Where is the Mastering Evocation group?

I just purchased the Mastering Evocation course and I’d like to know if theres some hidden group I can’t find for course students only? These random group discussions are old AF and dead.

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There isn’t, sorry, the old forum used to be behind a registration wall so anything about going to join a group you may have seen could be old references to that.

Maybe some people on here who’ve done the course could chime in though, and the topic might attract other people to join in. :+1:


But I have questions that I want from a course master :expressionless: Wow…Ok. Well I was told I have a week to refund so I guess I’m just going to do what I’ve been doing; Searching for a class with a master to speak to. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Thanks @Lady_Eva

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Many of us on here do evocation using methods covered in that course, I don’t know if that might be helpful?

For example there might be no single group, but most of us use structuring, avoid complex old-school things like lamens and so on, and treat entities as beings worthy of respect, not as fearful unclean things. :thinking:


My questions are about details in btwn that.

While watching I’m like well…that’s not attainable so is it ok if I use or do this? I dont have a mountaintop. I cant go into the street and I dont have yard. All this is indoors. When you begin watching the videos it doesnt say you need so many accessories but when you open the download guide it’s like ok you need this this that and the third. Sitting here on Amazon like, shit…I’m not spending 300 on a circle of pacts blanket so I need to know if a simple chalk circle suffices. Small nuances make a difference sometimes. Does it have to be resin can it be sticks…work with what you got is a practitioners m.o but sometimes that doesn’t fly for every spell and I dont know if that’s the case with this. I wanted clear answers/directions from the source.

Those kinds of questions are important to me because I’m dead serious on this.

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Corners are good, there have been a few different posts about those over many years, 2 planes intersecting seems to boost an evocation.

I literally never evoked on a mountaintop and don’t do it in the street either.

2 old threads, you should be able to DIY for as long as necessary because it’s the symbols that matter, and in an old mass rit E.A. did say people could draw them or even use a stick in sand and the symbols would work for that rit, people with the Universal Circle all seem to geuinely get something from it though:

Sticks tend to have more binders and gunk in but if they’re what you can get, use those, get resin when you can (if you go that route).

This is for initial evocation, later when you get into it more you may find you need specific things.

I am NOT an expert in this course (and obviously just a volunteer forum mod, not soeaking for BALG here) BUT I had to create my own systems from no books, no mentors, I had nothing as a kid so I got used to improvising, and I get results.


Corners like outside? No baby no…lol I’m too brown for that. . I cant be out that late in this neighborhood…

This is what I said. I’ll have to just buy a sheet and chalk it out.

Thank goodness Covid restrictions are being lifted. None of my Mystical shops or botanicas have full inventory. So annoying! I dont like ordering certain things online bc they are costlier. Same ziplock of resin for 1.99 in store becomes 7.99 online.

So I saw one of the basic evocations on the mountain he did say that was enough to get what one needed from the spirit.

I hear you, girl. Work with whatcha got!

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As I sit here watching a revenge spell burn to perfection. Someone is about to have a world of shit

I also got the master evocation course from E.A Koetting.
But i will not touch upon it until I master meditation and I am able to control my thoughts and feelings and I need to drop my ego.

  • Then I will need to focus on soul travel

  • Then I will focus on strengthening my protection and banishing

  • Then I will focus in my devination so that when I evoke I will make sure the being before me is the right being

  • Then is time to work on evocation for me :smile:

This could take an other year or two until i start evoking or invoking


Corners inside, take a look at this: Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide

Yes, people were doing that back in the early days and E.A. used to post back then as well.



True story, meditation is important @BeastCreature. I probably should worry about protection more but Ive been touched by the dead so it’s like he says. The circle is there for energy purposes. You protect yourself, in my eyes.

I can only perform ceromancy and pyromancy. I find, that my affinty to fire doesnt allow me to go into theta gamma because it speaks to me in dance. Black mirror is what I am practicing right now.

Full disclosure, concentration for long periods of time isnt my strong suit because A.D.H.D issa bish but I force myself to meditate. I feel more than I see but in this case in order to feel you gotta be in theta gamma. Practice practice. The cats are with me looking at the crack between the ceiling and the wall.

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Im not dressing up for them. They’ll get what they get and not get upset. Knickers and all :rofl: ok Ill shower…only because Im used to doing that before spellwork and ancestral convos.


@Lady_Eva I can always count on you at these hours. So very helpful, dear. You must either be a night owl like I am or youre on the other side of the world.


England, but I’m often on late or early by UK standards. :slight_smile:

Think of the course as a framework, the general outline of what to do. Most things you can asfalt to suit you conditions and working spaces.
There are practitioner on this forum that do all evocation work in astral space without any physical tools or whatever so i would assume to anyone watching them they would tops believe the person is meditating or focusing on something. Other wanna indulge themself in all psychdrama (im inbetween myself).
If possible stay as close to whats outlines in the course to start with and thats for the simple reason EA says that you should use a proven system and once you maste rthat you can modifie it.
But ofc still do the changes you need to be able to do it and as @Lady_Eva says this forum is packed with ppl willing to lend a hand or share experiences and ideas.


@Grimner, agreed. The expectation was to have a private forum of same level students. Not this but it is what it is.

I have routine and structure expectations when I pay for something but…I’ll adapt. I always do.

Im successful in other areas and its just a matter of time that my small breakthroughs become large ones.

Yea i can understand that, i didnt believe there was a class when i bought the course and even so my ego is so big that i dont ”need” anyones help(;

But there are more ppl here that probobly are om the same level or have been there and all misstakes you will make and all questions you will probobly have during the process you share with tons of ppl here and there are help and guidance to get. This forum is a great tool to use.

And im sure you will get great results you have the drive for it and thats what matters.


While I was gazing at the ceiling/wall crack for a while earlier today (10 min is a while for me #dontjudgeme around 1am EST) this is what I saw. I wasn’t really calling to anything mostly looking for the sprites…

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Start your own group or join a discord

Meh…I dont want to. Not my job for the blind to lead blind. If I was a rockstar in this particular field then sure. I can share successful knowledge about a good many things but TF I need yet another group for? This forum will suffice for those conversations. Also, I only use discord lightly for gaming. Let this thread serve as the “Mastering Evocation” water cooler.