What's the difference between Vampires and Werewolf?

Is there any genetic predisposition or hereditary curse like portraited in movies and pop culture?
As little as i understood, vampirism actually exists but werewolves do not, or their magick is way inferior shapeshifting in astral plane.
I’ve always been fascinated by werewolves and vampires stories.

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For a perspective on real vampirism, I like the work of Michelle Belanger, that will get you an idea. It’s all based seeing energy working.

But real vampires are not the source of the fiction, it’s more like the name in the West is inspired by fiction. In other cultures, they’re called other things, such as fox spirits or hungry ghosts.

Werewolves just don’t exist, imo. Dogmen are an actual cryptid in the US and they don’t shift but are anthropomorphic in appearance.

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Do exist any type of hereditary magickal characteristics? Or genetic means nothing?

I don’t think so, personally. And I can easily claim being a hereditary witch from about 5 different ancestral routes. But I’ve been doing magick for 30 years and in my experience, talent is great, but apart from the rare cases nothing replaces doing the work.

Others think differently…
While your waiting for responses, I recommend trying the search feature here to read the conversations we’ve had about it before.

This forum is a goldmine of occult information that few look into, but it’s there for the taking.

Maybe you could

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I believe true vampires as tuning into frequency and siphoning it to your advantage vs the actual Hollywood blood sucking fiends.
The more advanced the vampire the stronger yet more subtle they can do this and the weaker less experienced are more like those winey toxic social people crying for attention by creating drama because they’re starving for energy.

Werewolves on the other hand besides the cryptids listed above, typically mythologized on the focus of murdering without being able to tell friend from foe. It is believed that many cereal killer stories inspired werewolves. However I don’t believe the quote on quote “morph into a humanoid wolf monster”. I think of it more as a current or spiritual vibration that takes over some one like a possession or they’re channeling it. (Probably could see the actual wolf on the astral plane.
This can be induced by stress or trauma or other extreme scenarios invoking this bloodlust spirit for sake of security or psychopathy or as a defense mechanism when life hits you so hard you hit back.

However, I wouldn’t shun the wolf spirit off as bad and only able to be invoked by psychopaths as it can be very useful to channel this in times of war and unity. For example totemism by viking berserkers gave a sense of belonging and strength that made these wolfmen renouned to today.

So think of vampires and werewolves as less around the same and very different from each other. Also not a disease inherited or genetically modified human but see everything as vibrations and energies and you can pick up the vibes of true werewolves and vampires in the modern world. There’s plenty in the Marine Corps and probably why the Germans called us Devildogs
(And as a note this is my truth and my reality so as always take with a grain of salt and come to your own conclusions for your path specific to you :wink:)

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Yes I am sure there is.

My mother’s Filipino blood is much more akin to what people call vampiric. She is a narcassist and is very cunning and sly. She is a night owl and can literally drain people of life force energy. However she does not have fangs and she doesn’t suck the blood of humans. She’s a spiritual vampire.

My father’s mixed Irish bloodline is more akin to a were wolf when necessary he transforms into a beastly monster and can turn into a full blown psychopath. He can destroy people with his hands and body and is ruthless in his mission. However he is loyal to his pack and sees himself as an alpha. He is also very hairy and loud.
He doesn’t turn into a giant wolf on a full moon.

Vampires are more narcissistic whereas werewolves are more psychopaths. That’s the difference.

When you combine the two you get a machiavellianistic ruler like myself. I can vamp on someone and steal their life force or I can outright rip them apart. Or I can combine the two and rule them feeding off their life source and slowly ripping them apart periodically.

BDSM wise a vampire is an owner/master
And a werewolf is going to be more primal hunter/dominant
I am all of the above and that’s all reflective in my preferences.

Literally speaking I do not think there are vampires or werewolves. There are cannibals and people who are like vampires and feast on specific types of blood. In the astral they are probably real and there are definitely werewolf spirits and vampire spirits (I have worked with both).

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My mother is half gipsy so i can relate.

Vampires are an advance in spiritual evolution. Werewolves are just horny furries with too much magick and time on their hands.

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