What's the most retarded thing you've done in the occult


You gotta get on good terms with them first. They are set to inherit the Earth when humanity perishes and it is rightfully theirs in the first place anyways.

Now for me my biggest mistake was getting myself moved to Oregon. It seemed like a great success at the time but then the glamor of changed surroundings faded and I realized how much it fucked everything I had going up. Still not out of the clusterfuck.


I created the world then chose to live in it…Both seemed like a good idea at the time so. :man_shrugging: :crazy_face:


Holy shit I have also had those thoughts! 0.0’ not about King Paimon but about others. I don’t know why they are happening. :frowning: I figure it’s me throwing myself into a mind fuck for no reason, that is normal for me tho I am trying to stop it.


Your not affiliated with me


I got myself locked in two different mental hospitals. Both times I had achived an ascended state not unlike kundalini. Neither hospital kept me for long and I did some interesting work with the other “crazies”, several of whom were also experiencing spiritual ascent.

It happened because I wouldn’t stop trying to share my experience with fools. Keeping secrets was a huge part of my path, so I guess that was my karma for betraying my own beliefs.

Oh well. Back in the day, they would have burned me at the stake. Live and learn.


Back in the day when I was considerably less educated in the occult than I am now (not that I’m an expert now by any means though :slight_smile:) I embarked on an entheogenic excursion and summoned an entity that ended up “inhabiting” my friend that was with me at the time. Didn’t summon anyone specific, nor did I banish beforehand or test the entity that arrived–I simply asked for Power and pushed the manifestation of the entity into reality via my Manipura chakra.

When it arrived, I got the impression of something that could use multiple humans simultaneously as puppets to peer out into the world and do its bidding, sorta like how a single security guard at a store can look through multiple cameras at once. As I had had no practical experience with entities before this, I assumed I was hot shit and proceeded to make a pact via telepathic communication without any indication of what it was I was putting up in exchange for this power, and without any specifics as far as what I would gain from the transaction. :crazy_face:

Long story short, I eventually ended up realizing that I had done a pretty retarded thing and that the entity (whatever it was) was just feeding off my energy without giving anything in return. After constant dreams with repetitive motifs of being controlled/puppeteered & spiders, not to mention the energy drain and other resulting havoc that ensued in my life, I finally was able to exorcise myself of the entity attachment via an out-of-body experience on DMT.

tl;dr don’t make vague pacts with mysterious entities while on drugs, kids


Sometimes I do not think about an entity, especially if he/she 's a Demon.
I think I might disturb them, or offend them in a way :sweat_smile:


Ensorcelling a total stranger into becoming the first and truest love of my life. It’s sickening how deep Reality’s payback’s been for that one.


Did you not realize that could hurt you?


It wasn’t intentional. I did it before I knew how my Medicine worked.


Similar to mine. It took me a while to realize that he appeared out of nowhere trying to help me. Before that, I was literally telling him to fuck off and to get out of my life.

My naivity and stupidity almost got me into trouble. Well, it’s safe to say that I fear him now more than I used to. (Btw, I mean Lucifer)


Go war alone against a coven


Oh I have to hear this story if you are willing to share.


Well it’s a long story or maybe a short one but I was living in a old haunted house on my first floor apartment and some other people had their satanic coven in the basement because of a Vortex that was located in the house well other than animal sacrifice and the orgies I got into it with them over various issues and it ended up with me stealing some of their leaders clothes making a voodoo doll out of it and I stabbed him and took his blood and gave him over to demons he was summoning at there own blood alter i than took marble altertop which my ex wife still has and it was a wierd strange thing with a lot crazy in it I basicly just outlasted them with lbrp and shielding never step in grass couldn’t let any one in house as try to golfers dust me several times just plain old fun and by various issues it was over a gril they wanted and I was trying get with now its been almost 20 years ago seems verry foolish and got myself into a lot crazy by being bold


Bold, somewhat crazy, but badass all the same haha.


Things kinda esculated quickly and shortly after show down leader lost truck than went jail other woman lost her kids to cps other two became homeless and another woman in the coven became an addict and started pimping herself out all within this six month period I was being scraced and bit had all kinds bug and rat infestations plus haunting activity started following me to work and was witnessed by co workers and moral of story I didn’t get girl who caused all this drama lol


Sounds like that stuff could be the groundwork for a great novel.


Crazy stuff get into when young full of cum not be offence to anyone


Yes, some of us test the limits more than others, when we are young. I have a past too. I was once put in the detention for instance. Plenty of interesting stories to maybe use later in life.


Oh that’s easy… Tried to call Satan 15 years ago with 0 knowledge, got some really angry demons instead :joy: