Genius Locæ

A genius locæ is a spirit bound to a certain location, and is of the neverborn variety- meaning it has never had physical form. It is an intelligence and soul without body, but also without the ability to “roam.” Sometimes these spirits are called “local kami.”

The one I know is bound to a certain part of the plains just east of the Rockies, and he came together a dew thousand years ago because the area was frequently visited by spirits enjoying the beauty of the area. This spirit is a guardian covering a few hundred square miles, and centered on where I work. He and I are good friends, and we talk often.

I’m just wondering if anyone else here has met one of these. Anyone who has, I would love to hear about it, and I’m happy to talk more about my own experiences in this.


I am curious as to how one might come across one of these. Do they mainly reside around certain “power spots?”

Well, I met the one I know sort of by chance. As far as i know, there are no ley lines or anything here, its just a beautiful area. After meeting and talking to him, I learned that the area is just a gathering place to look at the mountains.

I’m sure you can find them around places of Power, but the one I know sort of IS the Power of the place. I suppose if you look for huge concentrations of Power that seem to interact with corporeals and non-corporeals.


They’re literally everywhere, anywhere you go you can find a genius locii or spirit of the place.

Unless of course someone got rid of it.

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^^^Truth. There is a reason Shinto Japanese believe the kami are everywhere. I suppose I should have clarified that I was referring to the larger, more powerful ones, not just the little ubiquitous spirits.


Indeed, they are everywhere! :smiley: And they’re easy to meet.

But as for the more powerful ones, I have met many. I’ve lived in many places of power and beauty, and have worked at each one to get to know the local spirits. I’ve found that any large area will have a more primal spirit, along with the little “ubiquitous” spirits that inhabit the place. In Norse myth, they were called jotnar or etin.

I’d love to hear your experiences, Anastasiya, especially since you met this particular spirit by accident.

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As stated earlier, you can find them anywhere and everywhere. They’ve often been given different names depending on where they are. The genius locii that resides in your house is your house elf (from hausalf, literally, elf of the house). The genius locii of a tree is often referred to as a dryad, a stream might be a nixie, etc.

My suggestion is if you want to meet one, start where you are, right now. It is always the easiest place. If you need a ritual or formula to do, let me know, and I’ll gladly post one for you to follow.

And, of course, tell us your experience with it!!


Well, when I started working at my current job, it felt very much like there was an adversarial force around the building. No one was nice to each other, everyone gossipped and backstabbed, common sense was laughably absent. I ignored it for 3 years while I tried to just power through and make friends, but things KEPT crashing down around me, and people were starting to get hurt (industrial robot manufacturing plant). It carried many of the hallmarks of demon activity.

So, fed up and irritated, I prepared myself to give the demon a kick in the pants and send it packing. I stomped outside and demanded to talk to the spirit that was being entirely rude to everyone here. An old man appeared before me, looking a little surprised. Turns out, this Old Man has been here for an excessively long time, keeping watch over the land and the spirits here, and he has been lonely for way too long. I was the first corporeal person to talk to him in centuries, apparently.

Now we are good friends. I talk with him whenever he wants, and he has protected me from other idiots and people who wished to hurt me. Now my place of business is still chaotic and nonsensical, but it doesn’t come down on me so often. I now walk in authority because I’m backed by the Old Man.


Your workplace sounds like mine. I work maintenance in a hardwood flooring mill. I’m surrounded by morons on a daily basis and am constantly fixing the things they break.

I would like to know how to go about doing this. I live in the Ozarks and I’m sure there are spirits all around.

Do you want something formal and ceremonial magic-like, or something less formal and witchy?

Less formal, preferably.

How do you tend to perceive the world around you? Are you a good visualizer? Do you hear things? That sort of thing (I’m asking so I can give you a way that will get quick results).

How do you tend to perceive the world around you? Are you a good visualizer? Do you hear things? That sort of thing (I’m asking so I can give you a way that will get quick results).[/quote]

I understand there are many overlapping layers of reality which sometimes bleed through in certain conditions. Depending on my state of mind and body I am able to pick up on things. I can feel certain energies and get impressions. As far as sight and sound I have had experiences seeing and hearing spirits, but they are rare. Since I have been working with evocation, my ability to sense them has improved but I am not to the point of producing physical manifestations of spirits.

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I haven’t forgotten about DiscordianBliss–I’m working on it. I’ve just not had a chance to sit down and type out the whole thing. But it’s coming!

@DiscordianBliss and anyone else interested. Here is a little inconspicuous ritual that will help you to connect with the genus loci of your choice.

Magick, in its essence, is getting you to change your consciousness. You don’t need the candles and robes and utterances and tools, but they make it infinitely easier, especially for a newbie, to get into an altered state of consciousness. Since you’re in a public place and can’t do that, you might have to work a little harder to get into the ‘magickal mind’, but you can do it.


writing implement


Sit in the place that you’ve chosen to commune with.

With the notebook open on your lap and pencil at the ready, pick a place to rest your eyes that represents the space you’re trying to contact. For example, if you’re trying to make contact with the spirit of the land that your workplace sits on, look at the parking lot or the building or the little edge of grass on the side. If you can’t do that without looking crazy, then look at your open notebook, and with your side vision, notice your focal point. Soft gaze at it, much like you would do if activiatng a sigil.

Take three (or seven) deep breaths to still your mind. If, after your initial set of three or seven your mind is still chattering, doing it again, always in sets of threes or sevens (those two numbers are very powerful pattern producers in the subconscious mind). You eventually notice your mind quieting some.

When it does, write down the first things that come to you. It may be a word, it may be a whole stream of words to make an essay. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense. Right now, you are practicing making contact. Or, if you are so inclined, draw what you see in your peripheral vision. you may begin to see things that indicate that the spirit of the place is speaking to you. (I prefer the writing method, because I think in words, plus words are easier to converse with than pictures).

Keep doing this each day, or opportunity, until you’re sure you’ve made contact. After you’ve developed a repport with the spirit of the place, you’ll find that you can speak to it whenever, by tuning into it with your thoughts (the breathing may signal to your mind and to the spirit that talking time is nigh).

If anyone asks what you’re doing, you’re taking cleansing breaths. You’re journaling. You’re writing the next Great American Novel. You’re practicing for your English class. You get the idea. It is something that doesn’t look strange to the passersby, but you know better.

Hope that helps, even though it was late in coming.


Thank you, Audsynn! I made a special trip to the library in town just to tell you how much I appreciate this :slight_smile:


@DiscordianBliss. Let us know what happens!

Ancient Romans believed in all sort of Genii (plural form of Genius). A Genius is virtually attached to any physical phenomena. Rocks, rivers, woods, trees, doors, windows, yes, houses too. Many other objects could have their own genii. Most often a Genius Loci is related to a property and are depicted as serpents. We can see such depictions mostly in Pompey’s frescos at houses’ walls and Lararia (plural form of Lararium). They were also believed to be minor gods. Men had their own Genii and women their own Junones (plural form of Juno) which were honored mainly in birthdays. It seems that dryads and hamadryads (from Greek tradition) fit in this category despite being considered also tree nymphs. I think also about the enchanted realm of Celts. Lots of nature spirits attached to natural phenomena. *Only once in my whole life I was contacted by a spirit attached to a tree, she lived in a willow tree.


Question : if you see a dryads (tree nymph) in the forest and are signing , what should you do?

I hear it’s a bad sign.

I attempted to contact a Chinese elemental king of the wood element, and I believe I ran into one. Looked like a beautiful woman dressed in a white shining cloth walking through the forest bare footed signing.It had almost the voice of a child.

I recorded my own voice in a very high almost female sounding voice to remember the song.

Any advice, clue?

I would like more information before passing judgement. :wink:

I have never heard that hearing a dryad or wood elemental sing is a bad sign. I know in many legends around the world, they sing to draw a human in to take them to the Otherworld or to suck the life out of them (depending on the culture). However, I am not of the opinion that is what happens.

How did you try to contact this Chinese elemental king? In fact, who was it, specifically, you were trying to contact? Did the woman you saw seem to notice you? If she did, in what way? What did you do when you saw her? For how long did you see her? What were the words to her song?