Protection from Vodoun based attacks

Hey guys! I know absolutely zilch about Vodoun and am aware of someone who happens to be getting hit pretty hard by what I am fairly certain are practitioners of it. I would like to know if anyone knows any particularly effective defenses from attacks from Vodoun practitioners. Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks!


Some practitioners of Vodoun design their curses to strip away and the defenses and then go for the throat. That’s how I design my curses at least. Another issue is that the Lwa are very protective of their children. I’ve even experienced the Lwa offering to attack people who wronged me instead of me having to go to them. I think having a deity for protection might provide a good defense. And if you know the particular Lwa whose energies are attacking you, you could always try to offer to them and ask them to cease their attack. And lastly, an ancestral relationship that’s strong can prevent a lot of attacks.


Sounds right :ok_hand:


Seidr fucks Voudoun hexes up.


Voodoo spells often employ “willful agents”. Their spells will have living energies that are almost conscious.

What confounds many modern magicians seems obvious to most followers of Vodoun and other tribal religions: Terrorize the incoming spirits. Seriously, make a mask of the scariest entity you work with. Consecrate a magic sword and swing it around trying to stab and slash the incoming energy. Threaten the spell its self.

P.S.- Invoke the “red” spirit of rage and survival as opposed to the black spirit of death and silence.


Some of this spirits may not be so easily appeased. Depending on the sorcerers relationship with the Lwa.

Learn more about cleanings, spell breaking, and spiritual baths.


Idk if you can do an “uncrossing ritual” for someone else but I know it works for me personally when entities are involved. I know I’ve pissed off spirits and a good uncrossing does the trick along with exorcism type stuff. Cleansing, clearing, Banishing, and a good relationship with my ancestors and protection deities like Frater M said


Yes you can. I do it all the time.


It’s true that vodoun and lwa are quite powerful but remember what jason Miller said in his protective and defense magic book, that though no defense is absolute no offense is absolute either. I know a simple technique/mudra which will stop ANY black magic, doesn’t matter how powerful it is. The problem then is the attacker may keep hexing each and everyday till something works. Find some protective dieties higher in hierarchy than the lwas, and work with them.


Only way i can see defending or ridding of a voudan working is to summon the LWA who was called for the curse and work with that LWA to make things right

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Please do kindly share the mudra with us as I am trying to help my father avoid hexes from greedy relatives.

Just curious? Is this something you have put into application in ritual and recorded results?


Wat. I wouldn’t bank on a “simple mudra” saving you from legit hexes. Ever.


Simplicity does not necessarily void effectiveness.


Course not. Salt, sage, clapping, chanting, and candleburning are all stellar examples of very simple, highly effective magic. Mudras too. But there are limits.


Precisely. As stated, nothing is quite absolute. I wouldn’t disregard it until it’s been attempted.

Most of these are self imposed to a degree. Whether it is conscious or unconsciously imposed. From what i can tell from over the years the degree of effectiveness is in proportion to the awareness of ones own power. Which can only really be explored through experience.

As we grow in power new boundies or limits arise or are discovered and then through choices and acts mundane and magickal these limits are broken down and boundaries expanded. Thus expanding the sphere of influence of the practitioner so where a series of ritual factors may have been needed for a situation before a simple projective mediation will suffice.

EA gives an example of this in the book of azazel if i am remembering correctly. :thinking:


It is not exactly a MUDRA , but here it is. Go out and stand on the ground, rub the sole of your right feet(bared) on the ground, take dust from that part of the ground and hold it with the tip of your five fingers. Then bring it near your mouth and blow it upwards. You have to blow it in such a say that it goes up and then falls on your head. This is the most critical part. Practice few times and it will happen effortlessly.

Got it from a siddha level yogi who mostly spends time in the Himalayas meditating. But yes, there are siddhas living over 1800 years, like babaji, may be even master sunam. He is probably most junior siddha, attained his state within few decades ago. Not all are of same stature. Tried to be accepted as his discipline but it turns out he is not interested.

He said that, the right part of the body corresponds to the divine and the left part to the astral.( in a relative sense) And we live in the realm of EARTH (where solitary is most essential for life) , the physical world. So using earth and the right side of the body one is basically stopping the attack from manifesting in OUR world. He also said doesn’t matter how powerful the attack, or the attacker is THIS WILL WORK TO STOP IT.

Hope it helps.


Just posted it, check it out.

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Thank you so much for this life saving tip!

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