What's the most retarded thing you've done in the occult


And awesome Kurwa and Cyka👌


im not russian bro. im slovenian. we say kurba and psica :slight_smile:


One time, when I was starting out as an angsty teen, I thought I didnt need the paper I had the LBRP written down on anymore. I decided to try to ritual from memory. I went through the motions and did it right, just I didnt evoke the archangels… I said the names of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by accident xD


Well, this did sound retarded at first.
Evoking Lucifer and Michael in the same room, sounds like something fucked will happen right?

Nope they were just talking to each other casually.


A few of my overly stupid moments:

  • Jokingly daring King Belial to scare me.
  • Getting to feisty and jokingly throw a remote at Azazel… Done it twice… (He knew I was playing, but went for revenge in the end.)

I think I may have issues, lmbo! :sweat_smile:


Stopping mid ritual to muse about teachers for spiritual defence and accidentally evoke Michael.


insulting Santa Muerte, not fulfilling what i was promised to a spirit. in fact, I do not know how I’m still alive.


Frankly, they may feel flattered.


I don’t know about flattered, considering their energy just seems to make you all tingly down there. Frankly most of the time I have questions on whether the tingle aura is intentional or not. But nipple and butt touching seem like it’s done on purpose. Also I loved that show. All hail the dark lord Chuckles the silly piggy!


Some time ago, lubricated by alcohol, offered to let a deceased family member inhabit my body while I had sex. Because hey, it was a nice gift, and my inhibitions were offline in the moment.

Woke up the next day wondering:

  1. what the fuck
  2. how to get out of it without hurting any feelings.

Luckily it never got mentioned again! :rofl:


Probably the whole “time for a break thing” while working with Azazel he gave me a break alright


What happened?


I wrote in the reguler lounge it was time for a break for me ergo no magic for awhile and I’m guessing Azazel got upset about that and coincidently I slipped standing still at the concession booth at a Roller Skating rink I know it wasn’t me for the reason I fell kinda felt like my legs got kicked out from underneath me

Broke my ankle in multiple places and more forgot what it’s called but it’s all fucked up lol

I guess that’s the poltergeist activity I’ve been wanting :expressionless:

Edit: it was also a few lessons together as well shortly after it happened I was sitting there in pain and Kendrick Lamars “Humble” came on


…all I’m willing to say is McKinney, Texas…
…You assholes brought it on yourselves.


For fuck sake, some entity was pretending to be Azazel yesterday to attempt to rob me of my power.

Umma wait a few days before I call on him so it just goes away.
Yea I’ve done banishings and etc.
The best thing u can do in these cases is to wait it off.


There’s nothing wrong with feeling attracted to someone.


Laying there, erect, expecting to feel the succubus hop on (or something). Waited. Went limp. Felt embarrassed. Yep. That happened. Felt that dark uber sexual entity near me, so wtf else was I supposed to do?


i astral traveled to the CIA headquarters…big fucking mistake, that place is overrun by reptilians.


Oh fuck that sounds terrible.


This reminds me of my ‘Top Edge’ thread I made a while back…