Why are local spirits not a thing around here?!?

I have been on BALG for like two years, i have read TONS of topics about angels, demons, gods…

But the topic of local spirits seems to be not very popular around here.

This is maybe my own vision, but why would we ask for “”“”“distant”“”“” spirits to help us when we have so many around us.

After all, in real life if we need bread, we buy local one.
If we need a work, we ask to local companies.
And yes… sometimes we buy on Amazon.

What is your opinion about it?

Does petitioning a big and famous deity/demon more efficient than asking local ones to you?


Personally, I think it’s mainly a cultural thing. Western culture is more about dominating and controlling nature than cooperating with it and most Western occult practices, even Left Hand Path ones, were/are heavily influenced by Christianity, which is the dominant cultural paradigm. In the Christian world view, you are the apex of creation and God gave you the world to do with as you see fit so nature must be made subservient to you. This pervasive sense of entitlement is one of the reasons why genius loci are rarely ever considered. Why go to the locals when you can go above them to their supposed overseers, the angels and demons? I think the closest thing that Western occultism has to working with local spirits are Agrippa’s elemental kings.

In other paradigms, such as Native American spirituality and some Taoist sects, for example, genius loci are acknowledged and respected. In some places in the world, a shaman or equivalent will be hired to go to an area and petition the genius loci for permission to build on their land. This is done so that things do not go wrong and that harmony is maintained between the humans and the local spirits.

Even cities have their own genius loci and the author Christopher Penczak has a book on working with them, appropriately titled City Magick. One former member of this forum, norse900, used to talk about working with local spirits and how they would sometimes show up to offer their help to him, especially when he was living in Hawaii, which is a place ripe with its own distinct spiritual culture.


Finding genii loci are more useful than the general ones, but you have to get to know your environment to contact them and nobody on here talks that much about how to do that.

This thread from the past covers the topic.


From personal experience and opinion…

There’s enough talk and info on here about nature spirits

As for local spirits… It’s too “local” for a platform like this.
I am not going to ask some dude or chick from the Americas, Asia or even from the other side of my continent about how to connect to, for instance, goddess Nehalennia or ancestral spirits tied to certain places.
I’ve got other more accurate sources near me for that. Including just going to the places where local spirits/ gods were honored to get a feel for them.

I expect this goes the other way around as well.


Every spirit you contact is local. We"re all connected through an invisible matrix. Its similar to tugging on a spiders web. You can be at the bottom and the spider above and it will feel you tugging. In our case with spirits the tugging would be talking. There is nothing holding anyone back from contacting “foreign” spirits. Many spirits wear different masks as well. So thinking a Slavic or Norse spirit is that and only that is a mistake.

A perfect example of this are the Hindu Gods. There are so many of them, and some of them are actually very well known demons. Different masks for different cultural values. There are however spirits that prefer to congregate in certain parts of the world over others. There are more powerful demons/entities that rule over individual territories, such as Asia, Africa, America etc.
Under their stewardship there are many spirits that answer to them and have assigned duties within a specified area. Its much like the border crossing humans deal with country to country. There is a division, but we are all on the same physical earth.

The biggest reason why local spirits arent a thing in my opinion is because we are no longer a spiritual culture and thusly our minds are closed off to perceiving them. At least in the Americas that is true. Stories no longer get passed down to children from their elders either. And so is lost much information about local spirits/demons etc. Today most people think ghosts/spirits aren’t real.

How unfortunate.


I truly believe this to. i spent a lot of time i nature, living in deep country side of France.

I was tempted to use the names of Diana, Pan, Cernunnos, Demeter… But never felt it was appropriate.

Then i switch and i called spirits by titles (Guardians of my Village, Spirit of that Grove, Sprits of Holly Trees, Good Neighbours…), then images started coming, some short movies in my head… I got names, tingles, weather changes…

Whenever i need bigger help i call Brian Froud’s Faeries Lords and Ladies. But most of my work is about talking to local spirits and include them in my magickal system.


Its a fair question. By and large I would agree with the position on culture a couple of others have raised.
I wonder also about the effects of urbanisation on local spirits. Are city environments conducive to such things? I wonder this in particular when I think of the rich fae folklore of the british aisles. Almost every fae encounter (whether real, imagined or alledged) that I have ever read about has been in non urban areas.

I have a curiosity about the deities (Atua) and spirits (Wairua) of the indigenous people here in my country. But there is basically no open source material on how to engage with them. All you’ll find open source is that they were called upon through Karakia (prayers).
I don’t doubt that there are still some few Maori who are well inducted into procedures for working with them, but they definitely aren’t particularly findable.

I am so looking this one up.

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I’m very aware of the diverse genius loci of where i live. I don’t have any choice as i live very deep in the countryside, a place where they rule and humans are the anomaly. I had a lot of conflict whith them as i did not understand them. Their powers are huge.
Nowadays we live in peace and i try to “feed” the land by planting a lot of trees and flowers and digging a pond…
I’m not interested in working with them as i know that they are not benevolent toward us, just tolerating us.
When i work with most Daemons, i feel at ease and at peace. Completly different energy.


Yeah, we humans aren’t and weren’t always as respectful in the past. Many of the land spirits seem to be a bit hostile in return. Even when you’re not working with them, “feeding the land” as you do is a great idea. Leaving a small offering of things like fresh milk, cream or honeycake every once in a while (as long as what you leave is not harmful to plants and wildlife) or even just bits of food for the local wildlife specifically in the seasons when survival is a bit harder for them also seems to bring a bit more peace and balanced coexistence.


I suppose, and I am entirely speculating here, that land spirits might get a bit pissy about our propensity to pollute their areas with all manner of waste.
I don’t know if thats how the feel or perceive. Just a thought that occurred in the moment

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And you are entirely right.
From woodlands being used for lumber to poluting to disrupting eco systems with foraging and hunting etc. We’ve been disrupting them for millenia ^^

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In the realm of Spirit. There are none foreign nor any local.
The concept of foreign or local gods are manmade and perhaps only useful for visualization purposes.
Ultimately, they live in what we conceive as a quantum realm.
However, there are areas within our plane that are more conductive and some places more restricted for communications

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