What made you take interest in the occult path?



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For me it was the search forpower.
Take a look around,you will see many people,espacially young,is just about who is richer or who is more beautiful,who is handsome,etc…
More then average looking girl,you would be surround by a thousand asslickers with their brain is between their legs.
You are rich because of your mothers/fathers work,boy you are the king,you are liked by everybody.
I was born in a poor family,with very bad genetics,my only weapon was that I was always searching,and look where that bring me now.
Even as a beginner many things changed for me,I will be pursuing more.Thats all because I found this crazy forum,thank you E.A and thank you BALG,love you :black_heart:


I talked about it in my intro. My parents are both Christian, but different denominations. Trying to find out the truth & being given the freedom to do so (I wasn’t really raised in a religion) is probably what started it. Led to my life-long study of comparative myths & comparative religion.

My grandma was the biggest spiritual influence in my life & she was interested in many occult things, along with being a Catholic – there were horoscope plaques on the wall along with plaques of Jesus & Mary. I found a pack of “fortune telling cards” in her cabinet (lol, which I just realized is now my “witchcraft cabinet”) & she taught me how to use them. I inherited the gift of having minor psychic dreams from her. She was huge into omens & superstitions, astrology, numerology… so many “occult” things. I took those beliefs almost on par with the Christian ones.

When I was a teen, I got more interested in the occult & became a Wiccan. I might’ve been possessed for awhile at 14 years old & really wanted to get to the bottom of that. Figure out whether I was crazy or not. I found out it might’ve been both – I had/have issues, but those issues didn’t necessarily cause certain things (as in, weren’t real), but just make me more susceptible to unseen forces.

Overall, I’d say my thirst for knowledge, wisdom, & the truth – along with being allowed to find my own way in the spiritual arena – were the biggest factors.


Big self reflection right here. My parents are Roman Catholic and Lutheran lol. So I felt this one in my soul. I wonder how common this is with people finding the occult.

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Catweazle. I was ten or eleven when I first saw it and became hooked.
The first series is the best and so beautifully filmed during an unusually hot and therefore vibrant English summer. They couldn’t make a programme involving an old man and a young boy anymore.



Got into RHP path spirituality chakras, energy, etc.

Looked up a meditation and saw E.A. then I looked at more of his videos and saw he summoned demons, which I was like bruh this guy is mental.

Then I saw ¨Become a Living God¨ came on the forum and saw more insane people summoning demons. So then I started reading everyones works, esp LadyEva´s after a few hours I cae to the conclusion half the regulars were geniuses on some level so I decided to give it a try.


I noticed that real fucked up things happened to people who crossed me or hurt me for no apparent reason, so i got into that.


Probably the voice in my head that literally told me shit i didnt know. “How the fuck do i know this, i never learned this.”

Got me into jungian psychology which lead to tesla and the quintessence and finally, here.