When to just give up on getting a specific person?

Trust your feelings!

I say never give up though, just stop trying so hard.


You already exhausted your desire, that’s what’s supposed to happen. That’s one of the goals of a successful ritual. The last part is an act of will, a decision you make by being certain of the outcome. Connect the action with an expected reaction in your mind logically. Then let it all go… give up on doing more rituals and forget about the whole thing.

Focus on yourself and improve your life with your skills. The more you feel better about yourself and your life, the more success you’ll attract, including the success of your previous spells that you forgot about.


Thanks. I also think I should do a spell to destroy any competition or any relationships that he has with other women. I don’t know who else he is seeing by name (if he even is seeing anybody else). Could I do a spell that vague saying, “Destroy N’s romantic and sexual relationships with any woman other than me?”

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Yes it’s very popular and powerful spell, I think it would help you a lot. Hate to say it but make sure that’s what you really want

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Thanks. I’ve done breakup spells before on specific people, but never something so vague. I didn’t know it could be done. Do you have a specific demon you suggest working with for that? I was thinking of Leraje maybe? Or possibly another one.

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Also if you or anyone else has advice on phrasing it correctly, please let me know.

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I’m not experienced in working with demons… I think you can find a lot of those spels here if you search old posts… They also mention best demons to work with.

I use Gordon Wintefield’s GOM book for working with demons. So I phrase the command by just saying what I desire in the present moment. So I’m guessing I would say “Any romantic or sexual relationship that N has with any women other than me are completely destroyed and ended”.

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If you have that book then you already got everything you need. It’s great for working with demons for anything. Your statement of intent sounds perfect. I suggest you choose a demon from that book and do the spell anytime

Thanks, I will hopefully do it sometime this week. I think I finally decided on the correct wording. I would appreciate/love feedback. I also think Leraje may be the best choice for this. Also I have worked with him before so there is a comfort level for me.

Command: N’s romantic and sexual relationships with any women other than me, are permanently destroyed and annihilated.

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Sounds great, simple and clear. I got the book lately and read a lot of positive feedback from other members here. I think you’ll get good results from it

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Perfect answer​:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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thanks a lot :)))))

No, I know I really want him. He has some bad qualities but no one is perfect, and he fulfills most of the qualities that I want in a husband. Also I really love and enjoy spending time with him.

Thank you, hoping it works!

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so he’s worthy! girl, what you’re waiting, take your man (if you haven’t took him already)
trust your power, the power of the spirits and thats nothing to worry about anymore

Do you think doing the spell with Leraje is a good idea? I’m thinking maybe there could be other women in the way slowing down this manifestation, because I haven’t seen him in almost 2 weeks, and he hasn’t reached out in almost a week.

try doing this spell

if you feel need of more spells do the ea koetting love spell or this

I’ve pretty much done the layered love spell involving Goetic spirits except for one of those demons. I did them all within a week. There still seems to be something holding this up from fully manifesting, which is why I’m thinking of doing a spell to destroy any competition.

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