What's the most retarded thing you've done in the occult


Yo waddup a fellow slovenian omg


Zdravo prijatelj/ prijateljica kako smo kaj? :slight_smile:


Lep dober dan haha:D ja pa bo za prežvet, kaj pa ti?


bo za zdržat :slight_smile:


Would you say that planets are just giant chakras?


Sorta. Its my opinion other chakras are just facets of the heart chakra. The planets seem to be very seperate and different cosmic batteries so to speak, while chakras are more of ponds or lakes id say.


Leaving the room the moment after I signed a pact, no dismissal, no hello or Goodbyes, just signed it and off I went. This happened 4 years ago. Let’s just say the spirit got real pissed, real fast. I atoned and quickly learned how to properly do it.



Girl with a lip ring:


I may have doubted you lol…


Liliths idea of a learning bout anyone?


Between age 9/10 I tried to turn myself into a mermaid with a million different spells. Then between 10/11 I tried to become a vampire and grow wings for like a year… ah spellsofmagic.com how you fooled me.


I said each of the 72 Djinns’ names from the Book of Smokeless Fire and freaked out about whether or not I drew them to me. That was actually my first post ever on this forum, asking if I had opened a door I could never close and having hell wrought on my life as a result.


Those still sound like good goals tho haha


Trying to become a werewolf when I was 11. Found a youtube video about silverand also a chant saying “I wish to be a werewolf”. Now here I am-already technically a werewolf as a child of Fenrir


Thanks for the reminder, I have to talk to this guy that I met on Grindr for a while before I decide to bring him home for a night. He claims to be about the lhp as well, and he’s already expressed an interest in doing a ritual, but it is grinder.