Who is Lucifer to you?

inb4 some idiot starts graphically discussing fucking Him.

He is a father figure, a guide and mentor. I owe my life to him



…yeah who would do that?


no idea, who would ever? this is a serious forum. doubt anyone would ever write fanfics about fucking the Gods and visualizing them as tv show characters. Thank the stars that doesn’t happen. :slight_smile:


Leave the divine to be divine


Lucifer is really hard to define, he just is. Bur ina somewhat futile attempt to explain him: - a magick jack of all trades, a trickster, and a friend and in truth a truly valueable ally to have, one that you should truly cheerish.


It is extremely hard to me to describe Him.

  • a patient but stern Mentor / Teacher
  • a good Father, Protector
  • a Passionate Lover
  • a true Friend

He can be everything (depends on what I need actually - but He always keep in mind my evolution and developing), but always awesome, honest.
He is my Sun. :sunny::black_heart::dizzy:


My experience is limited- but thus far he has been warm, kind, tolerant of my occasional idiocy which brings me to forgiving, and an absolute freaking tease who likes to push at my boundaries. He obviously wants to help me learn. We seem to have a pattern. I go and ask for advice or assistance in personal growth or a thing. I get a name within 3 days, I may get another name the next day, and the next. This is if he didn’t immediately float a name up into my mind. Other spirits showing up to say they are near as well. I then do a bunch of work. Rinse and repeat. I have had a lot of growth, changes, and insight since even saying hello and initially asking him to show me more of who he is.

He is a teacher. Fatherly energy for sure, and almost disturbingly attractive as well. Hes amused by my cognitive dissonance over it is my impression.

One of the reasons I go back to him time and again though is that he is so easily reached and highly responsive.


He is my god, my father, my friend, my teacher, but I don’t really know him much yet.


For me he is a life changer. And mostly big changes. But you have to put in your own work to get help with big changes. Father, Ancient God, Arch Angel, Arch Daemon.


He is the keeper of true knowledge and father to all. He guides and protects anyone who embrace him never forsaking them for eternity.


But I am in sad because I can’t feel him I can’t communicate with him…everything is just like me alone…did he know I am crying now? Did he know I am in deep sad now? Did he hear my pray to him that tell all the problem I am facing now? I doesn’t have answer at all…I know him as some other know him like all the info we can get in forum, google… but I never communicate with him before…i know you sure will tell me meditate to contact him…I did tried, but not working, is just failed…there is a lot thread about meditation here I follow but still not working…I am really sad…but anyway thank you for reply me :heart:


Father, teacher, Illuminator, Initiator, god of Sitra Ahra, Phosphorus, the son of the morning, he is celestial and infernal, of incredible light and incredible darkness.

Honestly, don’t subscribe to the fallen angel myth but I will give it an allegorical spin to say the fall was about the debasing and eventual “demonizing” of old gods by the “new order”.

Too much to write really. I work with on a regular basis.


Hi @Faith819

The answer is yes, yes and yes. Lucifer is much more difficult to hear then other spirits.
And even through I hear him, one time better then the other. Feel him one time better then the other you can easily block yourself.

  1. Ground yourself

  2. Yes do the meditation. If needed longer. If distraction is a problem use binaural beats or guided meditation on youtube

  3. Try something different. Pendulum, his ENN, Gaze longer in the SIGIL.

  4. Write your questions down with a date and time.

  5. Ask your questions and see what is coming up…

There is more on My Journal on Magick


Lucifer is a Roman God of the Morning Star, Son of the Titaness, Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn, and Father of Ceyx, the King of Trachis.

Contrary to popular belief, Lucifer has nothing to do with Satan. Isaiah 14:12 poetically refers to the King of Babylon as the morning star and derides his fate, “how you have fallen”. In the Latin Vulgate translation of the Bible, morning star was translated as lucifer (pronounced loo-chee-fur]. It was connected with the Dragon in the Revelation of John, which fell from heaven, and the rest is history. But mideval Europe also thought that Belial, Leviathan, and Beelzebub were also other names for Satan, but none of us make the same connection. We should stop connecting Lucifer with Satan.


Lucifer is much more, Enki, Prometheus, God of the Sun, Venus, Aspects of Saturn, Archangel…
The King of Babylon thing is just another interpretation. Whole YouTube is full of it. A new false teaching


Thank you, i did tried use a lot way in a lot different thread at this forum about how to mediation but not one I can success, and I did listen to a lot YouTube video for meditation that for heal chakras and open third eyes or some relax music, but seems doesn’t work yet, and I did write down the questions on my book that always put in front of me when I try meditate, I think I need use different way, but I doesn’t have many toolset, I just have his sigil and I know his ENN, I will try when I do it tonight, thank you for reply me :heart:


I’ve read that Lucifuge Rofocale is the saturnian aspect of Lucifer


You don’t need a complex toolset. What you can do, I don’t know your budget is buy a white candle. Even a theelight (the budget thing :wink: ). If you call him and he is there you see the candle light going more up and down, even swinging when you ask your questions. It will reassure you that he is there and change your mindset.


Balancing chakra’s is different than grounding, try to look that up too. I just posted something on my journal on grounding.

Oh and I love this channel. Even balancing your chakra’s with Kundalini is explained in a safe way:


Look at the clair vids too.


Darker aspect, Saturn aspect. Yes :slight_smile: