Evoking Lucifer

right off the bat, I’d like to say that I only just joined this community and my knowledge is limited about magick, etc…
so I decided to evoke lucifer as I was in desperate need of losing weight (please don’t question) and wanted him to help me
I did what I was supposed to and it worked, I said my thanks and such.
the next day was pretty great I’d say, I didn’t crave sweets at all and only ate when I needed to
but the days after it was absolutely horrible
the only thing that satisfies my needs is fruit and veg
I’m not able to eat anything else, otherwise I get filled up with very little stuff, or I get horrible stomach aches, I’m physically sick and often hungry but not able to do anything about it
I’d like to add that eating a small fruit manages to fill me up till I’m horribly sick
is there any way I can ask him to change this way of losing weight or stop this completely??


You got what you asked for. Lucifer put you on a diet!


Hmmm…i experienced something like this when my relationship to Lucifer got stronger. I only wanted to eat fish and fruits i lost 22 lbs in less than two weeks. Which im not complaining too much except it was really fast. But being diabetic it actually helped me and i have so much more energy now.

But i think maybe he dosent realize the strength to which he effects us. Hell i had to see a dr and get kolonopin to go back to some type of normal. Dont worry i only got 20 not getting addicted or anything. My family just got really worried.
But even like today ive only eaten once all day and its 5:30 pm here. And had to remind myself to eat then.
I think i just feed off another supply now. Maybe something about the energy he gives. I dont know. But to slow it i had to go on meds hahaha this so not good advice :joy: im sorry.
Maybe talk to him and see if he can tone it down some. Im sure hes not meaning to be so extreme.


Well well Anastazja, you asked yourself for this. Be strong and Lucifer will reward you.


Do whatever you did before to call him and thank him for his help, and ask him to stop now. It sounds simple but going into it assertively and making it clear that you have had enough and EXPECT him to stop should work, spirits get a bit carried away sometimes.

Black pepper can help restore people’s appetite sometimes, if you use it on the food you can manage, or maybe some vegetable broth from a bouillon cube or something, or Yogi Tea Classic, with a tiny bit of milk, can also re-awaken the fire:


After this is sorted out, I like the science-based diet and nutritional opinions on this site, which includes information for vegans and vegetarians, and how to cut out sweet foods and make healthy choices, you may find something useful on there as well:


Lucifer fulfilled your wish. Sometimes he does it in a hard way…if he thinks is necessary. Be more specific next time you work with him.


The classic old Problem…
“Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.”

  • well, to be fair, and a Little more precise:
    you maybe shouldn’t have started with father Lucifer asap.
    He’s known and considered to be a hard teacher,
    my recommendation is to work with / Ask Belial,
    until you got a Little more familiar with the current.

Next up:
What Lucifer did, was completly right.
A normal diet-coach would also have told you to Switch to fruits and vegetables.
The difference is just, that a Spirit can’t be tricked like you would have on a human teacher.

In Regards of the Pain:
Tea, and warming the belly would have been the sufficient way of calming the pain and going on into a SUCCESSFUL diet. :wink:

So, maybe you give it a secound try, just a Little more Aware of what you actually want.
Be precise.
Say how much you want to reduce your weight. :wink:




Nope, suck it up and stop complaining.


Thank you, quite helpful. I guess I should’ve known that when my friend suggested I should start with Lucifer. And where can I read more on Belial? because I can’t seem to find a lot of information here, and I prefer to be 100% sure on what I’m doing and what kind of demon I’m working with.


damn, this was like a year ago, I was just panicking and didn’t know pracially anything about this


If I can get communicating with him, I will ask.

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thank you very much! I’ll look through those later


How are you doing now?

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I’ve taken a break a while after this post, due to the pressure from my family in becoming a Catholic, so I’m slowly returning now to “magick” and I have to relearn things again I guess

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@poland I have these on my clipboard, they’re methods of altering reality for your own benefit and that of others, but which lack the taint of darker magick and demons etc., I’ll share them here in case they’re any use to you:

(Magick is innately destabilising) but you can still affect your reality and get a bonus of learning to control your own mind better if you study the Science of Mind, because it has (arguably) the same foundations as the work we do here.

This kind of magick is also the type with which I personally have had the most consistent results, over time, and I use it as a foundation for all my other work - so it’s not 2nd best.

If you search online and at archive,org for works by the authors Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, and Wallace T. Wattles, you’ll find some of the key texts, they’re often out of copyright as well so you can find PDFs and audiobooks that are legal to download.

There are many works created later that are by other authors and derivative, but the originals have more power.

These all seem legit out of copyright, as far as I could discover:


invoked yesterday explained that I wanted to lose weight(going on vacation in july)and want to get back in my Barbie clothes(need to lose about 25 lbs)… today… slight headache, tried to eat a tiny piece of chicken and had to vomit… and I am not hungry… hail Lucifer!!!


How did the rest of the weight go?


I’m very tall, and carry weight well but need to shed about 15-18# to help my blood pressure. Ohhh Enkiiiii…15-18 exact. Be my will and my strength as my asshole coworker gives cookies and donuts dailyyyy. Lol.
Oh boy, he is listening…
TMW Enki reads over your shoulder…:speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I lost about 15 but everyone thinks I lost more…lol…gained 5 on vacation but I lost it…