What powerful Mantra to instantly stop black magic

A victim of deadly black magic. Pin pains in my body, chronic insomnia that sleeping tablets don’t cure. Please help with powerful mantra to stop this effect.

Please introduce yourself to the forum and tell us a bit about yourself in the Intro thread. It is one of the rules here.


At this point I feel like @DarkestKnight is the “new guy” police. :rofl:


How else can I know about someone’s experience before they pepper the forum with questions so I know how to tailor my response?


This Spirit is probably one of your most centrally efficient guide in black magick, be it clearing, healing, self-empowerment, etc…;

Althalln appears as an elderly man with stringy,
white hair and wrinkled skin, yet not at all feeble. He
wears a dingy, blue cloak that seems to always be covered
in some strange powder or dust.
This noble Spirit has gained complete familiarity
with the shadows and the darkness. Althalln will guide the
Operator through the living night in which he may need to
walk, that it will not consume him. He can banish an army
of Shadows in one word, and can gather them together in
Althalln is respected by all spirits, and demands the
same of the Evocator.

Demons you work with can help you too in general, also for automated self-defence (ask them to if you’re having a doubt)

For total clearing, hanuman related, gayatri mantra, the narayana mantra of try a youtube search :wink: these other mantras undo your own pacts too though or demonic agreements.

You will be successful :wink:


Sorry to hear you’re having a problem and even sorrier that your post was met with such rudeness by a member here, this is NOT characteristiuc and will be discussed with that person shortly.

Please do an intro and also advise us if you have any idea what kind of magick the enemy may be using against you.

Magick is like disease, there is no single cure for all forms, so the more we know the more we can help you. :+1:


Kali mantra’s would be useful, I assume you’re Hindu? Taking part in a Puja would also be smart.

And also, stop psyching yourself out, slight pains and insomnia as “deadly”? A lot can happen if you let your own attention set in against you.


Iam a novice and magick enthusiast. I kindly need your guidance.

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It may be voodoo or Islamic magic. Pin

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I am no Hindu…I desperately need any way out. I have consulted a number of so-called black magic practioners but to no avail…took my money and gave me ground spices, red sand that never worked.

“Voodoo or islamic magic”? Those aren’t exactly alike in most cases, what even makes you think its one of those?

As posted above, please post in the Introduction thread and give us any details about your experience.

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I hate to be that guy, but without any background on what’s happening, have you tried going to a doctor? Insomnia can have a lot of harsh secondary symptoms.


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Sir, I have been attacked. I was threatened by someone that I would see and since that night, I began feeling pins piercing in my feet with sharp pains, random pinching pains, sometimes I feel like grains of sharp sand are supported on my body and chronic insomnia that no medication has surmounted. Visited the hospital over my condition but no remedy. Sleeping tablets won’t give me sleep. I have been attacked by either voodoo magic or Islamic magic. Pleas help sir

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I am sorry you are having this problem and hope that you will receive helpful replies, I have to do some other work now but I will reply if I have some ideas for you later. :+1:

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This thread is quite informative and may help:


Please help me if you can with the way out. I am seriously in need of help. I don’t know darkknight

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Thank you

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I think a magic doll is involved. Second, he is a Muslim.and Magic is common in Muslim communities.

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