What made you take interest in the occult path?

Ever since I was a child I’ve felt a lot of different energy pouring from my hands. I never understood it perfectly so I simply didn’t talk about it to anyone, until a friend whom I never spoke about it told to me that it was indeed real and it was some sort of gift. I always took interest in learning more about it and the occult in general but I was too skeptical to really give it a try.
Now, after some seriously depressive period in my life (I have no idea how that happened), and [the blurred content is sensitive] a failed suicide attempt, I instantly looked back at my interest for the occult and I decided to put it on practice, first just for fun and to see it works. I’m still figuring it out and I’m reading more about it but I’m very surprised at how divination and simple sigils seemed to work well so far.

I’m interested in learning about your stories. What made you go into this path? Where your interest in the occult came from?


I got interest when i was reading stuff about succubi and Lilith. I had dreams about her and saw her name flashing when i close my eyes. In my early teens i ran away from this path and here i am, got sucked back in here. I guess some of us were meant for this path. Because of Lilith i found this website.


I didn’t want to live an ordinary life. Will not die a boring fuck


Not even gonna lie. It’s to get the things I want


Ever since I was young I have always had a fascination with spirits and demons and I guess I just got into the occult from there.


I got interested through fictional stories. Video games, anime, movies, you name it.

But what made me go for it was a series of strange events I couldn’t explain through the mundane. I got my answers through the occult.


I’ve been visited by spirits for as long as I can remember so I’ve always been fascinated by them. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was very religious since i was a child, wanted to live in a monastery become a monk or prist orthodox.

But since i was very young i was bothered by spirits and as I grew up i started to ask questions “wtf is up Religion”? :thinking:
Keeps changing and sounds like a bunch a bull crap.
i new there are spirits out there and maybe other unknown beings like Aliens that people reported.
I had a feeling there are multiple Gods.

so what got me into the occult you ask? Answers been searching for answers.


I had two reasons for getting involved with the Occult: Becoming something MORE than Human and discovering the truth about the nature of my reality. The religion I was brought up in did not encourage this, therefore I separated myself and began my journey on the path less traveled.


A break up, I wanted to try everything to get her back. But eventually I found out that it was better that we broke up :smiley:


I was born with an affinity, and even as a child, with the most basic mental capacity, I wondered, and held some beliefs that formed the foundation of what I believe today.

Few spells have been cast in my life, but they have all yielded some kind of dramatic result to fuel my faith in it, as I study it as if it was a science.

Fun fact, I don’t use the term “occult” or “magick” to describe my work.
I prefer the term “arcanodynamics”, as I study arcane phenomena and how it interact with reality.

For me, it is not enough to hurry some candles together, spread the incense and say the magick words.

I need to know why the effect occur and how each and every component interact with each other.

So, destiny, and scientific curiosity.


" What made you take interest in the occult path?"

Boredom, curiosity, and a sense of mystery. I had no idea what I was about to step off into. I stepped onto the path and soon the path turned into a conveyor pulling me onto a wild ride. It’s a surreal experience to awaken a part of your consciousness to another frequency, and suddenly you’re noticed by things on that wavelength because that doorway you’ve opened has announced your presence. That was a long time ago, though. No regrets. So many experiences I will never post on a public forum.


I was raised with the Ancients influences since very young.
At age four thru six years the nurturing beings that called themselves the Tian were with me until recent years when I have had the privilege of working with many others .
As I grew up, I saw beings and energy differently. I also became very accustomed to their presences around me.
I dabbled in Magic when I was in my teen years and now that I’m in my mid life I still am studying and searching hard for the answers to questions about the origins of our true spiritual ways.
I love researching archeological and historical texts, grimmoires and books to add to my knowledge of approx three decades of devotion to the LHP
I commune with Lucifer, Belial, Amaymon, Lilith and Azazel
I have worked with Andras, Agares and many other lesser known ones in the echelons.
This path is undeniably the one I was meant to walk out.


My family heritage being Scottish. Clan MacLeod, eventually finding out that we were originally from Scandinavia. So, I took an interest in the norse from that. Before however, I was a Christian and I met a demonologist on discord and she really kick-started my interest. I began to dwell into meditation and started to see things more and more clearly.


My family was religious. They used to tell me when I was a child that after death, spirits of some people remain in limbo suffering and waiting for God’s mercy… They fear hell and hope to go to heaven. I was about 8 or 9 years old when I first decided to go against God’s plan for them and help those people escape their prison.

I collected all information I could get at that time, verses from holy books, personal stories from people about their dead relatives, and magick books. Simple candles and incense… and communicated with those spirits. That experience changed my life forever. And from that time I started to learn and practice magick and witchcraft.


I was fascinated by the occult and the idea of magic from childhood, mostly through sci-fi, fantasy and horror novels, but didn’t try to practice anything until much later in life because of skepticism, though I never stopped wishing that magic was real. The first time I ever attempted magick I wasn’t expecting it to work and I thought of it as a psychological tool to safely vent my emotions, but when unlikely results started occurring I start dabbling a little more, and eventually I realized that the subconscious mind is real after solutions to problems that had been bothering me for years suddenly popped up out of nowhere and I realized that part of my own mind had been trying to give me the answers to these problems all along. Once I started trying to communicate with my own subconscious on a regular basis I started being led down a real occult path.


The first time I was a part of the Occult the moment I stepped away from Christianity I just didn’t knew it. With the very limited knowledge I had from the also very limited sources there were 3 categories:

  1. Occultists -> Demon worshippers/Satanists/bad people
  2. Wiccans (a whole category by themselves)
  3. Pagans (all the rest)

First thought before I learn anything else was to turn to Demons. Things went pretty wrong in my mind (no, they didn’t, I just didn’t knew it) so I ditched that Idea and turned to the other 2 categories.

The second time, after a long period of time staying away from the Spiritual and living completely in the physical, I literally woke up one day and said “If X thing happens, I’ll return to the Occult but with different mindset this time”. So X thing happened less that a year later and here I am!


A combination of a lifelong pull towards it that I can’t help but feel there’s a reason for (and a desire to figure out that reason) and to improve my life and be the best version of myself. Once I saw my chronic illness symptoms basically vanish and my life turn around in just months, I was in.


It started out having a strong urge towards learning about higher consciousness and how to utilize(selfishly) it in my reality. The more I studied and practised different methods,the more I became obsessed with finding out the truth. About 6 or 7 years later I finally reached Tiamat. All of my previous perceptions of life and reality were shattered and even when I tried to go back to that thinking I couldnt, so I just kept pushing. It did me well