Share Your Circle of Pacts

I gotta do it, I just gotta

Feel free to share your COP :slight_smile:

I spent the last god damned hour on this thing. I can’t NOT show it off, now can I?

c’mon, whip em’ out. I don’t want to be the only one with my private parts hanging out :stuck_out_tongue:

now finally - off to bed … zzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz


Beautifully done, man! What material did u use?

@Bran & MarkOTB, I was actually going to order a muslin as well until I swung by Walmart on a whim. I’m actually totally and completely against Walmart and their ethics. Boycotted them a long time ago - but when it comes to ascent, I’ll throw a boycott out the window faster each time.
At any rate - they have these cheap ass black sheets. This was a $4 twin-sized flat sheet. They DID have a full 108" x 102" queen sized sheet (almost exactly 9x9) - and I almost got it except for the immense size of such a CoP. 9x9 is pretty huge, and even though I wanted to stay traditional with using the magic number 9, I don’t really have an empty space in my home where it would fit comfortably. On my way out I swung by the little arts n crafts isle. They have little foam brush sets of 4 for 96 cents. Grabbed one of those, and the paint was a little $2.30 bottle of “Apple Barrel” acrylic paint. The color labelled is "20401 Bright Red"
I made the rough draft with a white colored pencil first (I couldn’t find my chalk, and this was spur of the moment) tied to the end of a string looped around a CD spindle set in the middle as a compass. Shortened the string and made another circle for the inner circle. I used a geometric trick to map out a perfect equilateral triangle and drew it out, using a broomstick as my “ruler”. Then I used a plate more or less for the three small circles and the crescent moon at the top (just happened to be the perfect size). I penciled everything in and painted it out.
Speaking of - after I pulled it up last night, a lot of the paint had come through onto the wooden floor - not even a problem. A little spray and some paper towels and that acrylic came right up - no stain, no tough time - just wiped right up. So test your paint on a small corner of your floor first, or lay down some plastic if you’re sketched about that at all.

Brilliant idea for the gateways. I had not considered that.

===== EDIT =====
The trick to making the perfect inner triangle is to use the length of the string from the compass (the radius) and set the cd spindle on the upper edge of the circle. swing the compass around until you meet another edge of the circle and mark that, then swing it around the other way until it meets the other side of the circle and mark that. Do this all the way around. You will end up with 6 points perfectly spaced around your circle. Simply choose the uppermost point and the corresponding two other points and connect them. Bring the triangle in a couple inches so as to not let it actually come in contact with the inner circle.
===== /EDIT =====

[quote=“DKM, post:1, topic:225”]I gotta do it, I just gotta

Feel free to share your COP :slight_smile:

I spent the last god damned hour on this thing. I can’t NOT show it off, now can I?


This looks awesome. I am no artist but you may consider on making more and selling them to BALG members.

Just a thought.

Cool, Keep it up.l

c’mon, whip em’ out. I don’t want to be the only one with my private parts hanging out :stuck_out_tongue:

now finally - off to bed … zzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz[/quote]


Beautiful, DKM - absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiring share … and here’s to Me making one JUST as awesome!!! :wink: Z

while I’ll admit mine gets the job done, you’re is right down to the design.

Thanks guys, but seriously, you haven’t seen it up close yet :stuck_out_tongue: lol
It has a lot to be desired, truuust me. But hey, this thread isn’t about just mine. I wanna see what everybody else has come up with. We need a collage of CoPs :smiley:

[quote=“MarkOTB”]And how do you get a pic to show up in a post? Do you upload it to a photo sharing website and just put an embed link to it? TIA

EDIT: I just read the guide to posting so its all good :)[/quote]

ah, heh - I was right about to tell ya :stuck_out_tongue: heh

That’s inspiring DKM! I notice that you use a different circle than I do. I use the one on page 77. I thought that was the circle that was meant to be used. I gotta read up on chapter three and four again I see.
I’ve never tried using a cloth circle before. Whats it like during ritual? Much prettier than mine!

Here’s a photo of the circle I’ve used the past two nights. It looks used, not very pretty.


Oh, well - maybe I’m mistaken :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m going to have to read the chapters again too hehe
No way! A ritual circle is amazing period! I love the way the look. They’re just so raw and full of energy :smiley:
So - I have one massive canvas with the usual circle and triangle on it for normal evocations, and then I just made this one last night. I actually like using a fabricated circle. They start to gather energy and build a “personality” with little idiosyncrasies.
So, that’s the circle for opening the gateways right?

Here is my permanent Circle of Demonic Pacts:


DKM - I think it’s me that’s mistaking here. :wink:
I wonder what difference it will make to redo the circle in the correct way. I will still red up on it first though. And yes, ritual circles are epic! Mine isn’t pretty granted, but that’s not to say that it isn’t awesome in it’s very own way. :slight_smile: About fabricated circles. Yeah I can see how that would be. I mean, portable fabricated sacred space isn’t far from unheard of in religious praxis. The Muslims use special carpets to pray on from what I understand, which in and of itself is an epic idea! Yes, that is the one to open the gateways, atleast I think it is. From what I remember it is to be used to further make pacts with Azazels subordinates…I gotta reread it again. Can’t remember exactly what was written.

Timothy - wow…now that’s dedication :smiley:
It looks beautiful! Never had tatoos, but if I was to get one, then I would definately also get one that matters to me spiritually. So…do you use that circle someway? If so, how?

@DKM: I agree about the use, the familiarity & the gathering of energy that comes with making your own permanent circle - I’ve even done it with the cloth I use to wrap my Tarot Just something about impressing your personal intent upon it while doing the artwork…

@ATTIS:Chalk on a bare floor has the same “wilfull act of intent” but it might be even more powerful at first, because drawing it “in the moment” keeps you focused on what you’re planning to use it for NOW. And I, btw, am never caught without a piece of chalk; you just never know!!

@TIMOTHY: Dude, that is hands down the coolest, most practical body art I’ve seen to date, (Plus, YOU don’t hafta bother carrying chalk around anymore!) Just gorgeous!

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I totally agree Zoe! Spur of the moment circles have a very potent type of energy to them, no doubt

Timothy! That is fucking metal dude! Nice!

Attis, yeah, I just read through the chapters again too :stuck_out_tongue:

Timothy, I’m in awe now!! Makes me jealous! Am I mistaking or is that tattoo still fresh?

@Attis, never mind the chalk,… always works. And indeed, that’s one of the Gateways of Damnation you’re using there.

@DKM: gimme some time. haven’t started on the circle yet. First thing I’m gonna do is get in touch with Dra’tallon and he’s not the kind of guy I want to meet in the COP, not yet anyways. Actually, just to be safe I’ll work with his sigil first before actually evoking him.

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Bran, can’t wait man! :smiley:

Awesome man, just love that, very creative. I agree you should sell them to lazy unartistic people like me haha

Timothy, would you share with us your thoughts on getting this tattoo? What power do you draw from it? How much do you risk? I bet having this is at least some kind of psychological power booster. Please speak of it.

Here are my experiences so far:

I got the tattoo 2 days ago.

My artist is a trusted friend, and applied it without any problems. Although, for the record, it’s a very difficult place to tattoo, because it’s on the inside curve of my left arm, and I had to lay down to receive it.

I’ve never had the sharp needles piercing my skin again and again feel so pain-free in my life. In fact, it felt pleasurable, and I’d often find myself involuntarily tripping out inside my mind in fantasy as the ink was inserted under my skin.

And after a few minutes, my artist would say, “Hey Timothy, you there bro? You OK?” And I’d snap back into reality, wondering how the fuck I was able to mentally escape what usually feels like pseudo-torture. (The worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life was tattooing the word “IMMORTAL” in big letters on my chest.)

There was a moment, an hour after I walked out of the parlor, where I sat down on a bench, removed the bandage, and looked at the tattoo for the first time.

All I saw was my dark red blood weeping out of my skin, and smearing all over the black tattoo, as if consecrating it for the first time.

And instantly I received a vision of this Demonic Circle as a LIVING BEING on the astral plane, feeding on my blood in the physical, now ready to serve me.

I live in a dank, shadowy basement, with all the windows covered in heavy drapes.

And every night I lie in bed, and scry into the black darkness of my room in front of me.

Typically, I see pitch-black spirits of varying abstract shapes - darker than the darkness of the room - encircling my bed, flying all around constantly.

After they circle, I often see basketball-size violet spheres drifting in front of me, floating into my face, bumping off it, rotating out, as a new sphere floats up to my face, bounces into it, and rotates out, and so on, like an assembly line of anonymous purple energy, that taps into my face, and rolls out of the way.

Mind you, this is a nightly occurrence that has transpired for several years now. And sometimes, it can be annoying, to the point where I get fed up, and turn on the lights to drown it out, so I can sleep.

But on the night of the tattoo, and each night since, these unidentified spirits are in swarms, flying around my bed, as if forming a strong, defensive blockade of perfect blackness around my bed. It’s as if it has gone from just 5-10 spirits, to a hundred.

My theoretical explanation is that by branding myself with an overtly inviting mark - by embedding the symbol of Demonic Pact inside my very flesh - I’ve opened up a permanent telepathic line of communication directly to any spirits on that energetic wavelength, and my subconscious mind is now actively evoking them to be with me at all times.

Furthermore, last night, I scryed into the blackness of the space in my room, cited, “Alash tad Al’ash tal Ashtu” for the first time since getting the tattoo, and I was IMMEDIATELY driven into a deep, captivating trance. (The sudden power of which took me completely by surprise, and startled the shit out of me)

From inside this gnosis, I simply spoke the name, “Belial”, and in this moment I could feel the watchful presence of this spirit at the foot of my bed, inside my mind.

I rested in this trance, then I repeated the litany and said goodbye, and fell into the soundest, most vibrant series of lucid dreams I’ve had in a long time, containing all kinds of explicitly sexual and magical themes.

That’s the story so far.

P.S. Several times, I’ve woken up to the realization that I was just performing evocation inside my dream. And I’m consciously able to recall and see the spirit I was just enjoying a conversation with on the astral in my sleep state.

I’m almost sure that these unnamed spirits surrounding me are the result of some kind of agreement I consented to during a dream evocation.

I know I could do a blind evocation to question one of these creatures, but an intuitive voice in my mind counsels me, and prevents me from interfering or even involving my waking-conscious mind in the affairs of my dream-consciousness.


Well hot damn!