Spell for losing fat ? activating metabolism?

Hello , i am not sure if that’s even possible, but since in Magick everything is possible i think this would rether be possible , i am looking for Spell to cause my body lose more fat , or make metabolism of my body to kick in harder , i have tried wourkout for years , but still belly fat is not going anywhere i am assuming this is DNA thing or genetics , i am not fat or something , i just want sharp looking belly for sommer , if anyone know any spell that might help i would be greatfull, mostly i need only belly fat to go away ,
Greetings and Peace !!

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I don’t know about specific spirits for weight loss, but If you asked a spirit to help you loose belly fat I’m sure they would direct you to good knowledge on how the body actually works my friend. The reason why the majority of people get fat is not because of ‘fat’ , its because of carbohydrates. Fat always gets the blame but when we eat processed foods which contain a lot of carbohydrate then this will definately contribute to the obesity factor.
Carbohydrate creates insulin from the pancreas and when this is flowing in the body the cells act like storage units and calories are therefore more easily held. Stored energy becomes fat!
The best diet is to eat a high protein, moderate fat with little carbohydrate through the week. This will encourage your body to use stored fat as energy rather than the carbohydrate, it literally forces it to change its energy source therby making you learner without trying to reduce calories as you are just controlling the flow of insulin instead.
The best diet for magic and life in general is PALEO my friend…hope this helps, adios.

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[quote=“ArmenX22, post:1, topic:5617”]Hello , i am not sure if that’s even possible, but since in Magick everything is possible i think this would rether be possible , i am looking for Spell to cause my body lose more fat , or make metabolism of my body to kick in harder , i have tried wourkout for years , but still belly fat is not going anywhere i am assuming this is DNA thing or genetics , i am not fat or something , i just want sharp looking belly for sommer , if anyone know any spell that might help i would be greatfull, mostly i need only belly fat to go away ,
Greetings and Peace !![/quote]Take a look at the anthology Magick on the Edge. It has some good articles on using magick for body modification, especially “Experiments in Dynamic Body Magick,” by Zachary Walters.

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Thank you both for advices greetings

If all else fails, you can do what I did. I asked a demom to help me lose weight to point me in the right direction because I had a baby and could not get rid of that baby belly to save my life. I tried a bunch of diets and exercise, but my metabolism is very stubborn, a hereditary thing by the way which is not cool. Some of us end up getting my mom’s jeans, they can eat and eat and never gain a pound. My brothers all got that good jean while I was the only one who got stuck with my dad’s jean. I can eat a piece of 5 calorie gum and wake up the next day and my ass is suddenly 10 times bigger. LOL

I lost 97lbs. in 6 months with the help of that demon but he was persistant and it was rough. I didn’t even gain that much during my pregnancy so I ended up losing way more than what I planned on. The only way I could lose the weight was to starve myself. I only ate 200 calories every 3-4 days and found myself having seizures and fainting from low blood sugar and I’m not even a diabetic, but not eating made me sick. During that time, I could not smoke cannabis unless I ate something before hand because cannabis is know nto lower blood sugar which is one of the reasons why we crave so many carbs and sugars when we smoke it. If I did not eat before smoking, I’d go into a seizure every time, but I only had an appetite after I smoked so it was hard to eat something before hand. But yeah, I got unrealistically fast results, my doctor was so shocked when he realized I had dropped 41 pounds since the last time I saw him just 15 weeks prior he thought he had grabbed the wrong patient chart.

So as a last resort, you could ask a demon for help but it will be rough and very hard on your body so just be prepared.


Maybe using one of the healing entities like Raphael for dietary advice could help and maybe some entity to increase willpower (mental strength) to force yourself exercising on regular basis also could be a good idea.

It’s really not that difficult, all you need to do is to consume less calories than you burn (in fact you don’t even need exercising to be in caloric deficit, if you wanna do what RavensAscent did). And what people said about carbs also is true, however I wouldn’t so much demonize carbs, its nothing wrong with eating like a cup of rice (along with some lean meat of course) after a resistance training. Also, what some people don’t seem to understand is that there is no such thing as “losing belly fat”, if you lose fat, you lose it everywhere. Also a good thing to do if you can’t give up the doughnuts, cheesecake and other shit, which is probably the case unless you are some sort of physique model, you can eat it on a specific day like sunday. So say, you eat clean all week and then one day you eat any shitty food that you want (of course you should exercise pretty much daily as well). Basically, you have to figure out what foods work best for you. I know beans are quite good, but I can only eat black beans without flying off into the outer space lol, so I end up eating pretty much only eggs, spinach and chicken breast pretty much all week (with occasional rice, pasta).

Your metabolism is almost always burning, some have a higher or lower metabolism depending on their diet. If burning fat is a desire, I suggest exercising, doing mainly cardio will help greatly with it. Look to High Intensity Interval training.

Spells / spirits may assist to give you an edge, but it won’t do the work for you while sitting on your ass.

And I’m not trying to be a dick either, just show some ambition.

A good base spell would be running down a white candle (preferably a figural candle in your gender) down the length of your body, head to toe, three times. Saying: Wax, absorb all unnecessary body fat or something to that effect.
Then dressing it with oils like banishing and blessing type stuff.
Burn it down saying, “As this candle burns away, so shall my unhealthy body fat.” Visualize yourself happy and healthy, and snuff out the flame. Light the candle for seven days in a row, burning it 1/7th of the way down each time. When it’s done, throw it away at a crossroad 3 or seven places away from your home.
You can also use herbs such as eucalyptus, basil, and angelica root in magic baths during this seven day cycle.
I also say to align the working with the moon, beginning on the day after the full moon. So that the moon goes from large to small.

After this, you still have to work. Instead of just dieting, make a permanent, sustainable, healthy change in your regular diet. See a doctor who might be able to find if what the causes of your over weight status could be (whether genes or just poor health choices).
And regular exercise as well. Something you know you could do the rest of your life, more or less.


You could also work with the king of Fire, Djinn.

I should probably clarify, that I did not ask the demon to miraculously give me spiritual liposuction while I sat on my ass. I had tried every other weight loss route and none of them were working, and no I do not sit around and eat sugary fatty microwave foods all the time. I do eat healthy and I went for a walk every day, multiple times. The doctors kept testing my thyroid and testing me for diabetes because they had no idea why I wasn’t losing weight despite constant efforts on my end, and my test results always came back normal so I figured starving myself is the only route I have not tried yet but I knew from previous experience after going without food on accident or by circumstances for just 14 hours or so, I’d start throwing up from having an empty belly and getting faint, weak, and tired.

So what I got from the demon was strong courage and will power to keep pushing thru with the starvation regardless of how many times it made me faint, throw up, or have seizures. It wasn’t what I had planned or what I asked for, I honestly wasn’t clear as to how I wanted to lose the weight but I just asked for will power to get thru this and stronger efforts on my part, but I guess the demon thought my body doesn’t lose weight the normal ways so this is gonna have to do. I starved myself only because I suddenly found myself developing a disgust for anything food related. The sight of food or the thought of food, made me wanna throw up to the point I couldn’t even force myself to eat because everything tasted like shit. I am not at all the type of woman that says I’ll have 2 pieces of lettuce, a teaspoon of dressing on the side, and a water. I’m the type of woman that’s like screw that, give me a cheeseburger bitch! But I suddenly found that even my favorite foods were gross to me.

I recently learned I have a very hard to find and diagnose health problem that was responsible for me having such a hard time losing weight and it’s also the reason that once I lost all of that post baby weight I have been suffering day in and day out trying to make sure I never gain it back again.

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RavensAscent I guess, I wasn’t very clear when I referred to your case either, I meant technically it is not necessary to work out if you go into such a drastic starvation mode, exercising just speeds things up and adds some other health benefits (I didn’t imply that you were lazy or anything of that nature lol).

To my understanding, the OP is not overweight but just wants to shred some stubborn fat, so its not such a big deal. I’d say all of the advice given here is solid but make sure you specifically state what do you want and how you wanna get it and I’d also suggest you to add that you don’t want to have any negative impact on your overall health.

Yes, be very specific if you do resort to a spell or evocation for this. I did the weight loss thing a few years back when I was brand new to demonic evocation and thought I had all angles covered, but I forgot to state I wanted the will power for a rigorous HEALTHY weight loss option. Oh well, no complaints here anyway.

That’s kind of strange for me, I am not fat person I can do diet and I was a boxer for years I know workout helps but due to work I do and my hobby occult I don’t have time to run or do workout, so I was thinking because I use magick for lot of stuff to win money in casino to make girl I like love me to punish someone who think he knows better and is saying that I am stupid and so on … So I have done lot of magick and it works ,and it works like 90 Procent of the time cause only thing which is limiting us is ourself so basically losing fat should be an easy thing do do I mean let’s be honest we all know we even can make someone’s life miserable or even kill with magick , so I don’t get it how it’s possible that it should be not possible , I think we all should think about this and try to figure out , not for me only I can bet there are lot of ppl amoung us who like to eat good juicy stuff but get fat from that ,lets change that somehowe to be able to eat what we want and when we want and look like an Angel I thank you all for advice and I appricete all comments and it means a lot for me, but if somone has a spell or knows a way magical way it would be great I mean I will evoke all demons and gods if it takes but I will get what I want , my will power is unlimited I just wanted to know if any of us have thinked about that but again thank you all and lets remember in magick everything is possible that’s my way of looking things , peace to all of you greetings


Be careful not to have too much protein though because excess protein will be treated just like carbs by your body. I believe it converts it to something called glycogen.

I was thinking about this too but I have not yet had any success but don’t always ask this of them but have I am pretty sure asked this, I thought I had something put in place for this as well, hmmm. But I haven’t seen results, hmmm, you know as far as them changing DNA goes I am wondering to what extent. In the Belial course it did suggest he was adding something to DNA, it seems like to have DNA boost Metabolism you would have to actually subtract a fair bit, the reason why metabolism actually starts to get bad over time is that over time it starts to clog up, boosting metabolism means to reduce that clog. I dunno I think I will try to lose some weight by myself in time and then maybe ask Haagenti to help coach me to help discipline me to further make and keep more changes in myself.

It’s about calories and carbs. Watch those two things and you will lose belly fat.

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Hii may I know which demon you worked with??

Just a heads up that the person you are replying to hasn’t been on this forum for several years now, so she will not respond to you.

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Ooh…sorry I didnt know …thank you for letting me know.

base on all the fitness experts who is actually fit, It’s all about proper nutrition intake. there’s no secret to it. Most people don’t eat right or overeat or no exercise. part of it is conditioning of body to metabolize faster too.