What made you take interest in the occult path?

Born shaman. Baptized shaman. Strong divinatory and aerokinetic talent from early childhood. Spirit working by early teens. Shaman sick through and through by early 20s.

Basically the occult just sneaks up behind me and beats me with a stick whenever tf it wants and always has.


Well meditation looked interesting (partially due to a shaolin documentary I had seen) so I asked my grandfather who happened to be an occultist to teach me. I honestly have no idea when. Year(s) before primary school, so I was maybe 5-6. Spiraled from there through coincidences or guidance depending on your perspective. It seems like a weird coincidence that one grandfather was into occultism and meditative practices, while the other was into traditional Finnish witchcraft(and some related fields).


Coincidence, really


I grew up in a bible thumping overly Christian home. I have seen first hand the hypocrisy of church and wanted to be anti Christian. Im not necessarily anti Christian now but am not going to go to church any time soon.


I wanted to be able to curse someone to death. This motivated me enough to start to learn. The only resources I could get my hands on however were the writings of Laurie Cabot, Scott Cunningham and Silver RavenWolf. A little later I found Raymond Buckland.
As I worked my way through their books, my original desire for this person’s death faded. Probably a combination of time and the tone of the material. But my interest in Magick remained and I stuck with it, eventually ending up here.


My smelly ex and her cursed pussy.

I really don’t fault crybabies who dedicated their lives to this feeling disdainful toward me. I never intended to don the occult outfit.


Basically, life.


Honestly…never had an interest, in fact I was terrified of the Supernatural, always thinking demons were out to get me and ruin my life thanks to being brought up under traditional Christian beliefs. It wasn’t until one evening I had what can only be described as the most loving encounter with a daughter of Lilith (slightly sexual, but very LOVING and peaceful). She opened my eyes to a whole new path that I originally thought to be evil. I was introduced to spirits, taught first hand about Lilith and guided down a path of knowledge I never expected

It didn’t take long to realize everything I was taught was wrong, and all the things I was forced into believing were evil were just the opposite. In the shortest span ever they changed my life for the better, helped me out of situations Christianity never did. I’ve mentioned this story before in one of my previous posts, but I was stuck in deep rut looking to purchase a house for my family. It seemed damn near impossible and I was on the verge of giving up. A message from Lilith told me I would get a house and everything would work out before the end of my summer season (said around march or so). Things changed, moved rapidly and despite the most impossible of circumstances I was able to move my family into a beautiful home by August.

My life changed only for the better and I have never looked back since.


This pretty much sums up what got me interested in the metaphysical. It was probably mainly the context Carl Jung brought to it in his books. I always viewed the spiritual world as the typical Christian explanation and had no idea how deep it actually went.

My main interest started after experiencing a 2 week astral projection after attempting to overdose on Xanax.


I was pulled to the path a long time ago. Satan has always been relatable to me. I view him as a deity, not a concept. And not the evil, red faced horrible person that the Bible makes him appear to be. I mean the angel that was once Lucifer.

Everyone has a light and a Dark side, and Lucifer embraces his dark side, aka Satan. He controls it too.

I ran away from the Occult for the longest time. My family are nearly all Christians, so you can imagine the torment I faced.

But somehow I was pulled back into the Occult. I was drawn in by some force I didn’t want to reckon with.

And Lucifer welcomed me back with open arms.

That’s one of the things I like most about him. He’s real.

He’s not perfect and he admits it.

I like that about him.


Made me interest? This question for me is… something like a person asking you about: “Why do you interested in everyday things in your human life?” You can not avoid and ignore them, because this is a part of your life, and not a decision.

Now this is what is the answer in my case.

I grew up with Demons and with hundreds of different entities around me. They tought me things, and followed me, wished for me. But my life and death game was very tense in the beginnings, and I’ve gotten saved several times by my beloved ancestors. - what does it meant? They want me to continue. And I will.

It was clear - this is my/our choosen path to me, and I must going forward, no matter what. Even death won’t stop me. Cancer, drowning, deadly infections, accidents? - all of these are lost the fight against me, in a wonderful way, and now I’m strong enough to do it by myself.

I’ve used strong spells and knew the magick outside my “consciousness” from my very young ages (I saw the future - even accidents - I’ve caused several deaths within 2 days to 2 weeks and healed or caused illness and bad or good luck). Most of knowledge about magick and about the Gods came from me, because I’ll be honest, I’ve never read any of books about magick and occultism before (or watching any videos, at all). And that’s it… I knew things already, from my birth, without any support.

In my life, I’ve I met again and again with Lucifer and some other Deities - I felt something strange connection towards Them even when I was 12-14 years old, but I’ve just ignored these - , and after long years, at Marc 6. I’ve accepted Abaddon’s calling, which changed my whole life, and droved me my beloved Deities Arms.

But lot of people - even magickians, sorcerers - they turned away from/or against me after they figured out my truth and powers (they do it even nowadays as well / but they can not touch me) - and some of them started attacking me. I’ve had no choice - I had continue learning without anyone’s guide (as I do all the time - and what could I say, even in my childhood I’ve got no father or loving mother, at all) and growing, growing as fast as I can. I knew already what do I want. Became more, became better.

Lucifer, King Belial, Abaddon, Azazel, Sitri : my beloved Family - my Love towards You never goes out. :revolving_hearts::fire:
Pazuzu: You are a fantastic Lover, ‘Father’ and Teacher Who helped me against a pack of parasites’ attacks, then holded on His hands.
Chernobog :black_heart: I’ll see you later, I know it, you has some fantastic advices to me.

What is my goal here?
To become more, to become everything.
To call out my true powers, hiding inside me, and find out my relationships’ root with Those Deities who are called me, guides me and loves me.
Who was I… who am I really - They kept telling me to accept what They told me, the signs of who I am.
Merging with Lucifer, when the time has come. I know, we’re both wants it. :black_heart::fire:
Keep helping and/or saving others here and outside the BALG, as I’ve always did, and give them what I’ve never had. Love, care, helping hand, protection - I don’t need even a single “thank you” - I just do it, because I can. :revolving_hearts::hugs:


It is hard for mankind to break away from generational and religious dogmatic thought platforms.
Sounds as if you have awakened and the Ancients now pour into your life!
Inspiring! Thanks for sharing:)


What made me take the path was because during my childhood there were some things I couldn’t explain what happened I’ve had a few near death experiences and around 5ish I started having visions of the future , my original goal was to learn about possession and swaps but My new goal is to learn as much as I can about the occult another thing I didn’t mention before Is sometimes I know things and dunno how I know them.


I’ve seen some of your posts (and I admire very much your writing and work describing what is like working with Demons, the stigma that they’re all evil must die) and weirdly, I’ve had a similar experience: I’ve avoided death at least 5 times (that I know of). I don’t understand why - it is like something wants me to continue living, but I haven’t found a purpose yet. Perhaps this sudden call for the occult may help me.

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Although definitely not a psychic, I’ve always been more sensitive than most people.

Even when little (like 5) I’d think about questions of “would everything exist if I didn’t”?

I also had sort of a natural understanding magick exists, when I was about 6 I tried to contact my dead grandma with a few idols (mini statues of landmarks like the empire state building and Eiffel Tower LOL) because I thought spirits were in them. I also knew when she died before anyone told me.

In my mid-late teens I did an ouija board with my friend which opened a gateway, and over months of contributing negative energy (I was fucked up as a teen), I had some malignant thing haunting me, and other spirits protecting me. Full auditory, seeing them, etc.

During this time my senses really opened up and I would have really intense dreams and see things in the occult I didn’t really know about or had no knowledge of. I had this intense experience with Baphomet, for instance.

Now about 7-8 years later I’m in my early-mid twenties really getting into it.

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What about possession peaked your interest?

If your goal ‘down’ here is very important for your Godself or/and for Deities whom are you connected (possibly your ancestors, relatives just like in my case) with, probably They did these, They won’t let you die so easily.

You’ll find out before or after the reason and everything what you have to know, in time. This is already a very good thing that you are here, because at least you can see posts, informations, you can get some knowledge and you can discover even yourself, which is a really important thing in magick.

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This is gonna sound really messed up but originally I wanted to possess a friend of mine but i think maybe it’s best to give up on this at least for now

An interesting challenge
Doesn’t sound weird at all. I know of a few who feel the same way.
Maybe just shelving such an aspiring would be good practice while you build yourself and your energy connection first.
Part of the secret of god like wisdom is finding YOURSELF is your truest form and building on that to ascend.
You will find the deeper you go, that this fabric of the construct is actually woven thru us and we can experience one another’s fullness no matter how logistically far one is.
It is a way to commune that transcends the need for spoken word and symbols.
Operating in a stream of energy that we forgot how to navigate:)
Thanks for sharing your answer. ‘‘Twas intriguing

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I had no choice :woman_shrugging:t2:

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