Which demon/working helps with weight loss

As I mentioned in my previous introduction I am still a student as compared to the majority of my friends here.
I’m trying to figure out how to rid myself of the excess body weight I gained over the last two years.

Any suggestions of tried and tested ways? I’m open to darker workings as I have the energy.Any sigils would be wonderful.

The key words I am getting in my head now are ‘reduction’ and black candle.But I need a sigil and a helping spirit.

Any suggestions from my dear friends?


Whatever entity you invoke, be very specific in your intent about weight loss:

Evoking Lucifer

and this one:

Spell for losing fat ? activating metabolism?

Be careful.

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Many thanks! I will look into the links now x

I’ve never asked a spirit directly for help with this, but I’ve had several gods and goddesses guiding me to naturally losing my weight as a part of my overall magickal journey.

My suggestion is to connect whichever spirit you feel drawn to work closely with for an extended period of time and to make your intention known. Ask them to bring whatever spirit, force, power, or essence they need to help you accomplish this task. And then follow through on your intuition.

Gradually, over the past year, I’ve found myself effortlessly eating less food, craving healthier food, and the right exercises appearing to me at the right time to help me take the next step.


I’m looking at Ant’harratu and Pent’osch from the works of Mr Koetting…I have a good magical hunch this may work really well.


Hi everyone, just to add I experimented with a friend ( female 29) for the last 60 days.

I know coconut water is expensive if you are in a place where there are no natural sources of coconut water.The bottled and packaged version should work fine for this.

So this lady was using the khulari arcana plus Saturn binding of her weight loss x and also waking up to drink 5-6 glasses of coconut water ( no breakfast ) before lunch.During this time she would meditate and gym.The coconut water would kill the urge to eat a greasy breakfast and also kept her hydrated.

For lunch she had some carrots and/or light sandwiches and had her dinners early.

The diet helped her clean her blood, avoid her constant urine infections and finally she lost a lot of weight.I mean for someone who has not crash dieted or taken those terrible diet pills she looks good for the summers ahead.

Maybe this tip can help? I have been slurping coconut water a lot now that I am full term in my pregnancy too and it does keep the baby very happy.


Invoke the element of fire before working out, it will make things more intense and burn more fat… You can also invoke earth to build muscle, or water to improve flexibility. Air is good for cooling down afterwards if you invoke it.