When muslim targets do not respond to love work & their family do not respond to manipulation

i split up with a guy i was dating 3 years ago
he was basically the love of my life
i wanted him to marry me etc
he has been with other girls since then i have had work done over and over on him and no results!
also had work done on his folks also no results!
anyone suggest anything else?

Are you two still in contact?

we were in a kind of a way until he decided to block me everywhere a few months ago

Do you know why? Until you’ve taken full accountability for your part in the fallout it will be very hard to know how to proceed. It won’t be a single spell situation. Multiple steps.

-Ease resentment
-Prepare for a hard conversation where you take accountability.

Then you need to find away to make contact that isn’t pushy. The right hand written letter can be very powerful.

The target finished with me because he wanted to mess around with other girl
He has a narcissistic ego that loves himself
I had been nothing but loyal and faithful but he was bored

deep down in the core of who you are do you want to be with someone who has narcissistic personality disorder? If not that may be a blockage you have to work out.

The situation being what it is, you’re going to probably have to throw yourself at him like the other did

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SO why do you want him back? Curse him


Yeah that part got me lost
So you know he’s a piece of crap to you
But because you put your bet on him and lost
You wanna bet again knowing he’s basically the same ?
I understand your devotion and your ressentement as well as your feeling of injustice.

But please for yourself don’t go back to him
From what you wrote he’s the type to just switch girl without thinking much about it
I hardly see a basic love spell work on that kind of guy if you still think about gaining him back

An obsession one Hhhhmmm might trouble is mind for sure but if he does come back, this guy with his base personnality, he’ll crawl back in despair like a zombie, have an horrible life from now on or nothing and you’ll be the one even more obsessed, if it fires back


muslims are dangerous… you are obsessed probably by the hands of them

get over him and live your life

It’s certainly possible to do, anything is

But yeah you don’t come across as liking this guy :sweat_smile:… I would be beating myself against a brick wall if I did love magick on a target I didn’t actually like!!

I’ve had a Muslim partner, I adored him he’s a great guy… but our cultures were just so different, and that can work but it takes time and an element of sacrifice on both sides to understand each other and make that work and then some with families

So you’re trying to target a guy you don’t particularly like who’s going to be even more work if you succeed… why? It’s a very difficult target you’ve given yourself

The narc will generally have a stronger will than you - he’s manifesting his desires too either unconsciously or consciously and probably has the advantage of a stronger will here

And it’s possible that they’re using protection within their faith against manipulation and energy work

Ok so if after all that you still decide to continue with this target… well, you’ve got to like him, and view him as easy and not resisting you… if you think of it as difficult it will continue to be… difficult

You don’t get what you want, you get what you decide you have

How can you possibly put out the energy of having this partner when you consider him hard to get and dislike him… you can’t give out the emotion of being happy with him at that starting point as you’re telling the universe he’s difficult and going to be terrible for you


I know
Im so stupid i fell for all his words etc
I had never felt that way for anyone in my life the way i did about him

I do still love him after everything and have not dated anyone since
It hurts me everyday

Yeah, he’s piece of shit that doesn’t care about you at all, the love work you need to do in on yourself to release the addiction. You can’t actually MAKE someone love you, their freewill is the ultimate say - take a hint.

Cut the cords. Eclipse him with someone that actually treats you like you have value. Or at least, is decent in bed. Stop being controlled by old, unhealthy energy.


I get that, but you’re coming from a powerless flex here

He is still hurting you

You need to flip it to you being in the place of power and see and feel it that way before you will be successful here. I have a post I’ll try to figure out linking I wrote some time back called ex back rant or something like that. If I can’t figure out how to link I’ll see if I can tag or pm it to you as I could write it all again but I have already written it on here

You stop wanting him, feel the emotions of having him and start seeing him wanting you to have any success with this

But before you do… really contemplate why you are so hung up on this target, will he really bring happiness? It’s fine if you think yes … go ahead and carry on. I’m just trying to say that there are much easier targets which could be ones who make you happier even if you haven’t met them yet… maybe you just want to feel the way you felt with him? Someone else could do that!

Narcs don’t really make great people to be partners of, they chew you up and spit you out and leave you feeling so shit and broken… all the qualities you like in this one, can exist in someone who isn’t a narc… and they would be soooo much easier to target!

But if you plan to carry on, yeah it’s possible but you have to take back YOUR power to do it!

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Ex back method

I’m hoping this works!


Thanks so much
I understand what you saying though
I do have a couple of others i have been talking to i might go on dates with who are non muslim and also not narcs

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Nothing wrong with dating muslims, but if they’re practicing and have a traditional family… you’re going to have to convert at some point. Wasn’t a sacrifice I was able to make - I left exoteric religion, I didn’t want to practice another or give up my esoteric interests

Sort of ties much stronger to their culture as well as their faith

They happily date often outside of their faith… but they won’t marry you unless you conform and convert in my experience and I respected why my muslim ex wouldn’t and he respected I couldn’t… we let each other go and carried on but enjoyed a relationship for a time before we reached that conclusion

Plenty wrong with dating narcs … annoyingly they’re often very charismatic and sweep you off your feet before you realise they’re narcs!

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You’re not stupid. For all you know, he may have half-assed cast a spell on you when he was interested. Love is a helluva drug.

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I normally don’t deter grown folks from doing what they want to do…but in this case, if you truely believe this guy is a narc then I would steer clear, let him go, do some work on yourself, get into you and when you’re ready, manifest the partner that’s right for you.

These people suck the lives out of those near them. The hurt and anguish they cause people is just unbelievable. This is coming from someone that has a baby with one of these creatures. Yes, creatures…the way they treat people is disgusting. They eat people alive, chew them up and spit them back out, only to move on like nothing happened…no emotion, nothing. The whole time they’re with you, they have a whole harem of partners on speed dial telling them all they love them, need them etc.

In my case, the hurtful part is I was never in a relationship with the guy, we were good friends, grew up together and I thought I knew him. Now I’m just disgusted by him and his behavior and I feel sorry for the woman that allowed him to move in with her and her kids after knowing him a few days. He needed a place to stay and she was the first choice. He discarded our child to make her happy, won’t even see our son unless she can come with him…it’s just a sick mind game because I won’t leave my husband for him & he’s trying to make me jealous. I don’t get jealous & I don’t play games.

In any event, if you find yourself still wanting this guy and insist on doing work to bring him back, then you’d have to break him down & change him to where he loves and respects you…whether you feel the time AND energy needed to do that is worth it is your call.

It wasn’t in my situation, it’s not worth it to me…

Good luck :bouquet:

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The biggest roadblocks most people face with dating Muslims I’ve noticed is… theyre way to controlled by their parents.