Never failing ex back method rant

I wanted to rant so here’s my rant… which no doubt at some point someone may direct me back to read for myself

Manifesting an ex back

No it’s not hard, no it usually doesn’t occur overnight, and no you don’t need them

Step 1: go no contact. Don’t need to block them or explain anything just simply stop :stop_sign: stop stalking your ex on social media! It does you no good to pull your vibes down obsessing over what they’re up to and harassing them is not going to make them realise they can’t live without you… it’s going to scare the fuck out of them. No more texts, calls, checking… JUST STOP :raised_hand:

On average it takes someone around 30 days to forget the anger they feel and start to miss you.

If you can’t do this… do you really want your ex ? I mean you’ll do anything to get them back… really? If so, going no contact is EASY

Step 2: realise you are addicted to your ex. You are obsessed and addicted and this kind of wanting is a horrible energy for someone to feel. It’s not attractive. Realise withdrawal is needed… you’ve lost yourself… again, don’t text this to your ex… right now they really don’t care! No excuses, no contact!

Step 3: it is exhausting to be responsible for anyone else’s happiness, your ex is not going to be happy being responsible for yours… they don’t want to be drained… even if you get them back, they will leave and you’ll go through this shit again if you don’t start taking care of YOURSELF. You need to do things that make you feel good… that lift your vibes and if you’re so codependent on your ex you are clinically depressed… you need to do all that stuff you roll your eyes at and think is bs… yes, you do need to do self love meditation, eat, excercise,

Here’s the thing: you need to detatch FULLY. You need to swing the power balance. You are no longer chasing them. Even with magick… you become the prize they seek. They are not your golden ticket to happiness. You are theirs.

Step 4: use whatever method of magick you want… because YOU are the magick. So pick one you actually believe in! Pick one you are confident has worked.

Step 5: go about life, you’re not going about it if you put life on hold. It’s fine to be single, it’s fine to date others, it’s fine to forget about them altogether

Step 6: Notice they’ve come back… but do you want them? It’s up to you.

You see they aren’t seperate from you, that’s just an illusion. They are a mirror of exactly what you expect … which is why learning to love yourself and respect yourself as corny and bullshit as it sounds is a MUST.

If you need to msg and ask if it’s possible to get them back… here’s the answer… yes. This has never failed me and I’ve definitely done it on several targets and from such hopeless situations as blocked on everything

So why innerGoddess are you then not in a happy relationship with one of your exes? Because none of my exes have made me happy. Only I can do that.

Manifesting someone back… is easy. Wanting them when they come back is harder. Breaking addictions to toxic relationship patterns is harder.

End of rant. It’s easy to do!

Oh and how long will it take? As long as it takes you… does it matter? You truly want your ex back… you’ll have them back :heart:


I think when you do all of the things you’ve mentioned- detach, do things to improve yourself, you attract someone better than the person you’re trying to manifest back.


Often you do, yes


Thank you. I needed to read something like this. It’s much better than the cliche remarks like’exes are exes for a reason’ and such. Detachment has been the hardest part for me


YES. Once I broke my evil ex’s hold over me and started living my own life again, he came crawling back.


It’s been 7 months since I’ve been dumped. We ended on good terms. I’ve had a few spells and novenas done. I haven’t seen any major change although she does keep in contact with me. she messaged me a couple of weeks ago( I don’t reach out just to see if the work i had done is taking effect). Sorry for the rant, but iv exist recently started moving on and not obsessing over it


This is in general a good reminder. Kudos!

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I’m totally stuck on this part.
Idk how to mentally and spiritually not give a shit. The few times where i went no contact and they messaged on whatever platform, i ended up messaging back.
I tried blocking them only to unblock them… because of that.

At this point, i realize that im miserable and i have control over my situation.
I think the only thing to do is to accept that this is toxic for. Ive moved on before from bad relationships, so i know i can do it.
Im trying to place them as spam now and have blocked them on most everything. I realize it triggers me too much when they message me.

My mental health will be so much better if i listen to this.

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Very very very true couldn’t agree more!

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