What's the most retarded thing you've done in the occult


I got a big head with Astaroth, and I talked down to her, to which she snatched me up, and I was no longer able to utilize energy until I made a sacrifice and offering for her later that night.

She wasn’t angry, but she did demand an apology. The story with the angel made me think of this exact issue.


Well, at least he answered…


Ahahaha yea, loud and clear :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


in the middle of conversation with Bune…i smelled something funny and I was like,Bune did you just Fart?


LOL was it the sulfur? :sweat_smile:


yeah but stinking lol


trying to get demons to do my biding they do what they want if they help you great otherwise they aren’t slaves…


Yea sulfur always stinks :joy:


So I met this girl on POF, got catfished. Looked cute and all,
I felt that we were compatible, that she might have been compatible with me, all interested in the LHP,
Says she was working out and shows me some pics on POF, she looks fit with a nice ass.

But when she showed up, looked like Peter Griffin (Family Guy), I swear to god. Kinda creepy,
But in reality, pot belly, flat ass, saggy flat tits. Damn i got catfished. Pussy is Pussy, but damn. But she drove over an hour to come see me. I felt obligated to perform. Should have never had her come to my house. Should have met elsewhere.

And as usual first time they see me, they want to fuck. Every fucking time. Usually between 6-8 rounds.

She comes off as low self esteem, fearful, and shy. Sex pretty much exposed all her bullshit. Once turned on she can suck a mean dick. Damn near choking herself unconscious, dick starved like I’ve never seen before. The look in her face, I see the dick starved demon, like the Grudge Bitch, she’s lost in the moment. The freak is out. Tells me she loves Anal, but my size scares her. I don’t like fucking a girl in the ass.

Overdelayed Refractory Period, i just want to sleep, fuck that, i want to hibernate. Can’t, sonething is off about her. I tell her everything about the occult. We do a ritual in my “meditation room”. I got all the same shit that Archaelus has. I summon Lucifer, bang on my Himalayan Singing Bowl, chant Lucifer’s Enn. Also an invocation from the Temple of Ascending Flame played on a Bluetooth speaker from YouTube. It’s dark, smoke thick incense fills the room, a few black candles burning in red glass holders. It’s another dimension, an altered reality. I end the invocation and we silence our minds waiting for Lucifer to speak thru us. Something tells me, this woman is hiding a bunch of shit and I shouldn’t trust her. (I mean she did Catfish me after all).
This is supposed to be her first time, but something tells me it isn’t. Weird shit. I had the Asian Sigil of Lucifer drawn with my blood upon it. She was staring at it, later tells me she sees red eyes glowing out of it. I know women are more intuitive than me, but this early on, especially from someone who says they have never done meditation before. Somethings not adding up. I’m scared to go to sleep next to her. Starts talking about decapitation of heads and the losing of consciousness, asks for my thoughts on it. My Samurai Sword is resting on her side of the bed. WTF did I summon, maybe I should do a LBRP.

She’s talking about the future, like we’re married or something. How were going to do all these Amazing things. I’ve already told her I want to go to Cambodia in search of a Treasure. She knows this, but goes off on a tangent. I’m starting to see why she’s still single at 47.
I got a Crazy Bitch.

She ups and goes, calls me an hour later, says that my shirt was found in her purse. Has no idea how it got there. My Zagan Sigil Shirt that I also use as a Thangka when I go skyclad during a ritual.

She’s curious as to what the symbol means, I send her some info about it. Tells me that it was perfect, for it’s a sign that we are to be together.

I feel she took it, so she’d have a reason to come and see me again. If, I wanted it bad enough, I’m like fuck it, I don’t need it that bad, i can always order another one.

I dunno, i do want her to be interested in the LHP, to be an ally in promoting it. The more we have on our side, perhaps one day the 3 parasitic death cults will be gone, but i feel she’s only into this because she found a god worthy to satisfy her like none other.

I gave her some meditation and bodybuilding programs, she subscribed to my Youtube channel so she can access all my playlists on these subjects. She’s so impressionable, I could mold her, but I don’t need her dependent on me, she needs to think for herself.

Maybe if I wasn’t so good, maybe I should have nutted earlier, really sucked at it. But I can’t, I like to show off how good I am. Fucking Pride. I don’t know what to fucking do. Beleth, man he comes thru. But it seems there’s a price to all of this.



Fuck that’s epic.and also, I am SO signing all PMs to male members with that line now.

New member: Lady_Eva, sorry to bother you, can you tell me how to upload from Youtube?

Me: Yes, just paste the link in on a new line.

And no worries for the PM.

It’s a sign we were meant to be together.


I’m just waiting for “Hi Balg forum, new girl here! need help, I fucked this guy and even though I’m far hotter than him and he’s just a neophyte, he’s my twin-flame, I have his ritual shirt, how do I bind him to me foreverrrr…?” :smiling_imp:


Yeahh…dont waste time on online people. Its nice to talk long distance but dont get your hopes up with that. Be near a good sized city and then call Beleth for only the cute girls. Go for college girls; FRESH pussy. Real sugar and spice where everything is nice.

Then you can truly feel like a Sorceror Supreme…a God is uplifted by a Real Goddess.

Oh most retarded thing Ive done in the occult. Not being specific enougj…calling wealth demons and asking them to make me rich. Now I still expect that its just a work in progress. But yeah very stupid.


She’s not hot. But lick my nipples and I will rise to the occasion. I felt I was opening somethingnin her. I think i did that, she says she normally doesn’t drink caffeinated drinks, gave her a 5 Hour Energy. Something got evoked. She started swearing, got aggressive. That’s what I wanted to see. Says she enjoys this new feeling and wants to drink this shit from now on. I hope so. I hope it fucks all her shit up, complete damnation, then like a Phoenix, she can rise from the ashes and make real progress.


Just got a text message on my phone. Says somebody is trying to access my email. Could be this bitch. I think i should change my password.


If she ever was, trust me, she still thinks she is. :wink:


Listening to half-assed advice on forums.


Tried to do a sex spell evoking the planet Mars without clearly stating or writing out my intent. About got into 5 bar fights, had a psychotic episode, and ended up scaring the shit out of my roommate. Lesson learned…


How do you evoke Mars?


:woman_shrugging:t2: out of boredom and noobness i called Belial and told him he can toy with me!! :sweat_smile: oh boy! He tossed me around in the astral like a ping ball! Scary but fun!


Pulling an all nighter to monitor a rituals outcome AFTER I already had been awake for almost two days straight for mundane reasons. Will never do this shit again.


Same way you evoke any other spirit, or an object. When you evoke planets they dont really communicate per say. You may have some envoy spirits but the planets themselves seem to just be raw unfiltered power.