directly from a source, fire from a star, etc. It removes steps and simplifies the process. Why make sugar from scratch when you can go to a ready supply like a store?


to me i fed on some people and in a way became them and became controlled by them…is there anyway to not have that happen?

Digest your food properly. The difference between parasites, fake vampires, and what could be defined as the real deal is your energy system is not naturally adapted to assimilate a wide variety of energy in a useful manner. Think of feeding a carnivore a vegan diet or such. It will work… briefly but without proper processing it ain’t good long term. You need to build up your system and its control internally and externally.

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I think there’s more to it than just the question of energy: the act of vampyrism is a powerful magickal symbol in and of itself. Look upon it as ritual, and ask yourself what you see.


Parasites have their function just as much as fluffy bunnies. We just don’t like them that much ;P. That doesn’t mean they’re evil, though. Generally vampirism is a predatory skill, however. Not so much parasitic. It’s also a skill, so it’s totally up to you how you utilize it. My reason for becoming a vampire is immensely different from the reason why the Vampire Master Mr. Blackwood choose to go this path, for instance.

Developing these skills is part of my (personal) journey through the branches and shells of the Qlippoth. Do note that I’m just a baby-vamp, just starting to develop those skills. So I just talk from my own experience so far, I’m not an authority on the subject at all.

I try to align my abilities with my spiritual growth as much as I can and use it to promote (or in more baneful methods: to force) spiritual development in others. In short I search out people that seem chaotic and adversal, take energy of whatever feeds ego’s or seems chaotic and might hold people back or at least doesn’t seem to align with their core being. It’s destructive and predatory, but in it’s core not meant malevolent.
I am learning a huge deal more in regards of recognizing different energies and working with them.
I already had a moderate understanding of (internal) alchemy, but gaining and developing these skills deepens my understanding of it.

I hope this helps a bit in understanding why some people would choose to become a vampire.


ah so you’re a vampiric lightworker


Hahahaha!! what I do is not exactly all love and light, but yeah you could say that.
As I said, I do sometimes use it in more aggressive baneful manners as well. Disrupting and taking away energy from the things that people heavily identify with hurts and can be immensely uncomfortable. It does give them a chance to deal with the things that don’t really align with their spiritual being. If they don’t, it at least gives me energy to transmute and use as I see fit.

It’s necessary for my path to gain and develop these skills and this is the way I choose to use them

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I see…interesting.

That works

Speaking as an energy worker, yes you are completely correct.

But people so what they enjoy. Sugar isn’t good for you either but there’s reasons we enjoy it. Vapirism is like the sugar of energy working.

My unpopular opinion on vampirism is here: but fair warning I only feel bad for real vampires as broken people and the rest don’t really understand what they’re doing.


can you maybe give a list of your pros and cons to vampirism ? On a personal level

Because “God” is about the cycle of Birth/Life/Death and Rebirth.
People who choose vampirism simply doesn’t want to forget who they are, let go of everything, learn back everything in an evolutionarry process that make very little sense to them.

The all point of the strigoi nature, is to separate from the cycle. The energy draining aspect is simply a tool.
We chose individualism before all.

You can learn “energy manipulation” without being an adept of the undeads. You can learn how to travel out of your body without being part of the current. You can learn to induce erotic dreams or nightmare, but what makes someone a strigoi, is the will to have its consciouness casted out of the cycle and continuing its existence over death.


I enumerated these in the link I just gave you. You want a TL;DR?

It’s a paltry amount and can get you sick, including letting you pick up someone’s cancer. Do any real energy working and learn how to move large amounts of energy and then try humans again, you’ll quickly see why no amount of ren qi will be getting you to where you can set paper on fire.

Like I said, if cultivating qi from the cosmos is like drinking from a waterfall, vamping is like “feeding” from the dirty spray puddle next to it and going “it’s ok, I can filter it”. :joy:


I still don’t get how it works. Is it about having energy in reserves that causes the immortality of the Self or is it about developing an instinct for draining so when the body of the magician is destroyed he will by instinct begin to drain to keep the Self alive.

makes sense

thanks for the TLDR

Actually no

1- The energy absorbed by the Undeads isn’t Ren Qi, but Yuang Qi or “ancestral energy” located in the kidneys region. This energy can’t renewed by other means. It is herited on inequal quantity at birth and spent during all the humanlifespan. The only way to renew it it to take it from others. It is impossible to emulate the effects of ancestral energy using the universal one.

2.Every recorded tradition involving vampiric beings, from the Akhhkaru, the Labartu, to the german Alp or our most well known strigois and morois, all this entities feed on young target, wich limit the chance for the sorcerer to be contaminated by anything.
On more than 40 spirits or spirits category sharing this attributes, I actually never heard of any feeding on old people.

3.The undead current isn’t about doing magnetic pass to take randomly energy from people here and there. This is proper to the “psychic vampyre” current born in the 80’s. The practice of undead sorcery as practice by morois and strigois is a relationship between a living adept and an Undead ancestor. The purpose of life drain is to feed this undead, and to for the living adept to condition himself doing extraction on the astral plan on the afterlife, in order to prevent the second death of his astral body, and stay close to the material plan.


I never understood what it means, what exactly are you draining. I thought it’s just chi. But I guess it’s possible to drain concepts or other things , not the person itself? „of whatever feeds ego“ - could you please name an example?
I think I understand all this on an intuition level - but it would be nice to have s more mundane explanation.