What is the best type of protection?

Hi there people,

I am wondering What is the strongest type of protection?

I am doing the Lbrp for a long time and always have a labradorite with me. But i am wondering What is stronger than this & is there anything stronger than the lbrp itself?

I call upon the 4 archangels to guide me as that is What i learned. I dont work with demons or other spirits very intensly yet. I want protection to keep standing in my own power as that is something i need to learn. I want to be like a 1000000 years old tree that doesnt get blown away by external influences.

I want to learn How to become stronger in my own power on all levels. Physical, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

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There’s no such thing.

This is like the “best diet”: it’s the one you actually implement and follow through on. There is no one size fits all, your energy is not everyone else’s energy, your background is not the same as everyone else’s, so don’t expect other people’s methods to cookie cutter on to you. You still have to learn it and develop the skill and that’s only and all on you.

Take a gander at the “spiritual hygiene” tutorials collection, tats where I collected out favourite methods that are popular and seem to have worked for most people. Pick one that you like the sound of, that’s the best place to start: follow your inner guidance.

That said, scroll through and click the “Creating Wars walkthrough tutorial”, that one seems up your alley :slight_smile:

Black tourmaline, imo. I never used Labradorite for protection, that’s for mental strength.

For that check out the “astral development” tutorials.



I cannot find the tutorials on here when i put it in the search….

Is it in the forum? Or you mean YouTube?

Will look into black tourmaline.

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A good search mojo is a matter of getting the right keywords, so when searching, as a rule of themb try different keyword combinations and spelling to find all the things… Here you go:


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I think it’s the pentacle representing the element of earth.


When I was a little kid (under 10 years old), I used to visualize purple shields at Catholic Masses I was forced to go to. Those were probably some of the most sinister gatherings I ever went to in my life lol.

That sort of worked, honestly.

While I’m by no means any expert, I’ve been playing around with quite a bit of protection magick the past two, almost 3, months… something horrible happened, and I wanted to prevent more of the same.

I have little kids, and I wanted to avoid suicide, especially (suicide is contagious — very bad example)

For whatever reason, angels seem to be banishers and protectors du jour. Even many practioners of dark magick seem to use them. So be aware this is an angel post.

Although I’d prefer this wasn’t so, as this author is already very popular (so it seems almost redundant to mention his work), what I can say is that the simple “basic calling” in “Archangels of Magick” (which replaces the LBRP) as well as the Sword Banishing in Damon Brand’s “Protection Magick” are extraordinarily powerful. Fast, too.

The Sword Banishing maybe takes 30 seconds when you’re used to it, and it’s really rather fun. You visualize Kalach and Yohach with mighty swords made of starlight. It’s kind of fun, honestly! I also see them with eyes of intense starlight. I mean, why not! Lol

I also started the “Master Protection Ritual” in the Protection Magick book about 10 days ago. It was VERY odd at first. Lots of incredibly bad feelings the first few days or so.

I didn’t know if it was messing me up directly, or there was just pain leaving, or what….

Now 10, 11 days in, I feel more free than I have in many months. It uses 12 genius spirits to grant you various types of power and protection, and does seem to work! (You keep doing the working for 33 days)

I also rather like the Body of Protection ritual from Ben Woodcroft. It’s just sort of pleasant and interesting. I don’t know if it actually does much, per se. Ben’s “Circle Banishing” is also quite nice. These could be better for all I know. Certainly worth a try.

I also saw someone else rave about Damon Brand’s “Protection against influence” ritual recently, basically saying it transformed their life in some way. That it was a real key they were looking for. I wish I could remember who it is.

This is also in the same book “Magickal Protection”. It’s right in the back. I’ll be trying this next.

Sometimes I even just read the list of 11 archangels in the front of the book (in the activation part you’re supposed to do just once), and thank them for protection. That’s not a recommended technique in the book, but it actually helps, too. A lot. All of the archangels seem to have something to add when it comes to protecting you.

Again, I wish I had some obscure author or technique to recommend…. But interestingly, for protection these very quick and easy rituals do seem to have some mighty oomph to them! Highly recommended.


Also check out @John_John’s contributions in this thread…He has very similar goals are you do!

Seems he’s onto something, so I’ll be reading his recommended books soon.

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I’d suggest a good few books for you.

  • protection and reversal magick by Jason Miller, I have this and it’s my primary source if I want something for protection there is plenty of techniques in that book.

  • Angelic Protection Magick: Banish Curses, Negative Energy, Evil, Violence, Bad Luck, and Psychic Attack by Ben woodcroft. I don’t work with angels but it has a lot of good reviews so maybe something worth checking out? I included this since you said you deal with angels right now.

  • Magickal Protection: Defend Against Curses, Gossip, Bullies, Thieves, Demonic Forces, Violence, Threats and Psychic Attack (The Gallery of Magick) by damon brand. This also has good reviews but I don’t have this one again as I feel personally that above is the one book I need since it works for me but again no harm in checking out right?

These you can all find on Amazon. I tried the best to help you I would list each technique I know from the first book but it’s easier IMO to just give you the book.

If you can’t buy anything right now I’m pretty sure archangel micheal is a good choice but I’m not super knowledgeable on angels and archangels.

Another one if you are comfortable with using this and I use it for protection is the seal of the sorcerer

Now I said if you’re comfortable because of the pentagram and I don’t know cause some people just don’t like that symbol to begin with but look at the icon for this forum lol.

That is all I can come up with off the top of my head at the moment. Hope I helped🙂


Sorry what do you mean by this?

Woah thanks for the reply!

So I have Damon brand’s book and I did the sword banashing a few times to try out after just doing the lbrp for a few months or so. I always send gratitude to the archangels btw and when I did the sword banishing I also send gratitude to Kalach and Yohach of course. I stopped because I felt like it was tooooo easy do you know what I mean?

Like the lbrp feels like more of a shield with burning pentagrams where nothing can come trough and with the sword banishing I felt like it has to come all inside of myself as I knew from myself back then I wasn’t very strong with keeping the protection up during the day… Lbrp has more of an construction am I right? (imo)

Really Thanks for your reply and all the other info.

2 questions here for you: So in your view? is the lbrp all in one? Like is it possible for me to banish with the lbrp/ shield myself for external negative influences / Make possible negative influences bounce back and also ground at the same time?

Second one: Okay if I work with spirits/ angels in protection ritual every morning/ evening is it the case that I do all the work and they assist me right? Because every time if I do the lbrp I feel like Michael and Uriel are hanging on my arms if I do it. Like I instantly feel a strong gravity pull in my arms.

Oh i have a third question… hehe: You said after the big ritual of magical protection you felt uncomfortable at times right? Is it normal to get like some physical stuff that needs to come out when banasing your body and aura etc?

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Thankyou so so much this is really helpful I am going to look at those books!
I just want to ensure that in my life I can create safety on my own. As that is something I really feel I need.

I use black tourmaline for sickness and onyx for protection.
But they are just tools.

This is powerful, because this is what you have repeated again and again. It became stronger and stronger and it worked for you. It became a part of you, it’s your magick.
And that’s why there is no “strongest protection”. It has to work for you.

A shield can be simply blocking harm from outside, or it can be cleansing yourself from the inside at the same time, depending on where you think the harm might come from.


To be honest I think the harm is my own fear sometimes, but I am starting to heal the root of that fear rn in my life, but outside of that big part. I cannot deal and heal that when I also have external negative energy’s around. Rn I don’t think I have bad negative energy’s directed towards me but It can always we be case if you don’t really interact with it right? I just want to take precautions just to be extra safe and to know how to always keep myself safe.

I just want to heal my own shit in peace and break free of that.

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I don’t have much time to respond at the moment, but funny enough when you responded to me, I was in the middle of reading another thread from you !

One of the most powerful forms of protection for you will come from self-forgiveness.

Forgive yourself for being a victim and being pulled into your bf’s or other people’s crap.

That’s a technique taught to me by a Canadian psychologist. I always thought forgiveness was for others. Or forgiving yourself for things YOU did.

No… forgiveness is also forgiving yourself for things other people did, too.

Turns out this is actually a powerful form of magick!

You can also do an angel supercharged version of this. They have a powerful archangel based forgiveness ritual in “Archangels of Magick” by Damon Brand.


Oh and yes — I actually had memories come to me of trying the LBRP for awhile as a teen due to a famous book from Donald Michael Kraig. I didn’t remember that when signing up for the forum again, but I do now.

I would say even the very simple Damon Brand rituals tend to be more powerful. I almost hate to say that — but it’s true. GOM and some of these other modern groups know a LOT. They’ve refined a lot.

EA has, too, if you’re more into the dark side. (But EA also calls angels)

What I can say feels even more powerful from that same protection book is doing the “attunement” ritual with the 11 archangels multiple times. The one they say to only do once — actually try it multiple times lol.

Call out the archangel names multiple times. Then give each one time. Give an entire calling of 11 archangels up to 20 minutes or 30 minutes at a time. Tell each angel your need. “Thank you for protecting me” “Thank you for healing me from the wounds of my boyfriend” “Thank you for curing my heart” “Thank you for loving me” “Thank you for restoring my life”

Cry it out, if necessary. Cry a lot. Let all the pain out, so there’s room to let what you want in. It’s amazing just what calling these powerful creatures into your life can do!

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I’m sorry.

I should say it’s not the Sword Banishing I find to be a replacement for the LBRP, it’s the Basic and Advanced callings in Archangels of Magick.

I do find those to be generally superior in terms of power.

Every time i fall asleep after doing the Basic or Advanced calling, I woke up the next day feeling fresh and free. It’s incredible.

The Sword Banishing itself is indeed quite fast. I don’t “feel it” as much, but it does seem to work!

I would agree, though, it probably doesn’t replace everything the LBRP does. It’s the callings in Archangels of Magick that do that.

I do have some modifications and upgrades to these, as well. Things that came to me to try intuitively. Such as having the circle turn to a sphere once Metatron is done, and lightning all around the sphere. You almost make it a little more movie like and dramatic, and the power goes up. Lightning is important in magick

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Good luck to you. Seems like you’re going the right direction.

Remember though, healing is a journey, and there will be ups and downs.


oh wow this is maybe indeed a form of protection itself. I didn’t thought about it like that. Yes my power was completely taken away from em but I also gave it away to the wrong ones of course. Thats why I feel the need to protect myself at all costs now.

I think a good forgiveness meditation rn and ordering the Damond brand books will do a lot for me.

It’s funny because I bought my first book of Damon brand the ‘magical protection’ one and never really went in it deep because I felt like it felt too easy to do so. Stupid to think that easy doesn’t work. (Haha fucking trauma belief system) Maybe it does… I will look into it again.

And again thank you for your messages & help. I really appreciate it!

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Purple? Email me please I wanna know more about YOU now. You You, Yes you! Your a fascinating person.

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Trauma is hard, dear one.

It’s ok. It seems most of us here have been there in one way or another. Be as gentle with yourself as you can.

For “non-magick” (but still sort of magick lol) help with this, Therapy in a Nutshell on YouTube posted her whole Processing Emotions course. 30 parts. It’s very helpful

They let us post YouTube links here, so I guess I’ll do so

That’s the first one in the series I guess. In the titles they are labeled 1/30, 2/30 and on, until you get to 30/30. I think she has a full playlist of them in order to make watching easy.

If you feel you have very bad or complex PTSD, then also check out “Johanna Draconis” podcast. She also basically gives therapy for free in her podcast, which is rare.

“The Overwhelmed Brain” podcast is also very, very good

As far as Damon Brand goes, yes, please check out his protection book as well as “Archangels of Magick”. Both are very healing. I know because I’ve been revisiting the past few months of extreme and ongoing trauma. They ARE working.

I also overlooked them, to be quite honest.

Ohyeah — I also overlooked “Angels of Alchemy” for self-transformation. That book just looked silly to me… like it was nothing… but it turns out it’s probably one of the most powerful ones.

It’s unfortunate what we overlook sometimes, but we should still be kind and forgiving with ourselves. How many times have we overlooked things that really were frivolous or even useless? Mostly this is just a form of self protection… but sometimes it does backfire, yes.

Many blessings of all types to you

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Hehe. Ok! Emailed, dear one.